Kobato. anime in the press

Mycom and Mainichi both have articles about the newly announced Kobato. anime adaptation.

According to the articles, a total of 24 episodes are scheduled.

They also have a summary (which is similar to the manga) and a new picture of Kobato.

The Kobato. anime is scheduled for Autumn 2009.

Unrelated PS: I found out yesterday that Keane is going to play in my city again next March! Hurray! \o/ I’m there already *bliss*

26 thoughts on “Kobato. anime in the press

  1. ohhh, but for me and maybe other clamp fans, 24 episodes is not enough for Kobato. XDDD
    I want 70 episodes for Kobato tv series like Card Captor Sakura.^^
    (lets go ohkawa sensei,make kobato tv series like Card Captor Sakura tv series, and make the movie too ^_~)
    thank you for share my friend.^^

    ps : and i guess keane is your best friend chibiyuuto, because you look so happy. ^_____^

    best regard



  2. Must…resist…urge…to…cosplay…kobato! I’m just so worried that everyone is going to be doing that outfit soon, CLAMP must release even more colored pictures of Kobato soon so we don’t have that problem *nods*


  3. 24 episodes? o.o It’s true that they’re have more material then but… I shall sit back and wait 😉

    As for the image, I think it looks really good, except I expected the colour of her clothes to be a bit..lighter.. and ..warmer XD

    Thanks for the news 😀


  4. … O.O… *o*…. @.@….(at the Kobato pic)so….SO… pwetty… PURTY~!!!

    ahem. 24 episodes?!?! that is WONDERFUL!!!!! *grabs my red plush giraffe* Isn’t that amazing, Mr. Giwaffe?! Yes!! *dances with my plushie* weeeeeeehhh~!!! 8D

    ahem again. Thanks for the info~! This is one of the best~! XD


  5. I definitely think they should start from the Exams and not at the Yomogi Nursery that way they have more material to work with and they won’t have to make up much filler [though if the filler eps are done correctly more power to them and more entertainment for us :3]

    @takoyakix: I agree that in my head I pictured the color of her clothes to be lighter. But I think maybe they are trying to stay away from too much brightness as to not scare off people? I dunno, but the colors they picked out aren’t bad, I actually like them 🙂

    Thanks for keeping us informed chibiyuuto! [my first time posting too yay ♥]


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