XXXHOLiC Shunmuki & Tsubasa Shunraiki PVs

The official website of the XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa OADs has been updated with promotional videos for both episodes!

Check them out!

Can you believe in this computer I am right now I can’t play .flv files? XD Could someone upload it to YouTube or something? Thanks? ^^”

I downloaded the FLVs and uploaded them to YouTube myself, how come I didn’t think of that sooner? LOL! For anyone interested, XXXHOLiC Shunmuki PV and Tsubasa Shunraiki PV on YouTube.

XXXHOLiC’s one looks much better than Tsubasa’s, in my opinion, whose animation quality looks lower than Tokyo Revelations.

38 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC Shunmuki & Tsubasa Shunraiki PVs

  1. How I pray that the lameness of the PV was just to surprise us at the end… And indeed, Holic has more aura of mystery that suits the story perfectly, and has more ‘sweets’ than Tsubasa… T.T Tsubasa Shunraiki better be good!!!


  2. My impression of the trailers:
    Holic trailer = cake with your favourite filling
    Tsubasa trailer = just a plain cake with slight burnt edges
    (Can you tell I’m hungry?)

    You should probably change your youtube video titles and description before you get hundreds of comments asking you what on earth the video is, is it an amv, where can I find the show subbed etc.. lol


  3. Huh, on the site there’s a embedded player for the Tsubasa trailer but the Holic one is just a download oO

    Loved the Holic one, Tsubasa is meh. I can’t believe they did that to Seishirou, though animated it’s not so bad as the still images…


  4. Thanks for uploading them to YouTube! I don’t think the animation looks that bad in the TRC trailer; it’s better than I expected after seeing the screenshots. It’s hard to tell from such a short trailer though.


  5. The Tsubasa one was like the same pics we got as stills in video form
    And even though it’s nearly the same for Holic I think it had a bit more to bring for the presentation.

    I’m WAY more excited about Holic than Tsubasa. I actually yayed when I saw some stuff we’d see in the Holic one.


  6. Thank you for uploading them! ^__^ Im so glad I check your amazing livejournal so often, because I would have probably taken weeks to think to search youtube for a trailer (yes, Im dumb XD).

    For some reason I’m more excited about Holic then TRC…^^ I guess cus it’s trailer was better than TRC’s, and that I want some Holic to feed my inner fangirl considering that the Holic manga is moving at tortoise (sp?) speed XD


  7. Thank you for all the trouble – I mean, downloading and posting it on youtube xD
    I’m a little disappointed though, those screenshots are all from these trailers ;_; I wanted something new ;_;

    Guess that’s asking too much XD’


  8. Thanks for uploading the trailers chibiyuuto-san~!

    Tsubasa: It was kinda disappointing, since I expected something better than that….Seishirou looked really awkward TT_TT
    xxxHolic: Yuuko’s magic circle!!! It looks better compare to the magic circle in TTR =3


  9. *SMASHES*

    I agree with you on animation quality. Where can I find the mp3 for Shikao-san´s new single? Ideas? Really loved the trailers and can hardly wait for the OADs. Thanks for posting on Youtube in high quality.




  10. I said to somone earlier that the animation for the Tsubasa OVA didn’t look that bad. After watching the whole trailer I take that back. The animation for the XXXHolic one looks great though!


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