BREAKING: XXXHOLiC TV Drama announced!


CLAMP-NET.COM announced that XXXHOLiC will be adapted to a live-action TV Drama!

The show will be aired in WOWOW channel in early 2013 and will cover the entire plot of XXXHOLiC. It will be aired in WOWOW’s prime time.

Directors: Keisuke Toyoshima and Tsugita Jun.
Script writers: Tsugita Jun and Keisuke Toyoshima.
Cast: Sometani Shota (Watanuki Kimihiro), Anne (Yuuko Ichihara), and more.

Official website:

It looks like the official name for the TV Drama/project will be CLAMPドラマ ホリック~ ×××HOLiC~ (CLAMP-Drama Holic ~XXXHOLiC ~)

This is the first live-action TV Drama based on a CLAMP manga.

Soooooo exciting!!! I’ve been wanting a CLAMP TV Drama for a long time! So far I think the cast choices were spot on! I hope Ohkawa gets to write a few episode scripts!


57 thoughts on “BREAKING: XXXHOLiC TV Drama announced!

  1. So unexpected news indeed! Actually, I think that xxxHOLiC is suitable for a live-action TV Drama, and would be really promising if Ohkawa writes a few episode scripts (she must, it is the first one based on a CLAMP manga, after all). We’ll have to wait and see.


    • I remember a loooong time ago when XXXHOLiC was just starting, CLAMP members posted on their site which actors they would like to play the XXXHOLiC characters in a TV Drama.

      Since then, I started to think that XXXHOLiC was suitable for a TV Drama. So is Drug & Drop/Gouhou Drug.

      Yes, so unexpected! So exciting!!!


      • Yeah you are right, you have an amazing memory!!! I had forgotten about that post of CLAMP. Drug & Drop/Gouhou Drug is also suitable but first things first XD Anyway, I hope that they put the crossovers of xxxHOLiC/Gohou Drug on the TV Drama *_____* I’m really excited about this new project, though.


  2. … Wow! This is unexpected, but hopefully awesome.

    Has anyone seen Anne in anything? I am woefully behind on my Jdrama and movies, and I’d love to know if she’s a good actress.


  3. *whistles* Watanuki and Yuuko’s cast look okay, need to see them in action though.
    Doumeki,, where is the cast for Doumeki?! Himawari? Kohane? Obaa-chan?! (Okay that’s not too important) I wonder if they’re going to show scene where Sakura and friends appear for the first time? I think if they want to make it a one-shot j-dorama. Oh my god, I can’t stop flailing. Oh my god, oh my god, xxxHolic has live action! THEY FRIGGIN’ HAVE LIVE ACTION~!

    I sincerely hope they won’t destroy it or anything….
    Are they going to make all those awesome Yuuko’s garb? Will they? I hope they will! But the production cost will skyrocketed so most likely no ;_; But I wish they do! I really wish they do! *o*

    I’m sorry, I’m not making sense! I’ll come back some other time! Let me revel in the news and get it sink into my head properly first! OMG OMG OMG!!!


    • It’s still way to soon to find out the other cast members =P I’m happy we already have the names for the 2 main characters =)

      I wouldn’t expect the Tsubasa links to be there… they might get cut. It would make sense to me and it’s totally fine by me. But I could be wrong 😉


  4. ** VACHE **

    I remember Satsuki saying CLAMP thought Ai Tominaga would be a perfect Yuuko.
    Judging by their look, as I’ve never seen them acting, I think the cast looks pretty good. I hope CLAMP are involved in the casting (looking forward to see Maru and Moro!! That’ll be interesting, at least to me)
    AND, God, please… I know Mokona must be there, but don’t make it ANNOYING AS USUAL.


    • I remember Satsuki saying CLAMP thought Ai Tominaga would be a perfect Yuuko.

      Thank you! I was trying to remember that!

      I don’t think Ai Tominaga is an actress (just a model), but Anne looks similar to her (I wondered for a bit if they were the same person).


  5. Really unexpected….plus, Anne (Yuko’s actress) happens to be the daugther of Ken Watanabe (from Inception and The Last Samurai). Wow…..

    Now, I wonder who will play as Doumeki….if it’s someone from the Johnny & Associates, I’m going to hung myself XD


  6. Definitely unexpected! I didn’t think I would read this kind of news first thing in the morning!!! (it’s 8am here) This is really great!!!! 😀

    Though my first reaction might make you laugh, I thought: “nooo!! why japanese, it has to be a korean drama!!” XD
    I watched tons of japanese dramas years back (I pretty much watched only that), but this past 2-3 years I’ve watched close to…none, I’m totally addicted to korean drama 😛 I’ll be looking back at a jap one again very soon it seems though 😉

    I also think the actors feel spot on ^^ Thanks for the news!


    • If these news were given 10 years ago, I would be worried. But the quality of japanese TV Dramas has increased so much over the years, I really think this shall be great!

      And yeah, totally unexpected!


  7. Wow, what amazing news!! Can’t wait! Never thought I’d see the day where we would get a CLAMP J-drama… yay!

    …. Although I am slightly worried about Tsugita Jun having so much involvement.. considering he wrote Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead and directed Horny House of Horror ._. Both of which are hilarious and grossly amusing in their own right, but.. erm.. so completely opposite from xxxHolic o_o And it looks like the majority of his films follow the same themes.. I certainly hope he isn’t planning to turn xxxHolic into a gore filled porn fest. But bah, what am I worried about, CLAMP will definitely keep everyone involved in check!

    Loving all the great CLAMP news this week 😀


  8. мне уже страшно, но смотреть, конешно, буду -.-

    User referenced to your post from мне уже страшно, но смотреть, конешно, буду -.- saying: […] Оригинал взят у в BREAKING: XXXHOLiC TV Drama announced! […]


  9. It’s been so long since something made me post here!!Long time no see!And goodbye because I’M DYING BY THE AWESMOMESS!I MEAN YUKO LIVE ACTION CLAMP CLOTHES!LIVE ACTION XXXHOLIC!I’M DEAD!I LOVE YOU!And the actors are so perfect!SO HAPY FOR THIS!


  10. The news was unexpected… never had I imagined it would happen. I just hope the actress Anne can deliver a hell of a job… after all it’s Yuuko we are talkin’ about…not only her, Mokona as well. He’s a hell of a caracter… it’s gonna be extremelly hard to deliver that!

    Lots of hope… and thanks from Brasil for the awesome website… 😉


      • Can’t agree more. I’ve to admit I never liked the Mokona’s much to begin with, but xxxHOLiC has such amazing potential as a drama series that I hope the producers don’t ruin the entire thing by keeping them there as poorly-integrated animation or something.


      • Maybe they can kinda adapt Mokona into a human body (Is not the first time I see something like that…) the question is… Are they gonna cut Tsubasa’s connection AGAIN?

        I wish they gave Tsubasa and xxxHOLiC the ‘Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’ treatment… T.T


  11. OMG! OMG! I just can’t belive it. I’m feel so happy that i couldn’t breath… Finally, there is something new to be expected!. Can’t wait to see Yuuko in live-action, and of course Watanuki and Mokona too.♥


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  13. Your new banner is adorable. ^_^

    (I’ve been wondering about Gate 7 too – I see that it’s on hiatus, but I hope it’s not going to be like X or Clover, or even like Kobato, where it was just stuck and it hurt its ability to develop more consistently.)


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