CLAMP’s momoko illustration + end of CLAMP-NET.COM?

CLAMP drew an illustration to promote the release of PW-momoko ae <CLAMP>:

On other news, there is a rather strange announcement that appeared on CLAMP-NET.COM today.

The announcement informs that the services for CLAMP@MOBiLE and CLAMP-NET.COM will be terminated on December 31, 2012. It appears that both sites/services will be shut down on this date.

They don’t give any further explanation for the reason behind this, but I would guess (and hope) that they are planning to release a brand new CLAMP website, with a new URL, starting on January 1st, 2013.

I simply cannot see CLAMP without an official website, so let’s wait for more information about this as the date draws closer.

If anyone with japanese knowledge would be willing to provide any further information, that would be much appreciated.


12 thoughts on “CLAMP’s momoko illustration + end of CLAMP-NET.COM?

  1. Well, this is definitely most surprising @_@ Especially since the actual website is actually pretty new itself, they redesigned not that long ago, and it’s already good bye? D:

    As for the website being terminated forever, impossible.

    As you said in a previous post, even in the situation they were to end their career all together at some point, they would have no reason to not leave a good database and History of their works along the years for all their fans. And we are in no such situation: right now they have 2 series going on, a festival happening soon with all the goodies and events that goes with it + their work on Code Geass; in spite of the deafening silence lately, they are actually quite busy ^^;
    I already pre ordered the Clamp Pia and the Clamp Fes disc, I will be sharing those new illustrations and such on mid november (I’m getting them then, they come together with 2013 calendars with later release dates…) but I suspect the fans online would already have posted those everywhere long before I got my hands on them aha~


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