2011 Retrospective

I rounded up the most important facts of this year in the CLAMP universe and what we can expect for the future =)

• January:

– The official website of Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito opens. CLAMP once again will be in charge of the original character designs. The project is expected to be launched in 2012.

• February:

GATE 7 serialization officially starts in Jump SQ magazine. The first chapter featured the magazine’s cover. This marked the beginning of CLAMP’s partnership with Japan’s largest publishing house, Shueisha.
– The two-day event CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 takes place in Ikebukuro (Tokyo). Highlights included sales of original goods, a CLAMP talk show and an early exhibition of XXXHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD.
XXXHOLiC Rou‘s serialization ends in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine with 213 chapters total and 19 volumes. The work remains in the list of “unfinished works” in CLAMP’s official website, implying that CLAMP plans to resume the series in the future.

• March:

– Release of XXXHOLiC #19. CLAMP’s official website launched an online campaign to celebrate the release. The limited first edition came with the XXXHOLiC Adayume OAD (the animation was scripted by CLAMP’s member Nanase Ohkawa). It ranked on 2nd place at most Japanese comic rankings in its release week.
– CLAMP draws an illustration for the 25th Anniversary project of Five Stars Stories in Newtype magazine.
– Release of XXXHOLiC Guidebook.
– CLAMP writes an open letter and draws an illustration for the victims of the Touhoku earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11. The illustration was made into a short video available at the japanese video-sharing website, Nico Nico Douga (watch it on YouTube).

• April:

– An illustration drawn by CLAMP is auctioned at the event Irashai Fukushima to raise funds for the city after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.
– Release of CLAMP Tarot Collection, a set of Tarot cards featuring illustrations of CLAMP’s works.

• May:

– The Card Captor Sakura Blythe doll designed by CLAMP in 2010 is put up for charity at website Crown Jewel to raise funds for Japan’s Red Cross to help the victims of the Touhouku Earthquake and Tsunami.
– North American publisher DelRey confirms the cancellation of their plans to release the CLAMP In America guidebook.

• June:

– Release of GATE 7 #1. CLAMP’s official website launched an online campaign to celebrate the release. It ranked at the 8th place on its release week.
– XXXHOLiC #19 appeared in Oricon’s 50 top-selling mangas in Japan during the first semester of 2011. It ranked at the 39th place.

• July:

BLOOD-C TV Anime series starts its broadcast in TBS amongst other Japanese channels. CLAMP took charge of creating the story and character designs for this collaboration project while PRODUCTION IG did the animation.
Kobato. ended its serialization in Newtype magazine with 59 chapters total and 6 volumes.

• August:

– Release of Kobato. #6. It was the first time that the cover illustration was exclusively drawn for it. It ranked in the 16th place on its release week.
– Release of Card Captor Sakura movies 1 & 2 in Blu-ray format. The covers featured new illustrations drawn by CLAMP.
– A 4-pages XXXHOLiC short comic entitled XXXHOLiC Shi is published in Kadokawa’s special magazine for Suga Shikao celebrating the singer’s 15th career anniversary.

• September:

– Release of the Kobato. artbook, entitled Kobato. Illustrations & Memories. It featured a CLAMP interview and an epilogue chapter.
– CLAMP x GACKT collaboration project MOON SAGA is announced. Starting in July 2012, with live stage performances in Japan, GACKT will provide the original draft and star as the leading part, while CLAMP will be in charge for the story. Other media adaptations such as anime, games and movie are planned and a manga series will run in a Kodansha magazine.
CLAMP FESTIVAL TOKYO 2011 takes place in Ajinomoto Stadium, in Tokyo. A live music festival with artists singing and performing CLAMP-related songs and live skits. An original comic drawn by CLAMP was given to those who purchased tickets for the event. Furthermore, CLAMP created two original characters exclusively for the festival.
BLOOD-C TV Anime ended its main broadcast on TBS channel with 12 episodes. CLAMP member Nanase Ohkawa wrote all 12 episodes scripts in partnership with Junichi Fujusaku of PRODUCTION IG.

• October:

– CLAMP drew the cover and inside illustrations of The Witch’s Mansion and the Magic Summit, the 6th volume of The Witch’s Mansion series written by Yoko Tsukumo.
– Release of the B2・HOLiC Blythe doll designed by CLAMP and inspired in Yuuko Ichihara, from XXXHOLiC. A sign session with CLAMP was held to promote the release.
– Release of the new versions of Gouhou Drug #1 and #2. The new versions featured new covers.

• November:

– Release of GATE 7 #2. It ranked at the 8th position on its release week.
– Gouhou Drug serialization is resumed in Young Ace magazine after a 8-year hiatus. The series was renamed to “Drug & Drop”.
– The first volume of RG Veda is re-released by Kadokawa as the first of a series of re-releases of CLAMP older titles. That collection of re-releases is being called as CLAMP CLASSIC COLLECTION.
– Release of the new version of Gouhou Drug #3. The new version featured a new cover.

• December:

– CLAMP posts an open letter on their official website revealing that one of its members has been diagnosed with lumbar compression fracture. The treatment will take at least 6 months and it might affect their production during the first semester of 2012.
– The official website for BLOOD-C’s movie is launched. The movie is entitled BLOOD-C: The Last Dark and is slated for a June 6 release.
– CLAMP draws the cover of the February issue of Kodansha’s digital magazine Dengeki Comic Japan.
– A wedding dress designed by CLAMP and inspired in Card Captor Sakura is shown at the TOKYO BRIDAL FESTA 2011.

What we can expect of 2012:

BLOOD-C: The Last Dark movie in June.
MOON SAGA collaboration project with GACKT in July (will CLAMP draw the manga adaptation?)
Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito sometime in 2012.
– CLAMP x PetWORKs’ collaboration momoko doll.
– …and of course, the serializations of both GATE 7 and Drug & Drop.

Giving the circumstances regarding one of the members of CLAMP currently going through treatment, the beginning of 2012 might be a little uneventful. Let’s all hope for a safe and quick recovery on their part, and that hopefully they will find different and safe ways to outlet their creative skills =)

I would like to thank everyone who have read, followed, commented or contributed for this LJ during this past year. Thank you so much! I will keep doing my best to bring you the latest CLAMP news as fast as I can in 2012 =)



Here’s wishing for a CLAMP-filled 2012!


18 thoughts on “2011 Retrospective

  1. Thank you for the retrospective! Who knew the beginning of the year would feel like such a long time ago?

    I’m very surprised that xxxHOLIC Rou is still listed as incomplete… I mean, yes, the ending was very vague and could use closure, but from the way it was discussed, it seemed like CLAMP was finished with it and moving on. Unless it’s like The Legend of Chun Hyang.

    Best wishes for their health (and to you too ^_^).


  2. So much Clamp happened this year! Thank you for this very handy overview!

    I’m one of the 14 people who liked Blood C, so I’m looking forward to that movie in June.

    The work remains in the list of “unfinished works” in CLAMP’s official website, implying that CLAMP plans to resume the series in the future.
    This is also giving me lots of (false) hope…


  3. Clamp had a great year! Let’s hope for a better and healthier year to them.
    And to Chibiyuuto-san, thank you for your hard work all these years. Wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR ♥


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