“The Other Syaoran” figure

The official website of CLAMP in 3-D LAND has a preview of the special figure The Other Syaoran:

Coming out of the tube~! Cool!

Just a reminding, this special figure can be obtained by purchasing the boxes (containing 10 figures each) of all 8 series (Japan residents only).

The 8th and final series of CLAMP in 3-D LAND will be released still this month.

38 thoughts on ““The Other Syaoran” figure

      • my friend chibiyuuto, can you explain to me about Clamp in 3d Land 8th series?
        The other syaoran look very interesting to me, and you said, we can get this figure if we buy all Clamp in 3d Land from 1-8 (in japan only)
        But i dont know, you said about this :
        “This means we’ll have a total of 4 Syaoran figures, 3 from Series 1, 2 and now 8, and the special “The Other Syaoran” figure for those who purchase all 8 Boxes (the big box with 10 little boxes)”

        Big boxes with 10 little boxes?Not 8 little boxes?
        or maybe the other 2 boxes is bonus for people who buy complete series from 1-8?I dont understand about it. If this is bonus boxes,what figures in there (10 figures bonus. Wow)?Can i get vampire fye figure too?
        Hope you can explain to me, because my friend want to go to japan and i wnt to buy clamp in 3d land complete set. ^__^

        Thank you very much my friend, and ganbattene for your livejournal and clamp!

        from angels_rutherford


        • Alright, let me explain to you.

          Each series has 5 different figures, right? Each Series is sold in small packages containing 1 (one) random figure that costs 580 yens.

          However, each Series has also a big box containing 10 (ten) small boxes (those that cost 580 yens).

          So, if you buy the big Boxes from Series 1 to 4, you would get Vampire Fye figure. And if you buy the big Boxes from Series 1 to 8, you would get The Other Syaoran.

          Is it clear now? ^^


          • Thank you for the reply chibiyuuto and for the explanation. ^^
            So if i want to get ‘the other syaoran’, i must buy big boxes from 1-8. Right? Thats mean 80 small boxes/400 standard figures. Huaaaaa. T___T
            So if i only want to buy 1-8 (each set 1 small box) in japan, i still can’t get the other syaoran. This is right?

            Huaaaa, this is not fair. Big boxes only for the seller. i mean, who really want to buy big boxes contains 10 same figures for each character?>_<



            • Yes, that’s basically it ^^”

              I too think it’s very unlogical to buy a box with 10 figures when there’s only 5 different kinds. That means you’ll get duplicates.

              It’s not very fair, I agree.


  1. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto! Hisashiburi desu!! ^o^

    Oh Holy Mokona!! Kono Syaoran wa motto kakkoi desu yo ne! >///< I really love the effect of the tube and the water coming out when he breaks it. His shaggy hair is so well done, makes him look handsome. Zanen that it is for this is for the Japanese residents only. Demo ne, this report made me so very happy to look at it! Hontou arigatou gozaimasu!! *glomps*

    Ki o tsukete, Chibi-Yuuto!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


  2. Thats so adorable *_*
    I love the way it looks like the water is pouring out

    shame about Japan residents only… but who knows.. someone might ebay it at some point *crosses fingers* πŸ™‚


  3. Thanks so much for the news, Chibiyuuto-kun ^___^

    Please ignore my weird fangirl moment

    OOOMMMMGGGG~~~ I think out of ALL the clamp in 3-D Land!!! Especially… for all those Syaoran’s figure!!! I have been waiting for this = R|Syaoran with tattooed on and
    WAAAA… I just want THIS one!!!!?? XD XD XD though since it is quite exclusive to JPN only, it is either impossible to get or going to cost A LOT!? *sigh* AND PLUS, I think every Syaoran fan in the world is going to fight their way to get it πŸ™‚


  4. Oh so cute >_<
    I didn't like that much the Fye vampire figurine, but this one is cute, and it's a great idea.
    I won't have it (don't want to spend 90€,at least, for Fye or Shaolan)…but I'd love to have it T_T
    What a pity ! It's unfair ! (i've bought all the other figurines T_T)


  5. My comic store actually bought the big boxes three times, but without all the coupons it was useless…I work there, and he gave me the coupons but I didn’t have them all. It seems really unfair to do this, especially since mostly only merchandiser’s bought the big boxes and they mostly just chucked those pamphlets out. I almost watched my boss do it. It probably means very few in japan turned them in either, or not as much as they probably expected. Bad marketing move I think.
    ….and I want the pretty shiny syaoran-kun figure soooooooo badly XD
    I have all eight sets but three figures now! NOOOO! Two specials I will never have!!!! XD *waaaaaaaaaail!*


  6. Saddened

    Out of all of CLAMP in 3D Land, this “Other Syaoran” is my favorite.
    Unfortunately, I don’t live in Japan and got involved with Clamp no Kiseki too late to collect any coupons anyway.

    So do you think it is likely that the special Gantai! Fai and The Other Syaoran will ever be available on websites such as E-bay or Hammergirl? No matter the price I MUST have them…-Drools-

    ;_; (I really love that Syaoran!)


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