The Making Of CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono VOL. 2

The 2nd (out of 4) volume is here !

In February 14th Mokona released her first artistic book, CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono, published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha. In commemoration, we’ll be doing a report divided in 4 parts of the making process of the book.

The 2nd volume covers the corner Okimono Code. In this corner, Mokona skillfully coordinates the look of antique kimonos and accessories of her own property. Introducing the proper dressing for each situation, such as “Hanami“, “Date” and “Drinking Party”. Please enjoy the Pop & Fashionable originality of “Mokona-style Code” direct from the photographic studio!

1 – Torso

The torso is a human-size doll used to display the different kind of clothes. This torso is a personal property of Mokona, and the drawing on it’s face was drawn by her.

2 – Studio

The Photographic Studio inside a certain place. In order to photograph the whole body of the torso, who heights approximately 150 centimeters, a spread studio was chosen.

3 – Preparation of Kimono

This day, 18 coordination patterns were photographed. The Kimono, belt, collar, sandals and accessories, each one of them was arranged carefully so that everything becomes correctly combined.

4 – “Hanami” (flower viewing) Coordination

Firstly, the photoshoot started with the coordination of “Hanami“. After dressing the kimono to the torso, the entire balance and whether everything is on the right place is checked.

5 – Accessory Photography

A small set was built in the corner of the studio, and the favorite handmade accessories of Mokona were photographed. Approximately 80 items divided in buckles, hair ornaments, accessories, bags, straw sandals (waraji), among others. All of them very lovely and unique items.

6 – “Yukimi” (snow viewing) Coordination

After “Hanami”, the coordination of “Yukimi” was photographed. An excellent style for the cold weather, composed of velvet coat and thick shawls.

7 – Torso’s Locker Room

The private room inside the studio used as the Torso’s locker room. Here, the kimonos are dressed in the torso and the accessories are attached to it.

8 – “Live” Coordination

With a fast-tempo background music, the torso stands up it’s thumb. The point of this coordination was to associate the kimono and the belt (obi) with the song’s wave/rhythm.

9 – Other Coordinations

From the left, the coordinations of “Walking”, “Library” and “Undokai”. Other coordinations included the fancy “Classic Concert”, “Summer Time”, the splendid “Drinking Party” and “Marriage Party”.

10 – Torso Photography 1

The last thing was the torso’s photography. This coordination was united to the “Asakusa Kimono Stroll” corner. Satsuki Igarashi wore it at that occasion.

11 – Torso Photography 2

At the top of it’s head, there’s a drawing of a large flower replacing the hair. As for this torso, it’s an indispensable item when Mokona is making the Kimono coordination. Presently, it’s probably taking an active part in Mokona’s room.

Continues on number 3…

I apologize for any possible mistakes. Once again, I translated it on my own ^^”

As for Mokona, I think she’s the one with the yellow shirt. I really like the drawing of the manikin ^__^

12 thoughts on “The Making Of CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono VOL. 2

  1. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!! Arigatou gozaimasu for the translations!! Wow, awesome pictures of her most beautiful kimonos! Suteki desu wa!! ^o^

    Arigatou for this wonderful report! Hontou ureshii desu wa!! ^////^

    Ja ne, Chibi-Yuuto!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


  2. My favorite is the one in #8. *nod nod* Gotta love the thumbs-up. heheh ^^ Though… I’m getting really, REALLY curious about this “drinking party” kimono… haha! Thank you once again for this update!


    • >Gotta love the thumbs-up.

      That sentence was so hard to translate xDDD I couldn’t understand “This is wrong, why would the manekin lift up it’s thumb??” until I looked at the picture again and thought “Ow… it DID lift up it’s thumb, then… o.o”

      >Though… I’m getting really, REALLY curious about this “drinking party” kimono… haha!

      Shame they didn’t show that one ! We’ll have to wait to see it in the actual book ^^”

      You’re welcome ^__^


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