New Layout and Features!

We have a new layout and a few new features! =)

I introduce you a new Gallery that I will be updating on a regular basis with the drawings and illustrations posted in the members-locked section CLAMP Graffiti of CLAMP-NET.COM. All drawings were taken from Tsubaki Nekoi’s board, but in case any of the other 3 post illustrations, I will add them as well.

I have created a Picasa album where I will be adding the new pictures in batches.

I won’t be making new posts every time the gallery is updated. So how will you know when there are new pictures? Fear not, I have thought on many different ways of letting you know. I will add thumbnails of the new pictures in the right side of my LiveJournal with a direct link to the album:

For Facebook users, I have created a Facebook Page where you can check new updates from my LiveJournal in your Facebook news feed by becoming a fan. I have created the same CLAMP Graffiti gallery on the Facebook Page, this way you will also know whenever the gallery is updated with new pictures if you become a fan.

And although this isn’t new, it’s worth mentioning that you can also follow this LiveJournal on Twitter.

These new features were added to provide you the latest CLAMP news in a fast and comfortable way for all of you. That is my compromise XD Thank you for visiting my LiveJournal!

Help Chile

In view of the earthquake that has hit Chile on February 27 and its devastating consequences, I was requested by ariadnechan to contribute with means of helping Chile.

Above is a link to the official LiveJournal community, help_chile, an initiative to gather funds to help in the rescues, recoveries and rebuilding of Chile. You can help by direct donation or if you’re an artists you can use your work to help raising funds.

If you write fanfictions, draw fanarts, make wallpapers or graphics, make fanmixes or anything that could be useful to raise money to help Chile, ten sig un in this entry! this is very similar to help_haiti. Every artist decide how many donations can give and he/she has a place in help_chile to the auction of his/hers pieces of arts. You just sign up and tell everyone you know about it, and then the people do the rest of the job!

You can also donate directly through Unicef’s website and LiveJournal has released a virtual gift to help the cause that can be bought in their online shop.

Any kind of help is highly appreciated. Here’s hoping that those affected by this tragic incident may have some comfort.

Follow-up: New Code Geass Project in 2010

The January issue of Newtype magazine will announce that Code Geass will get a manga adaptation to be serialized in Kadokawa’s monthly shonen magazine Shounen Ace. The manga will be drawn by Tomomasa Takuma.

This is part of the new Code Geass project that is planned for 2010, first announced during the Kiseki no Tanjoubi event (more info here).

The new project will also feature new music, products and visual works of the Code Geass franchise.

So far there won’t be any direct CLAMP involvement in this new project, except that they will remain being credited for being the franchise’s original character designers.

AnimeNewsNetwork has more information about the upcoming new releases of Code Geass.

And here is something cool to share. A reader e-mailed me with this drawing that CLAMP did for the wedding of Mika Kikuchi and Yuuji Kishi (Mokona and Fuuma’s seiyuus in Tsubasa). You might remember when I posted about their engagement a few months ago.

The wedding took place on December 4 and here is the drawing that CLAMP did for the occasion:

I knew they would draw Mokona marrying Fuuma xD

Also, Nanase Ohkawa attended the ceremony and here she is making a toast for the couple:

For more pictures of the ceremony, check this link.

Kobato. 2010 Calendar cover, Mokona marrying Fuuma? has a preview from the cover of the Kobato. 2010 Calendar:

I don’t think I’ve seen so many different kind of flowers in a CLAMP illustration XD

Thanks clamp_now for the heads up!

Also, slightly off, but I found out today that on December 4, Mika Kikuchi (Mokona’s seiyuu in Tsubasa) is marrying Yuuji Kishi, who played Fuuma in the Tsubasa OADs. Apparently their relationship started during the Tsubasa after-recording sessions =) Check out CLAMP’s messages for the couple.

They are all saying “Mokona is marrying Fuuma!” and as if that wasn’t enough, Nekoi made this lovely drawing:

Congratulations to the couple! XD

Nouveau Layout (Updated)

chibiyuuto has a new layout!

With this, I’m debuting a new structure (sort of) for my LiveJournal.

The top banner will from now on feature the next CLAMP’s biggest event/release and it’ll be updated regularly (as the news get old). That way the latest big CLAMP news will stay at the top of the page until another one tops it. I’ve seen several times people leaving comments saying “What? Kobato. will have an anime?”, when that news was posted two weeks ago or more. This way you’ll know what CLAMP’s biggest news are regardless of how old they were announced.

You’ll notice everything is pretty much the same as my previous layout, except maybe the colors. Preserving the rest of the layout is a way of creating an identity for the website, while changing only the banner regularly makes it more dynamic. One thing I observed during 6 years of blogging CLAMP news is that they always have something coming up next, and I’ll do my best to change the banner accordingly =)

I’m not gonna make a new post every time there’s a new banner, because that will be spamming, so you don’t have to worry about that (unless, of course, there’s something worth mentioning).

With this structure, it’s also possible to have a hierarchy of topics:

Most relevant on the top -> Upcoming releases in the middle -> Daily news below

Feedbacks are welcomed =)

Once again thank you for visiting this journal!

Update: The CLAMP Widget had its colors updated to match the current layout =)

Happy CLAMP Day!


As promised, CLAMP-NET.COM updated again with messages from the CLAMP members. They are mostly welcome messages congratulating the website’s renewal. Mokona mentioned that now it looks more like a mangaka website, which is just what I thought too xD

There are brand new SDs too!

So adorable XD

• Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OADs

The official website for the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC OADs has a new illustration on its homepage, check it out!

• Mangettes: Gate 7 no longer lists Mangettes: Gate 7 on their website. This is getting a little weird xD


Happy CLAMP Day to you! Happy birthday to all Sakuras out there, all Watanukis and clone Syaoran! Am I forgetting someone? xD

I used to think (based on rumors I heard several years ago) that CLAMP’s own birthday was on April 1st, but I was never completely sure of that given that there was no official info to base on. Now, with the new addition on CLAMP-NET.COM that traces their time-line, it’s possible to see that the first chapter of RG Veda was published in March, not April. They don’t give specific dates, though.

The thing is, I don’t think CLAMP themselves know the date xD However, it’s very clear that they love this date, April 1st, therefore, I consider it as a very CLAMPy day.

So belated or not,

Happy 20th Anniversary CLAMP! ^__^

• Thank you

Lastly, lastly! I forgot to mention it yesterday because I was so excited with CLAMP-NET.COM’s new layout, but I’ll say it now.

I would like to deeply thank everyone who voted or somehow gave me support on my cover at the CLAMP Fanbook contest! I won! So I want to share this victory to everybody to helped for it! Thank you all so much, specially to all of you who voted without knowing the cover was mine!