Follow-up: CLAMP’s sickness, more

To those who were wondering, Tsubaki Nekoi was the one who got sick recently, which was sort of expected seeing how only XXXHOLiC’s schedule was affected by it.

More details after the cut, taken from her Private Board.

The Power of a Cold

It seems like colds and influenza are getting stronger and stronger these days.

Thankfully, after a few days, mine went away.
But it’s very difficult, and even riding the train becomes something to worry about.
Even if you’re careful, you can’t see a virus.

I want to stay as isolated from others as I can.
It’s very tiring.

Not gargling or washing your hands…
It’s really irresponsible.






Translation thanks to iamsocool12345 ^_~

At least we know she is better now! And it really was the influenza, pretty common in Japan as of lately.

By the way, Young Magazine #10 is out today in Japan and XXXHOLiC is not carried in it. It’ll be back on issue #12, out February 16.

On another note, NHK BShi channel will rebroadcast the anime of Card Captor Sakura starting on April 2. Guess they want to warm it up for Kobato. and the Blu-ray release of CCS ^^

27 thoughts on “Follow-up: CLAMP’s sickness, more

  1. おかげさまでひかずにおりますが、

    Actually, it isn’t Satsuki who caught a cold. She says “okagesamade HIKAZUNI orimasuga” or “I haven’t caught one.”

    So who could it be?


      • Hi, sorry to belabor the point, but unless something is missing from the post, Nekoi says that she hasn’t caught a cold. Just to make sure I wasn’t going crazy (I do read this site usually early in the morning), I double-checked with my Mom, who thinks I’m crazy for asking about such a simple sentence.

        “kaze wo hiku” means to catch a cold, so “hikazu” means that she hasn’t caught one. There isn’t a perfect Japanese phrase for “catching a train.” :>

        “Thanks to you, I haven’t caught one, but if things are this bad, it makes me worried about(riding in) trains and such. Even if you’re careful, you can’t see viruses, right?”



          • I may be wrong, but as a Japanese student, I wanted to put in my own two cents. =]


            To be honest, I don’t know where you got that “hikazu” means “not a cold” It isn’t even close to “kaze o hiku”. It appears to be 日数, “a number of days” and I believe the verb (REALLY not 100% on this, though; It could be oru, but that just doesn’t make sense to me) is 下りる, “to descend”, perhaps meaning that her illness or fever has gone away/gone down.

            Chibiyuuto, the “Thanks to you” isn’t anyone specific or personal. “Okagesamade” is a set phrase that means something like, “Thanks to you, everyone around me, god, fate, etc.”

            So, it seems like that line would be, “Thanks to everything, (my illness) went away after several days”

            Don’t take my word for it though ^^;

            Glad to hear Nekoi’s doing better though. =]


            • oh wait, I see where you got “hikazu ni” as “without a cold” now.

              You’re right, it could mean that. But we’re pretty sure she was sick, right? Which makes it seem less likely that it would be that sentence pattern.

              Why can’t Nekoi throw in some helpful kanji? xD


              • …and now that I’m looking at google, ひかずにおります seems to be something of a set pattern. I think you’re right, radiomacrossing. Maybe it wasn’t Nekoi after all.


                • Thank you so much for your contribution. Unfortunately I can’t really say anything because I don’t know enough japanese to discuss. But I find it weird that none of the other 3 mentioned anything about sickness and she drew Watanuki taking his temperature. That drawing immediately made me think she was the sick one.

                  Oh well, I will ask Jamie for sure!!


                  • I guess Nekoi wrote about colds maybe because of what’s going around (it is that time of year) and because another CLAMP member has a cold. She’s not referring to anyone particular in the text, so maybe she just wanted something to write about?

                    Japanese is definitely a polite language. “Okagesama de” is one of those phrases that translates to “thanks to you.” In this case, it’s something you say to be polite, even though the person (or persons) you’re speaking to has nothing to do with your well being.

                    To aquamaryna, hikazu is a negative conjugation of the verb hiku. Adding “zu” to certain verbs means that something isn’t happening. Since she’s talking about colds, the word “kaze” was absent from the sentence. “orimasu” is a formal way to say “imasu” (state of being, like “I am”).

                    Just a little background of my Japanese, I am Japanese American (not that it makes a big difference) and have studied Japanese since 2nd grade, but didn’t get formal training until college. Until then, I spent my time reading manga and Japanese novels, watching anime, variety shows, and J-dramas, and singing Japanese songs. Also, my mother grew up in Japan, and she’s the one who basically taught me everything the media couldn’t. Nowadays, though, I’m the one teaching her modern Japanese phrases since the media loves to abbreviate everything. One day she called to ask me what a “Ganpura” (GUNdam PLAstic model) was.

                    That’s all from me on this one. I promise!


                    • I see your point, thank you for all the info! You’re really convincing me xD I’ll just ask Jamie to see what must have confused her and why it did.

                      But it’s totally fine, don’t worry, you’re contributing to the post ^_~


                    • I promised I would give you a return about this subject, and you were right ^_~ I talked to Jamie (the translator) and she acknowleged the mistake. Also, I found out it was Ohkawa who got sick instead by reading one of her recent posts.

                      Thank you so much for your contribution, I hope you can keep proofing my posts and helping my journal to have only top-quality information!



  2. oh good thing she’s alright. 🙂 yes, the virus was really spreading these days… (four weeks ago, my mom caught a cold TWICE! and she was okay after that, but i think she’s getting another one again…)

    Tsubaki Nekoi-san, hope you get well soon~! ^^


  3. Relieving news, I’m happy she’s getting better! I feel bad for thinking for a moment it was more serious just because of the lack of information…
    And…Watanuki looks sooo sweet here


  4. Get well darling!

    seem she don’t get well but i know she will be back ! tsubaki please rest ^^’.
    Maybe she wearing a mask to covering her nose.. most of japan do like that to keep the virus spread to other people.


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