2012 Retrospective

It's that time of the year again to look back and see what happened of most important on the activities of CLAMP.

As we all could predict by the end of the previous year, 2012 was an extremely uneventful year. CLAMP members (more precisely, Mokona) were under medical treatment in order to cure a lumbar compression fracture. Due to that, CLAMP's activities this year were much weaker than the last few years.

Thankfully, they publicly stated at the CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 in Nagoya that they are fully recovered now, so hopefully we can expect the upcoming year to be a lot better for them, and for us!

Let's take a look of what made news in 2012, and what awaits us in 2013!

2012 balance


2010 Retrospective

I thought this year’s retrospective was going to be very small and not much eventful (what with the end of Tsubasa and stuff), but I was completely wrong! I had as much trouble collecting all the important facts from this year as any other previous years.

I rounded up the most important facts of this year in the CLAMP universe and at the end of the list is what we can expect for the future =)

2010 balance

2009 Retrospective

It is that time of the year to look back at what happened in this so-called “CLAMP World” =)

I’m very thankful for 2009, among many great things that happened to me, it was the year that I met CLAMP (for the first time, let’s be positive! haha). For me that was undoubtedly the highlight of 2009.

I have selected a few of what I judge to be the most important happenings of this year so we can take a good look to what happened while we wait for the 2010 releases.

2009 balance

2008 Restrospective

Another year is gone, already, I know!

In a way, I would say it went by quickly, we get the impression that time flies more and more with each new year. But on the other hand, this was my graduation year and there were times (on many occasions) I wished time would go by faster XDDD So it’s all relative…

I am very thankful to this year as my two biggest wishes for 2008 have been granted (as much cheesy as that may sound). I just hope my wishes for 2009 will come true as well (this night is magical, I’ll tell ya! xD).

Just like in previous years, 2008 was a year with huge CLAMP activity, as we couldn’t expect less from these ladies.

I have selected a lot few of what I judge to be the most important happenings of this year so we can take a good look to what happened while we wait for the 2009 releases.

2008 balance

2007 Retrospective

I’ve been in this “business” for nearly 5 years now xD, and so far there hasn’t been a year which was not filled with a lot of new releases, events and other important happenings in the CLAMP world. And this year wasn’t different!

On this last day of 2007, let’s take a look at this year’s highlights.

2007 balance