“CLAMP Pia” cover and more

Here is the cover and back cover for the “CLAMP Pia” mook, taken from CLAMP FESTIVAL’s website:

It will be released on September 22. For those interested, you can order a copy on CD Japan.

Here is a 15 second video preview of “Kaze, Sora”, the single by Kinya that will be the theme song for CLAMP FESTIVAL 2012:

I am guessing this is part of the actual PV that is produced by PRODUCTION IG (it looks very cheap, if I may add).

On other news, for those who were worried about the future of our favorite website, CLAMP-NET.COM, I sent an e-mail to the site’s administrators and they replied to me saying that more information will be announced on the website in due course.

So I’d say we can rest assured that something new is coming up for us in 2013 😉


15 thoughts on ““CLAMP Pia” cover and more

  1. I’m still thinking that Doumeki looks weird but here it’s like: Doumeki is it you? LOL Also, I think the same, that this is a part of the PV by Production IG – it looks very cheap, if I may add- well, it’s not a CLAMP in Wonderland video after all. And Yey!! for CLAMP-NET.COM, now I can back to sleep =D


  2. I am dense and can’t figure out who the two dark-haired people on the red cover are.

    I’m going to guess that the guy with the short hair is Rikuou, but who is the other person? Is that Saya without her glasses?


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