DTPWORLD feature, from Ohkawa’s private board

This month’s issue of graphic design magazine DTPWORLD has a feature about manga design, and CLAMP’s XXXHOLiC is listed in it. undini has kindly scanned it for us (thank you so much!). It’s very small, unfortunately, but I was very curious to check it ^^

Click to enlarge it.

Translation credits go to Yoshiyuki! The original magazine scan can be checked here.

I love how CLAMP is one of the few authors who make the design for their own comic books ♥

The other thing I would like to share today is Nanase Ohkawa’s latest post in her Private Board, which doesn’t have any sort of foreshadowing information (who knows?), but I thought it was worth posting xD


As I’ve mentioned before in our radio show and other places,
recently I’ve been taking pilates lessons.

Since I’ve been studying a lot, I wondered if there was something that worked a little slower,
and since I wanted to rest a bit, I went to yoga lessons.

Yoga is very hard and I’ve just started it, but my teacher is a very gentle person (laughs).

The teacher taking charge of my classes has such a lovely voice.
Very much lovely.

If “Kobato.” were to become an anime,
I would definitely want Kobato-chan’s voice to sound this lovely.
And healing.

In yoga you breathe according to the teacher’s voice, while you are in a certain pose,
such a lovely voice makes me feel happy.

Therefore, for the future I’ll be taking a bit of yoga.

See you next time, teacher with (inside my brain) Kobato’s voice (laughs).








Much thanks to Sakura-chan for the gentle help with the translation!

So Ohkawa is doing yoga? I wonder what is she studying? And the story about the teacher with Kobato’s voice? So adorable XD


11 thoughts on “DTPWORLD feature, from Ohkawa’s private board

  1. Thanks undini san and you for the scanlation and the info, even it’s just a little article at least i learned xxxholic’s tankoubouns in japan have colored pages just like joukido said XDDD they look so good together XD

    And maybe Ohkawa’s comments are good signs about a Kobato anime adaptation, in the near future n_n


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