CLAMP in 3-D LAND 8th Series package

Here’s the package of CLAMP in 3-D LAND 8th (and final) series, which is on sale today in Japan:

Source: Havikoro Toy

Me really likes!! And this time we have a single “throne” for Princess Sakura? xD Loving Fuuma also!

44 thoughts on “CLAMP in 3-D LAND 8th Series package

  1. can u see the size difference between shaoran and my lovely lady Fuu? i know Fuu is a little highr but even like that she is if the size or a little taller this could be use as a hinto for shaoran’s age and Sakura looks soooooo cute :p


  2. Olá, Chibiyuuto!

    The last release? Wow.

    I could care less for the Rayeheart girl, but i love the rest of them. (Yes! Suoh looks wonderful!!!)

    Thanks for the newsflash!!! :D/


    • I thought he was Clone Syaoran, the figurine itself is inspired by chapter 100 splash page at that time we didn’t knew about who was real or who was a clone.
      So I think this Syoran and clamp in 3-d land 7 Sakura are the clones, and the other two clamp in 3-d land TRCSakura and TRCSyaoran are the “real ones” with Clow-koku clothes like in Real Syaoran flashbacks.


  3. I’m agree with you all. This illustration is really really nice.
    And finally Clamp in 3d land ended in here. Maybe next 8-9 years, till Clamp in Wonderland 3, Clamp will make again continuation from Clamp in 3d Land. ^_^
    Even i cant get cool figure ‘the other syaoran’, i still want to buy complete Clamp in 3d land from 1-8.Hope the seller in japan would be nice and give the other syaoran to me (actually to my friend.^o^)
    Thank you chibiyuuto for the info. ^_^



  4. Because Touya said it first: Sakura gets to sit in the really tall chair because she’s the shortest. If she was just standing, she wouldn’t fit in the frame of the picture. XD

    Joking aside, everyone looks lovely in that picture. Sakura and Fuuma! ^^ Suoh looks really vibrant.


  5. Oooooh ! i’m in love !
    Such a beautiful illustration for the ending of the 3D-land, it was worthing to wait for it *o*
    Only one throne for Sakura-chan ♥ (I totally agree with this idea).
    Fuuma is gorgeous and Fû is really pretty ♥
    Happiness ♥


  6. YAAAAYYYYY!!!!! ♥♥ Finally sexy Fuuma in (almost) all his splendor ♥♥ 8D !!

    >Clamp are ready to resume X –

    That’s what I pray for every single night XD

    OOH Chibiyuuto-san, thank you SOOO much for this image 😀 You rock!! n.n
    I’m so happy !!!

    p.s: Just like selenityshiroi said: >Everyone looks so pretty! Except Fuuma.

    He’s hot


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