XXXHOLiC Rei #2 release date

The second volume of XXXHOLiC Rei will be released on April 23rd, says Kodansha.


Like volume 1, this volume will have a limited edition that will come with the original animations of XXXHOLiC Rou (2010) and XXXHOLiC Rou ~Adayume~ (2011) in Blu-ray format.

CLAMP will draw the Blu-ray jacket illustration and a XXXHOLiC-themed memo paper sheet will come as a bonus.

(not sure if the image above is from the cover of volume 2 or the Blu-ray jacket… probably the former).

XXXHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD, plus (Updated)

You can watch an online streaming of the XXXHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD (RAW version) here (thanks shaoron88 for letting me know about it!).

I watched it and, though it’s lacking subtitles, I thought it was a complete let down. What did you all think about the OAD?

Update: DVD ISO torrent.

The OAD jacket features a new illustration drawn by CLAMP which can be downloaded here (thanks for providing the link).


Kodansha has the cover of the XXXHOLiC Guidebook, which will be released on March 17:


In view of the disaster that hit Japan on March 11, CLAMP members posted messages in their official website to confirm their safety. Thankfully they are all safe. My thoughts are with those in Japan and everyone related to them.

CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 Report (Updated)

The two-day event CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 took place in Ikebukuro (Tokyo) this weekend, on the second day, the XXXHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD had its first screening and a CLAMP Talk Show was held. There are several reports spread around the internet from the people who managed to go.

Here is a summary of the highlights of both days (mild XXXHOLiC manga and OAD spoilers alert).

– Looks like a Yuuko Blythe doll was announced (not sure if it’ll be released in the future);
– Apart from original color art and manuscript, GATE 7 character settings were exposed;
– GATE 7 color illustrations are a mix of analog and digital drawing techniques. CG is used for final touches (as I thought);
– XXXHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD’s length is 20 minutes (Update: this source says 30 minutes or more).
– Looks like the OAD ends in a cliffhanger…

CLAMP Talk Show:

– The final chapter of XXXHOLiC manga readers will feel either “surprised” or “relieved”;
– XXXHOLiC artbook announcement;
– The editors of Jump SQ joined as guests to talk about GATE 7;
– CLAMP are not used to draw GATE 7 yet (because it’s a new work);
– The most difficult one seems to be Chikahito. Hana is the easiest;
Code Geass talk. CLAMP’s original concepts for Boukoku no Akito were shown.


Here are some pictures taken from various sources around the web and twitter (click to enlarge them):

In the pictures above, you can see flowers sent by Sunrise (Code Geass animation studio) and Bandai Visual (the distributor of the majority of CLAMPs anime works).

Nice to have the XXXHOLiC artbook finally announcement!

CLAMP-NET.COM just announced that an official report of CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 will be posted on the website soon!

XXXHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD news, plus

The official website of the XXXHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD was updated to inform that the after-recording sessions have ended. According to the website, the new OAD will cover the episode of Doumeki as a child.

The website also has a few screenshots of the upcoming OAD. You must click on the “screenshot” button written in japanese in order to see them (4th button).

The OAD will premiere on February 6 at the CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 special event. A promotional movie is expected to be released soon at the official website.

This website has a preview of the Koukan-Nikki doujinshi in which CLAMP participated as guest artists. You must click on the “Hai” button in order to see it (1st button).

Lastly, I don’t know if this information is any helpful for anyone but Animate is selling a clearfile with the crossover illustration from the CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 poster. Not sure if they deliver overseas but this can be an easier way of having a clearfile (not a poster) with that illustration without having to attend the @MOBiLE event.

CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 news

More details about the CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 event has been given by Newtype‘s official website.

As announced previously, the events will be closed to CLAMP@MOBiLE members and will take place at the aMLUX Tokyo in Ikebukuro.

The day of event, on February 5, there will be an exhibition of CLAMP’s original art:
– GATE7 original illustrations and manuscripts;
– XXXHOLiC colored illustrations;
– Kobato. colored illustrations;
– Tsubasa colored illustrations;

Other attractions will include a new promotional video featuring CLAMP’s anime works and a corner with life-size CLAMP character stands for taking photographs.

On the following day of event, on February 6, 200 CLAMP@MOBiLE members will be picked by lottery to enjoy the premiere of the XXXHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD, followed by a CLAMP Talk Show.

Original goods will be on sale during both days of event.

And good news! A free-for-all CLAMP exhibition will take place at the Animate store in Ikebukuro! This exposition will run for 11 days, from February 3rd until the 13th.

The exhibition will contain original CLAMP artwork (no work specifications) and original setting material of the XXXHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD.

And finally, a CLAMP fair selling original goods will run on all Animate stores during the months of February and March.


– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

12/10 – Newtype #01 – Drop. 22-D (on sale).
01/10 – Newtype #02 – Drop. 23.
02/10 – Newtype #03 – Drop. 24.

– Next scheduled chapters (red means new):

12/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #01 – Chapter 211 (on sale).
01/08 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #02 – Chapter 212.
02/09 – Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #03 – Chapter 213 – last chapter of volume 19 – XXXHOLiC will feature the front cover.

CLAMP-NET.COM doesn’t say anything about Chapter 213 being the final chapter of the series.

• OAD:

The ending theme song for the upcoming XXXHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD will be “Gomen ne.” (“I’m sorry.”), performed by Tiara. The song will be included in the singer’s 2nd album, Tears, to be released on February 16. CLAMP-NET.COM describes the song as a “medium ballad”.

• DVD:

Here are some pictures of the XXXHOLiC Kei DVD Box. The set will come with 3 DVDs, Discs 1 and 2 will have 4 episodes each and Disc 3 with 5 episodes (13 episodes total). The set will also come a XXXHOLiC colored illustration with reproduction of CLAMP’s signatures. The illustration was first published as the cover of the May issue of Animedia magazine in 2006.

The XXXHOLiC Kei DVD Box will be released on January 26.