CLAMP’s momoko illustration + end of CLAMP-NET.COM?

CLAMP drew an illustration to promote the release of PW-momoko ae <CLAMP>:

On other news, there is a rather strange announcement that appeared on CLAMP-NET.COM today.

The announcement informs that the services for CLAMP@MOBiLE and CLAMP-NET.COM will be terminated on December 31, 2012. It appears that both sites/services will be shut down on this date.

They don’t give any further explanation for the reason behind this, but I would guess (and hope) that they are planning to release a brand new CLAMP website, with a new URL, starting on January 1st, 2013.

I simply cannot see CLAMP without an official website, so let’s wait for more information about this as the date draws closer.

If anyone with japanese knowledge would be willing to provide any further information, that would be much appreciated.


First look at PW-momoko ae

CLAMP-NET.COM has the first look of the CLAMP x momoko original doll, entitled PW-momoko ae :

A sample will be on display at a momoko exhibition to be held on August 11 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center. Visitors will get a postcard with CLAMP’s original design for the doll.

The doll will be available for pre-order starting August 24 for the price of 28,000 yens. Orders can be made only via the PetWORKs Store.

On another news, CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012 added a new date in Nagoya. The festival will be held in Chunichi Theatre on December 2!

CLAMP x momoko original doll rough design revealed!

As previously announced, to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of momoko, CLAMP were invited to collaborate with an original fashion doll for them.

A rough sketch of the doll designed by CLAMP was revealed today!

The doll will be officially called PW-momoko ae , orders will begin in August to be delivered in Spring 2013.

I really liked it! I was expecting a more “cute” design, but this looks so elegant!

CLAMP to design original “momoko” doll

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of PetWORKs’ line of dolls momoko, CLAMP will collaborate with them by designing original “momoko” dolls. The sales are scheduled for 2012.

Source: CLAMP-NET.COM, PetWORKs official website.

About momoko:

“momoko” is a one-sixth scale fashion doll (27 cm tall with moveable joints) that was unveiled in August 2001 at “DOLLHEAD EXHIBITION 2001”.
She was designed under the supervision of Namie Manabe, the art director for the internet mail software “PostPet” and a lover of fashion dolls.
Popularity of “momoko” has been spreading beyond doll collectors, and besides, she has been well accepted in general young women as a fashion item, also as an art piece.
“momoko” has worked as a fashion model for real fashion brands, and has modeled for a variety of ads.
In April 2005 she made a major debut as “momoko DOLL”, manufactured and released by Sekiguchi Co Ltd., a famous doll company.

This is the second time CLAMP collaborates with PetWORKs. In 1998 they designed a room for the PostPet2001 CD-ROM software. Here’s the room designed by CLAMP: