Preview: Newtype March 2009

Here’s a preview from this month’s Newtype magazine, which carries a large feature about CLAMP’s 20th Anniversary.

Click to enlarge them.

Thanks Aurelia for letting me know ♥

Seems like TRC Sakura won as most popular female character ^^

More scans to follow!

The magazine goes officially on sale tomorrow.

40 thoughts on “Preview: Newtype March 2009

    • >Happy Carnival

      How appropriate, isn’t it? XD

      You know, I think this was the first time I actually saw Newtype, actually any japanese magazine in general, publishing “false” news O___o sounds like what a Brazilian magazine would do, but japanese? xD


      • Indeed. Actually it was not actually “false” news; it’s just that they’re announcing that Haruhi will be broadcast in April. But in the magazine they don’t say if it’s a rerun or the new season! (Even though Kadokawa said it’s a rerun). They’re being ambiguous and it’s driving me mad XD There are even images which are based in the volumes which weren’t covered by the first season!


    • I wanted a spread but a single page is better than nothing xD I like how they are adapting real manga scenes and illustrations into anime ^^

      >Sakura’s dress looks so bleh!

      Totally XD Production IG has such a bad taste xD


  1. Thanks for the images! *__*

    I agree with the commenter above that I’ll believe there’s a second season of Haruhi… when it airs XDD I’m also a little bit angry with Newtype because of this, actually ^^u But they give us pretty images, so we can’t complain that much, I guess 😛


  2. Thanks for sharing… AND WOW… I am actually a bit surprised because I would think CCS-Sakura is more popular than TRC-Sakura. Though I suppose if we add in all the shown version of Sakura [little|Sakura, C|Sakura and R|Sakura] that exist in TRC… I suppose they can easily be more popular than CCS-Sakura 😛
    heehee~ I suppose that’s also just because Adult-CCS|Sakura hasn’t made her appearance YET.
    And Yuuko is 3rd place


    • >I am actually a bit surprised because I would think CCS-Sakura is more popular than TRC-Sakura.

      I thought so too! I guess it really helps when it’s an ongoing manga =)

      >Though I wonder this popularity contest, how did NT determine them?? Was there like a voting thing for the fans??

      I wonder that too… I guess there was some kind of form in previous issues?


  3. How TRC|Sakura ended up number one is beyond my understanding ^^;;
    That said, I don’t particularly like her so that might just be my biased opinion…
    Many of you complain but I think both pictures are fine, not masterpieces but fine nonetheless.
    I can’t wait to see who gets first place as male character, since it seems like he will be getting a new illustration too! *crossing fingers for CCS|Syaoran!! We’ve got enough of new pics of TRC|Syaoran already…or will it end up being someone else then a ‘Syaoran’?*


  4. Newtype is so nice for Kobato XDDD

    Yes! New picture from Kobato. With promotion in Newtype, i believe they will release more new picture from Kobato. ^^
    Feels like Kobato anime will be more popular than CCS. XDDD
    Madhouse is really good!
    I’m happy too that TRC Sakura won as most popular female character.^^
    Its like more promotion for TRC.Poor TRC tv animation by IG. If madhouse doing this, TRC would be more awesome.>_<
    Lets waiting for other scan and info from new Newtype edition tomorrow.^^
    (and who is the most popular male character? Hope Kamui in there.XDDD)

    Thank you for share nice and great picture my friend. Waiting for the others.^_________^

    Best regard,



  5. Kobatoooooooooooooooooo lindaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *O* Eu amooooooooooooooooooo a Kobatoooo! *O* Gui-kun S2 Kobato 4ever *O*

    Sakura-chan tbm tá lindaaa *O* Mas prefiro muuuito mais a Kobatoooooo!


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