About a month ago I wrote here that CLAMP’s Nanase Ohkawa would write the lyrics for XXXHOLiC Shunmuki theme song. However, earlier today the opening and ending theme songs were announced and it’s possible to conclude that Nanase Ohkawa is not in charge for any of them.

It was a misinterpretation of the article which served as source of information. At the time I even checked with someone with a better japanese knowledge than me (Sakura84-chan), but in our defense, it’s a quite tricky sentence! xD

The information I had posted was:


According to CLAMP’s Ohkawa-sensei, preparations for the script have started, the theme song is being prepared as well.

The translation is correct, the mistake was to relate Ohkawa as the person in charge for the theme song. But again, it’s a tricky sentence, it makes it looks like the song is also in her charge.

I would like to apologize for the mistake (too bad, it wasn’t this time that we got a new song by her =/).

My sincere apologies *bows*