CLAMP to design original “momoko” doll

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of PetWORKs’ line of dolls momoko, CLAMP will collaborate with them by designing original “momoko” dolls. The sales are scheduled for 2012.

Source: CLAMP-NET.COM, PetWORKs official website.

About momoko:

“momoko” is a one-sixth scale fashion doll (27 cm tall with moveable joints) that was unveiled in August 2001 at “DOLLHEAD EXHIBITION 2001”.
She was designed under the supervision of Namie Manabe, the art director for the internet mail software “PostPet” and a lover of fashion dolls.
Popularity of “momoko” has been spreading beyond doll collectors, and besides, she has been well accepted in general young women as a fashion item, also as an art piece.
“momoko” has worked as a fashion model for real fashion brands, and has modeled for a variety of ads.
In April 2005 she made a major debut as “momoko DOLL”, manufactured and released by Sekiguchi Co Ltd., a famous doll company.

This is the second time CLAMP collaborates with PetWORKs. In 1998 they designed a room for the PostPet2001 CD-ROM software. Here’s the room designed by CLAMP: