CLAMP Answers Your Questions at Japan Expo

Japan Expo staff has made it possible for anyone to send their questions to CLAMP to be answered in their public conference at the event (similar to what was done for Anime Expo in 2006).

The event’s official website has more information on how to submit your question (basically you must fill a form).

The deadline is May 15.

They have also announced the day of CLAMP’s first public conference: Saturday, July 4.

LOL at their first question example: When the X series will be finished? I so wanna hear them answering that question for the thousandth time (and it’s the thousandth time and is even bolder, Teddy Picker, love this song xD).

Give it your best shot and ask away!


CLAMP in Japan Expo: Two Sign Sessions

More updates from CLAMP’s visit to the 10th edition of Japan Expo in France, Paris this July.

Following their activities as Guests of Honor, the event’s official website announced that CLAMP will give two sign sessions.

Details of dates and hours of the sign sessions will be announced soon.

Other activities of CLAMP in the 4 days of event include two public conferences and a CLAMP Cosplay Contest as judges.

CLAMP in Japan Expo: Two Public Conferences

The official website of Japan Expo reports that CLAMP will be making two public conferences during their attendance.

Busy days for CLAMP at the event, they are also planned to participate as judges of the special Cosplay Contest of CLAMP characters.

Details of dates will be given soon.

Japan Expo will be held in Paris, France, from the 2nd to 5th of July.

I wonder if one can participate of both conferences, or I wonder if the Cosplay Contest is a plus (probably), not one of these two public appearances.

CLAMP to judge Cosplay Contest at Japan Expo

The first activity of CLAMP at the Japan Expo has been announced today by the event’s official website: to judge a Cosplay Contest!

There will a special Cosplay Contest of CLAMP characters and the winners will be chosen by CLAMP themselves!

More details as they come! If you plan to participate, keep an eye on Japan Expo’s website for instructions.

Thanks for letting me know, zero_no_tsubasa!

CLAMP in France next July (Updated)

Breaking news european fans!!

CLAMP will land in Paris, France next July/2009! They will be Guests of Honor of the 10th edition of Japan Expo, which will happen from 2 to 5 of July.

The information comes from the event’s official website.

Thanks miyazawa_lulu for the info xD

Okay so who’s going? XD

Update: Official Press Release in PDF

Newtype March 2009 scans, XXXHOLiC #14 cover

undini-sama scanned everything “CLAMP” available in this month’s Newtype magazine, and that includes the 20th Anniversary article, Kobato. Drop. 12-B and Satsuki’s column.

They are all here, make sure to check them out! Unexpected appearance in Kobato.!

In addition, the cover of XXXHOLiC #14 has finally made an appearance on (thanks clamp_now for the info!).

This is the first time both Yuuko and Watanuki appears on the front cover since volume 1.

XXXHOLiC #14 goes on sale on the 17th.

Preview: Newtype March 2009

Here’s a preview from this month’s Newtype magazine, which carries a large feature about CLAMP’s 20th Anniversary.

Click to enlarge them.

Thanks Aurelia for letting me know ♥

Seems like TRC Sakura won as most popular female character ^^

More scans to follow!

The magazine goes officially on sale tomorrow.

Da Vinci magazine pics

-kun was utterly nice enough to take pictures of the CLAMP special feature that was published in this month’s Da Vinci magazine.

The pictures are in this album.

It’s been a long time since the last CLAMP interview, if someone is willing to translate it, the fandom would appreciate it ^__^

EDIT: Summary of the interview here!