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Impressions (spoilers ahead):

– I dare to say this was by far the most CLAMPish episode so far (and also the one I enjoyed the most).

– WTF THE DOG IS WATANUKI WTFFFF! I could never have guessed @_@ I didn’t think CLAMP would put BLOOD-C into one of their universes! This changes everything. I wonder if it was another CLAMP character who asked Watanuki to grant their wish.

– Fight scenes look still a bit cheap but when they are not fighting the animation looks OK.

– I’m getting more excited about BLOOD-C, specially after this episode! It took long but things are looking much better now…


18 thoughts on “BLOOD-C #7

  1. bloody

    Good episode, especially with no censored scenes this time.

    I like the elder brain of this episode, it was interesting, especially beofre its death, when you can see a hulman face, so elder brain could be humans who turned into monster ?

    I think the dog is Yuko, not Watanuki ( Watanuki couldn’t leave the shop at this time ), it is very audacious from Clamp of linking this universe to the Clamp one.

    An Episode without the twins, good episode, I think they’d have to be killed before.


    • Re: bloody

      I liked the elder bairn from this episode too, it was the less grotesque one. It reminded me of Masamune from Sengoku Basara video game xD

      I think it really is Watanuki, he can’t indeed leave the shop so that is why he is taking that dog shape.


  2. answer

    yes indeed, I didn’t think about this possibility.

    The scene when Saya talked with someone is very strange, especially when they spoke about experiments, I really think that elder brain are humans turned into monster.

    I think that town is a fake town built to train Saya to strenghten her powers and elder brain are made from humans, so Saya could not kill human but humans who she wants to protect, very creepy


  3. So… The dog *is* Watanuki?!?! My mind = blown. 0____0

    I really loved the way it was done. I think CLAMP were in danger of coming off rather self-involved by pushing their own franchise together with another pre-existing and completely unrelated one. But it was done in such a subtle way, that only a fan of CLAMP would have noticed. If you weren’t familiar with xxxHOLiC, it wasn’t so far-fetched in the world of Blood-C to believe that it really was just a talking dog that owned a wish granting shop! XD

    I’m really interested to see where this is going now.


    • But it was done in such a subtle way

      I’m inclined to disagree ahahaha. It was really shoehorned in, and if people don’t recognize it as a self-reference, then they might think of it as a ripoff of the other magical wish-granting mascot animal this past anime season (Madoka Magica) despite it being believably in-universe for CLAMP.


      • To be fair, it’s not really possible to ‘rip-off’ the magical wish-granting creature as an idea at this point, being as it’s pretty much a staple of the entire magical girl genre. It’s such a common trope, as is the idea that granted wishes come with high price tags.

        The little dog is at least a bit different (ignoring the fact that he’s actually a human from another manga series!) in that, he’s not trying to forge any kind of contract with Saya and he isn’t just wandering around, randomly offering people wishes – he actually owns a business that offer wishes to all kinds of creatures.


          • No, definitely not! But I honestly don’t think, even if I had no knowledge of HOLiC, that I ever would have made a connection between the dog and the idea of a magical girl mascot.
            The whole idea of a hidden wish-granting shop run but a talking dog-like creature has a decidedly Japanese folklaw flavor to me, rather than magical girl.


  4. I have to say I’m probably in the minority that hates that CLAMP linked xxxHolic to this series (if it truly is Watanuki). I don’t mind when they write non-canon parodies that include non-CLAMP works, but for a real series, this one just bugged me to no end. It feels like if CLAMP worked on a Gundam series and decided to link Rayearth to it. :p I guess I should be thankful that it wasn’t Mokona or Kero-chan that appeared.

    I was excited that there were references to the original BLOOD, though. Since the original movie/novels/video game storyline made references to using Saya’s blood for a project with clones, I’m thinking that this Saya is another one.


    • It feels like if CLAMP worked on a Gundam series and decided to link Rayearth to it.

      Agreed! I really enjoyed the original Blood movie, which was pretty cool and gritty, but the tone of Blood-C feels like the opposite of that. It has become a CLAMP product under another franchise’s name, when some people might have hoped for more from the franchise instead of a CLAMP show.


  5. Haha, Watanuki is a dog XD XD XD Though I had a secret desire to see Yuko again…

    The Elder Bairns actually looked like Honda Tadakatsu from Sengoku Basara except that this elder bairns talked and doesn’t fly. Coincidentally, Production I.G. also did the anime version of Sengoku Basara. I had a funny feeling that Saya will later be fighting an Elder Bairns which looked like a Tachikoma (of Ghost in the Shell: SAC) XD

    But god forbid, please don’t make a crossover appearance of TRC Syaoran & Sakura in this show.


  6. Though the appearance of Watanuki is an interesting twist I’m not sure if I’m thrilled by the partial crossover. What was cool about the “concept” of this series was that there was “supposedly” no way that it could entwine to the CLAMP universe since it belongs to another franchise, I think adding Watanuki and Holic references to it is pushing it too far.

    But the crossover-ness was the only interesting thing of the episode imho so whatever. Though I also liked the fighting. Maybe I’m a weirdo, there’s really just this little bit keeping me interested, but the rest of it I keep finding it boring. I liked the Elder Bairn and I had been thinking for a while that maybe Saya’s dad had been brainwashing her all along (heck, the girl is incredibly stupid clueless, everyone is brainwashing her and manipulating her, so why not?

    Also, I’m tired of that guimauve thing. It’s gross (it looks like jello, I hate jello Dx) and it’s kind of suspicious but suspicious like… Fumito wants to rape Saya or something like that. This town of people who are all in love with her is incredibly boring. And the preview showing this silly romance… I’m so not into that.

    Maybe it’s because I know nothing about the Blood franchise, but it’s nothing to me if Saya from whatever prequel is Saya’s mom, so =w=… my expectations for this series were around CLAMP’s design and storytelling and they’re not being fulfilled all that much. 5 more episodes to go.


  7. Agree with liaciferiawilet, I’m sick and tired of crossovers. -_- unless they’re going to somehow end xholic a better way in this, I’d rather have CLAMP just leave Blood-C alone from the CLAMP-verse.

    Fumito is suspicious, the love triangle is getting out of hand, so’s Saya’s father complex. Gonna guess that the teacher has something to do with the Elder Brains…
    Now for the wisher: It’s Saya herself or someone close to her (like her mother) for her to live a normal life and to forgot her memories for a while, but now the time has come to reclaim those memories and find her real/past self.
    The dad’s lying and isn’t her dad at all.

    >_> Somehow, it’s getting boring to me, but I’ll still stick around.


  8. Animation was good, outside of the borring fight. It’s been a while since Says didn’t go red eyes right on the start of the fight. This episode plot was more slow than last ones, I hope they’ll get a better pace for now on. As for Watanuki, why not. He’s a powerfull magician who can move across worlds, this kind of apparition is to be expected up to the end of Clamp career (since he was stuck to his shop for more than a century).


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