Can I have your attention, please?

Dear readers of the Chibi Yuuto’s CHRoNiCLEs (ha, so weird to talk like this xD),

I hardly ask anything in this journal, but this time I would like to humbly ask your attention.

You might remember when I posted about the CLAMP Fanbook project that is being held and organized by the community (some of you are even part of it). So, there is a contest being held during this week to decide which will be the cover of the book.

I am participating in the contest with cover B, this one!

What I ask is simple, if you liked the cover designed by me and would like to support me, please vote for it!

You can vote HERE until Sunday midnight (EDT). If you don’t have a LiveJournal account you can still vote anonymously.

If you don’t like the cover I submitted, feel free to not vote for it and skip this post, feel free to vote on the others if you liked them best, but please take this post into consideration, this is really important for me as much as it may be for the other contestants.

Normally I wouldn’t think this is the best way to act in a competition of this nature, I didn’t plan to do this (hence why I am making this post on Wednesday when the voting started last Saturday). However, a few things happened that made me open an exception. Other than that, I have consulted the community’s moderator and manager of the project nokiirat about this and she gave me an Ok.

I know I have a very big anonymous readership, you guys are absolute winners when it comes to who made more comments in my journal. So don’t worry if you don’t have an account ^_~

See here:

Top Commenters on ‘s LiveJournal
(Self comments excluded from rankings)

1 Anonymous 1752 1752
2 503 503
3 502 502
4 437 437
5 421 421
6 384 384
7 363 363
8 363 363
9 345 345
10 327 327
11 322 322
12 317 317
13 287 287
14 280 280
15 272 272
16 255 255
17 237 237
18 235 235
19 232 232
20 228 228
21 214 214
22 208 208
23 202 202
24 179 179
25 173 173
26 165 165
27 165 165
28 161 161
29 155 155
30 151 151
31 147 147
32 141 141
33 140 140
34 136 136
35 124 124
36 123 123
37 123 123
38 123 123
39 122 122
40 121 121
41 120 120
42 118 118
43 118 118
44 115 115
45 110 110
46 110 110
47 108 108
48 108 108
49 108 108
50 108 108
51 106 106
52 103 103
53 102 102
54 98 98
55 97 97
56 97 97
57 97 97
58 96 96
59 95 95
60 95 95
61 92 92
62 90 90
63 88 88
64 85 85
65 84 84
66 83 83
67 83 83
68 83 83
69 82 82
70 82 82
71 81 81
72 80 80
73 79 79
74 78 78
75 78 78
76 76 76
77 75 75
78 75 75
79 75 75
80 72 72
81 72 72
82 71 71
83 71 71
84 71 71
85 70 70
86 70 70
87 69 69
88 69 69
89 69 69
90 69 69
91 68 68
92 68 68
93 67 67
94 67 67
95 66 66
96 65 65
97 64 64
98 63 63
99 62 62
100 62 62

Total Commenters: 1273 (1173 not shown)
Total Comments: 39381

Report generated 25/3/2009 22:31:36 by ‘s LJ Comment Stats Wizard 1.7

Major thanks to all your you above and your comments ^ you guys are great!

Thank you all very much in advance! ^____^

And may the best win!

104 thoughts on “Can I have your attention, please?

  1. I’m number 44, didn’t expect that at all -w-U!
    You know, I voted B before knowing it was yours and I was all “why there are no names/credits on this covers…I’ve got this feeling this one is from chibiyuuto-san?…I wonder’ oh well I had a good feeling then! X3 I wish you good luck!!!! go go Chibiyuuto-san!!


  2. #7 is excellent if you ask me!

    And that’s very nice to hear, you have no idea! I love to hear about my supposed “style”, it’s a bit weird (in a good way) that it’s possible to recognize “me” in my works xD


  3. aw! now i feel competitive because seeing all of these people at the top made me envious. XD but congrats to these pplz! 🙂 btw where IS su_chan-san? i haven’t talked to her for a while… o.O

    anyway, thanks for the attention. 🙂 and i voted for a cover already, can’t tell you who… 😉


  4. OMG, despite being a bit MIA on CLAMP fandom I still made the list!!! XDDD

    Wow. I can’t believe it. *__*

    Thanks for making this CLAMP fandom so shiny, Chibiyuuto. 😀


  5. So the B one was yours, the first time I saw all the participants I didn´t know wich one was whose, but I only liked the B one, it is excellent!!, it goes so well with the country separators, it is very original, I really hope it comes to be the chosen one. I didn´t vote the first time because I didn´t know how to, but now that you posted the direct link to vote I said “do not hesitate any more and vote for chibiyuuto-sama´s design”.
    Congratulations in advance!!


