CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION: new versions of CLAMP works with new cover art

CLAMP works published by Kodansha and Kadokawa will get new versions and released under a series entitled CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION. All books will feature a new cover illustration by CLAMP.

The first work to be re-released in this new series is XXXHOLiC, in August.

Kodansha‘s website already has details for XXXHOLiC #1 and #2. They will both come out on August 5.

The details for XXXHOLiC #1 and #2 indicate that the books will have B6 format (same as the regular XXXHOLiC volumes) for the price of 880 yens each. The website indicates that these will be monthly releases. Perhaps we can expect at least two new volumes every month.

As for number of pages, the original XXXHOLiC volumes 1 and 2 have 182 pages each, while their CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION editions are listed as having 184 and 192 pages, respectively. The additional 2 pages for volume 1 could be for advertisements, but the 10 additional pages for volume 2 is a little strange.

The listings say that the books will have the same design and binding, only the cover art will be different with a new illustration drawn by CLAMP. This is so that the collection will look good on a bookshelf.

Source: CLAMP-NET.COM, Kodansha.

Beginning with XXXHOLiC is most likely a strategy in order to tie in with the musical stage play, which will be opening in September.

With that logic, I would say that the Tokyo Babylon version will most likely come out at the same time as the new TV Anime is airing. Speaking of Tokyo Babylon, I would say that the new versions that have been previously announced by Kadokawa are the CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION ones. In other words, I don’t think we will have two new versions for Tokyo Babylon.

Bear in mind that Kadokawa has the rights to RG Veda as well. The only works that have never been republished by a different publisher are Shin Shunkaden (Hakusensha) and GATE 7 (Shueisha). Unless Kadokawa or Kodansha acquired the rights to those two and we don’t know yet, these might be the only two works left out of this collection. All the other works are either originally or acquired by Kodansha or Kadokawa.

This is really great news because not only it means we will have a new illustration for every cover, but also a chance to give a bigger format (B6) for works which were originally published in a smaller format (X, for example).

In terms of release schedule, roughly speaking there are about 162 volumes for all CLAMP works published by Kadokawa and Kodansha. If we are looking at a 2-volumes per month pacing, this could take around 80 months to get them all released (approximately 7 years).

I can’t help but think how they will deal with the works that remain incomplete. I guess they can always go back years from now and release the remaining volumes that will eventually be published in order to complete the collection.

Either way, this is super exciting!


4 thoughts on “CLAMP PREMIUM COLLECTION: new versions of CLAMP works with new cover art

  1. Thank you so much for all the info, you pretty much answered most of the questions I had after seeing this news posted in CLAMP official twitter account 🙂

    I still have my doubts, similar to yours really, about just how long would this all take ^^;
    If it’s 2 volumes per month (and they don’t release series simultaneously but instead, wait for each title to end before starting a new one…) than a series like, say, WISH, would be done with in 2 months only; same, with many CLAMP works which are really only a few volumes long. Honestly, As long as they leave TRC and X out of the equation, it would take a lot less time, but then again, TRC and X might be the titles the fans would look the most forward to, the irony XD XD And of course, I am leaving out CCS Clear Card which is on going, as for the first CCS series…mmhhh….There is already the Nakayoshi 60th anniversary version that was released not that long ago, but considering the popularity, I wouldn’t be surprised if we got yet another edition of CCS. I’m not complaining mind you XD XD

    For the moment, I will stop thinking too far ahead, and just wait patiently for the 2 new xxxholic cover illustrations! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re welcome! It’s amazing how much we can theorize and speculate with the little bit of information that was given xD

      It all comes down to whether this will be 2 volumes or more per month. I can see them doing a 3-volumes at once for some series like CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan and MKR, but who knows, really… it is a bit hard to imagine this taking 7+ years to be over.

      And yes, we will have yet another version of CCS, looool


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