DOWNLOAD: CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono segment on Mezamashi TV

As previously posted, my friend managed to rip the segment that aired on Mezamashi TV on February 16th.

The segment is really short, a bit less than 1 minute, and none of the CLAMP members actually appeared. It’s still worth checking as it shows a small tour on Mokona’s Kimono exhibition at Logos Gallery. For more pictures of the exhibition, check here.

CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono segment on Mezamashi TV (right click -> Save Target As…)

Size: 7 MB.
File type: WMV.
Running time: 1 minute.

A huge thank you to yoshiyukikun for the amazing ripping job ! ^__^

As for Wanna Gonna, I have REALLY bad news. It turns out that the show doesn’t air in my friend’s region (Shizuoka), because TBS is not a national network, being retransmitted for the rest of the country through other broadcast networks, and they unfortunately don’t air all of it’s programs. So he won’t be able to record it, just because the show doesn’t air in his region. You have no idea how this ruined my day =_=

Now, if anyone reading this, by any chance lives (or knows anyone who does) in Japan, and that could be able to record this show for all of us, I would deeply appreciate it !!! (I think it’s worth trying… u.u)

21 thoughts on “DOWNLOAD: CLAMP Mokona no Okimono Kimono segment on Mezamashi TV

    • You’re welcome ^^ The hostice is actually wearing my favorite one, the Hanami one ^^

      >Aww, that’s sad. Well, hopefully somebody will have it. 🙂

      It’s really sad u.u… and it’s hard to believe but I hope you are right


  1. Ah, so the exhibition wasn’t just her beautiful kimonos… but (their) beautiful drawings as well! That would be so amazing to be able to see in real-person… *drool*

    And thank you for (providing) the rip~! ^^


    • Welcome ^^

      >The colors are strange…is that how it should be? XD

      I didn’t edit anything, I got it from my friend like this (I only added the credits at the end). But I think that’s the way it looks when you rip from TV. I think it would look a bit better if some filters were applied to it to enhance the colors, but I don’t have any software that does such work =\

      >I hope there will be someone who can record Wanna Gonna…;_;

      Me too ;___;


  2. dont be too sad Yuuto… such an pity…
    by the way the ‘angle-devil'(i think tat is an stretch out kimono right? not sure wat it is)is really awesome!!oh my god, how i wish i could bought it home…


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