  6. Holy crow, I’m number 20? Did I make that many comments? oh well. Here’s one more.

    Ah I see, I voted for that cover before I knew it was even yours XD. It was the best done at any rate. You learned this king of stuff in school right? XD


    • Of course, you’re pretty regular around here XD What’s with the CLAMP Internet Radio comments and TRC too!

      Thank you ! It makes me even happier when you say you voted without knowing it was mine!

      >You learned this king of stuff in school right? XD

      Some of it, but not all xD


  7. Already got my vote in for B yesterday, it’s so cute~ :3

    I’ll have to up my commenting to get on the list again, I’ve been so dead as far as comments go lately. >.>


  8. Oh my, I’m 29. I didn’t think I commented that much, but now that i think about it I do tend to talk a lot here,but it’s because You always bring us such great things to read about in the world of clamp and other things.

    I already voted for the cover and I’m keeping it a secret about whether or not i picked yours. Best of luck to you! And thanks for always bringing us the Clamp must now ^_^b


  9. I had no idea you did B, but I’d voted for it anyway! It had the style that best fitted CLAMP, in my opinion.

    Wah, I’m 89th? Considering that I’m socially challenged, that’s quite a triumph for me! Or a triumph for you for getting me to comment in the first place! Thanks for being so awesome with everything to do with CLAMP!

    (I feel like I should be saying Yoroshiku Onigaishimasu right now…)


    • Thanks for voting!!! The fact that you didn’t know it was me makes it very special to me.

      >Or a triumph for you for getting me to comment in the first place!

      Really? I feel like a winner then xD Feel free to post more often, you’ll be welcomed X3


  10. Yey, still on top ten even with all my absences!!!! XDDD

    After all your cover is the B one. Actually, I always thought that since you have a personal mark that says “It was made by Chibiyuuto!!!”. Anyway, I don’t have to say for which one I have voted since you already know. So, let’s hope this contest finish being a fair one, and the best one wins. Good luck my friend!


    • That’s because you’re old here xDDDDDDD

      Thanks for stiking around all this time!

      >Actually, I always thought that since you have a personal mark that says “It was made by Chibiyuuto!!!”

      HAHAHA it’s so funny when you put it that way xD I didn’t think people could notice it, that’s why xD

      >o, let’s hope this contest finish being a fair one, and the best one wins. Good luck my friend!

      Yes, I second that, thank you! *bows*


      • -That’s because you’re old here xDDDDDDD
        Really??? I hadn’t noticed that since being here is so normal like breath or sleep XDDDDD

        -I didn’t think people could notice it
        Time and experience show you the way to notice that “little details” which difference everyone ^___^ O.K. I’m really old here since I’m able to do that XD

        -Yes, I second that, thank you! *bows*
        You are welcome ^^ If something wrong happens, I’ll complain for sure.


  11. Thanks for posting about the covers as I had no idea they had this poll! XD I really should check clamp_now for updates more often ^^ Wow, all the covers look great! 🙂


  12. OMG! No. 10?! O_O;;
    I can’t remember my last ranking but I think it was around 30 or something…
    I didn’t realize I commented that much in your LJ, Chibi Yuuto-kun! XD
    Honestly, thank you so much for all the CLAMP news! 😀

    OMG! You made the cover B?! :O I didn’t know you’ve made it but I already voted for it! 😀 Good luck in the contest! ^^


    • Well of course! You’re ALWAYS posting here (for which I’m very thankful!). Many of them during the CLAMP Internet Radio times xD

      Thanks for voting on my cover, it’s great to know you voted without knowning it was mine ^_~


  13. Whee~ I thought that that cover was yours 😀 it looks so awesome! *voted for it*
    And wow 8D I’m still on place six! ♥ I need to comment more again~ Well, finals will be over soon :3


  14. boo, not even on the list..i don’t like commenting on LJs anyway.. x_x

    i voted for your cover in the competition, it was the best out of all of them anyway. very creative, simple, gets the meaning across, and looks incredibly professional.


  15. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! I’m still #1 with 626 comments ^________^ Btw, it would be better if you add my users next time, please? I don’t want to lose my ‘title’ after so much work ;D


    • OPS, I got distracted by the comments thingie, I voted, twice, and since you are already winning no need to abuse it, or yes? I have a dozen of accounts ;D


      • And you don’t even use that account anymore LOL!

