Newtype March 2009 scans, XXXHOLiC #14 cover

undini-sama scanned everything “CLAMP” available in this month’s Newtype magazine, and that includes the 20th Anniversary article, Kobato. Drop. 12-B and Satsuki’s column.

They are all here, make sure to check them out! Unexpected appearance in Kobato.!

In addition, the cover of XXXHOLiC #14 has finally made an appearance on (thanks clamp_now for the info!).

This is the first time both Yuuko and Watanuki appears on the front cover since volume 1.

XXXHOLiC #14 goes on sale on the 17th.

XXXHOLiC Shunmuki & Tsubasa Shunraiki PVs

The official website of the XXXHOLiC and Tsubasa OADs has been updated with promotional videos for both episodes!

Check them out!

Can you believe in this computer I am right now I can’t play .flv files? XD Could someone upload it to YouTube or something? Thanks? ^^”

I downloaded the FLVs and uploaded them to YouTube myself, how come I didn’t think of that sooner? LOL! For anyone interested, XXXHOLiC Shunmuki PV and Tsubasa Shunraiki PV on YouTube.

XXXHOLiC’s one looks much better than Tsubasa’s, in my opinion, whose animation quality looks lower than Tokyo Revelations.