Happy Birthday Satsuki Igarashi!

I know it’s past midnight here but I couldn’t post this earlier, either way, this Sunday was the birthday of CLAMP’s member Satsuki Igarashi! She became 40 years old.

As usual, Nekoi made a very cool drawing for the occasion:

Here’s wishing all the best to her! ♥


Follow-up to CLAMP’s sickness follow-up

A week ago I made a post supposedly revealing which member of CLAMP was sick. By then we thought it was Tsubaki Nekoi but a reader has approached me to inform that there was a mistake in the translation.

I asked the original translator to take a look at the translation and indeed there was a mistake.

Around the same time, Nanase Ohkawa made a post in her Private Board clearly revealing that she was the one who got sick.

Just to clarify the “CLAMP’s sickness” subject once and for all, we apologize for any inconvenience =)

You can read the post where she talks about her illness after the cut.


New CLAMP SDs, more

There are new CLAMP SDs on CLAMP-PLA.NET !

First, from the main page:

And these are from each member’s private board:

Cute, aren’t they? xD

Takuya Matsushita, who works at the rights departments at Kodansha and is directly responsible for the Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OADs project, has updated his column and he reveals that the after-recording (dubbing) sessions of XXXHOLiC Shunmuki #1 has been completed. The first public screening will happen on January 25 at Tokyo Disney’s Cinema Ikspiari.

Also, several online stores are stating that the release date of CLAMP IN AMERICA guidebook has been pushed to October 20.

Quite bad, we’ll have to wait a bit more to read it, but that’s okay if that means time for improvements.

CLAMP Fanbook Project, Ohkawa talks Holitsuba

There’s a project going on at to produce a fanbook in honor to CLAMP’s 20th Anniversary made by we, the fans.

The idea is to gather from all around the world fans’ letters, fanarts, fanfics, cosplay pictures and other forms of love expression to CLAMP and their works.

Once done, the book will be delivered to CLAMP’s hands.

It is a great initiative and excellent opportunity to say something and express your admiration to CLAMP!

Anyone can participate, I already joined the cause and in case you haven’t, please do it! It is our chance to show how big and loved CLAMP is around the world.

Instructions and guidelines on how to participate are all on this link.

Now, here’s the latest entry from Nanase Ohkawa’s private board, where she briefly mentions Holitsuba.


New CLAMP SDs, Ohkawa talks Holitsuba

CLAMP-NET.COM has new SDs drawings of the CLAMP members! And I didn’t notice it!!!

Check their PROFILE section for the bigger versions.

We can see Nekoi cut her hair short and on the other hand, Ohkawa has long hair again! *loves her long hair* The new SDs are so squishy XDDDDD

xD Very cool.

Also, today Nanase Ohkawa made a post in her Private Board where she briefly mentions the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC OADs and the Holitsuba Drama CD.


DTPWORLD feature, from Ohkawa’s private board

This month’s issue of graphic design magazine DTPWORLD has a feature about manga design, and CLAMP’s XXXHOLiC is listed in it. undini has kindly scanned it for us (thank you so much!). It’s very small, unfortunately, but I was very curious to check it ^^

Click to enlarge it.

Translation credits go to Yoshiyuki! The original magazine scan can be checked here.

I love how CLAMP is one of the few authors who make the design for their own comic books ♥

The other thing I would like to share today is Nanase Ohkawa’s latest post in her Private Board, which doesn’t have any sort of foreshadowing information (who knows?), but I thought it was worth posting xD