        But that lists shows even people that I haven’t added on my list you if you comment a lot with them, they’ll appear too ^^

        >OPS, I got distracted by the comments thingie, I voted, twice, and since you are already winning no need to abuse it, or yes? I have a dozen of accounts ;D

        Hahahaha that’s right, no need to abuse! Thank you for your precious vote!


        • Ahahahha, that is the most funny part, su_chan has been inactive since december of 2007 and I’m still on top after the anons XDDDDDDDDDDDD I comment too much O_o;??

          But that lists shows even people that I haven’t added on my list you if you comment a lot with them, they’ll appear too ^^
          Ummm, I don’t understand you here … but I don’t care if people knows who I am anymore….. so please, better next time you tweak the meme and add my comments as only one user (this one), I know the html of the meme is easy to edit ;D Thanks!!!!

          It was a pleasure to vote *bows* besides that cover is the best ^___________^


  16. I was sure you made the cover B !
    I vote for it, because it simple, classe and adult.
    I hope you’ll win ! because I sincerely think it is the best cover we can choose, and because you granted it with all your concern about CLAMP’s works.
    (I am your 21st top commenters, I didn’t think that I comment so much XD)


    • That’s GREAT that you recognized me as my cover, I think that counts more to me than a vote (but that is also important right now xD).

      Thanks for always sharing your thoughts on my journal! 21 is great.


  17. *suddenly apparates* chibiyuuto-kun~!!
    …i can’t believe this, i’m #14? still one of the top commenters? =DDDD
    i never knew i commented so much *grins*
    sorry that i haven’t been on LJ for ages *tear* i promise i’ll come more after the semester’s over =P


  18. I voted cover B. The greatest by far in my opinion ! I didn’t know it was yours until I read comments saying that people voted for it while didn’t know it was yours XD
    Anyway, it’s really a good job you’ve done by making this cover ^^

    (By seeing the top 100 commenters, it makes me want to post more here XD That’s what I should definitly do !)


  19. u_u I could not vote u_______u ^^ But I give you my congratulations your design is really beautiful… It’s simple and clean and also I think that is the only one that represents all the CLAMP fans over the world. CONGRATS and =) good luck!!! ^^


  20. I’m not in the list 😦 Guess I need to improve my english so that I’ll be able to comment more hahaha XD …unless you can understand spanish….
    I voted for you……. anonymously because I forgot to log in XD *baka me -_-u*
    Your cover looks so great!! I can see what a great designer you are :).
    Go Cover B !8D


  21. Oh wow, I voted without knowing that it was yours (but I guessed as much ahaha)

    I think this is my first time commenting in your journal in 9 weeks. school sucks


  22. Wow, and me is the first (as the anonymous) XDDD

    Congratulations chibiyuuto, you have so many fans in your livejournal, including me. ^____^
    Ganbattene chibiyuuto for the future and keep on going.^^

    Btw, i want to participate to vote for your design in clamp fanbook,but how. i try to click fill out poll button, but i must join in livejournal? i dont have account.>_<

    Thank you very much chibiyuuto for your journal about clamp. I really enjoy read your posting.^^

    Best regards,



    • Re: Wow, and me is the first (as the anonymous) XDDD

      Yey, I love the anonymous xDDDD

      Since you don’t have an account, you can still vote by leaving an anonymous comment, just like this one you left in my journal ^^


  23. Yes, vote for B cover.^^

    Thank you for the explain my friend. Now I can vote for B cover, your cover. I like it.And looks like B cover will be the winner.^___^
    You really lucky chibiyuuto, you have so many fans, errr….friends i mean. XDDDDD
    Good luck for the contest and give the best for Clamp.^^

    Best regards,



  24. I already voted for cover B ^____^ I didn’t know You were the one who made it though!!!….I must take this opportunity to say… Great Job!!! =D The cover is just Gorgeous!!!


  25. My comment could be the same as the first one by marine_maiden: “ah wow~~~ I’m no xx! XDDD Never thought I’ve posted that much, I was thinking I am an irregular commenter! LOL”

    By the way, how did you create “Top Commenters list”? Its so cool !

    Anyway, I have voted for your design because I really like it and because you are so dedicated with your awesome livejournal, you sure deserve to win ^^I really hope you do 😀 Good luck !


  26. Oh, darn! I came too late! I just saw the arts and I wanted to vote for yours! I’ve been put out since last week at least and I skipped LJ altogether.

    Anyway, I still want you to win and wish you the best of luck!


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