TRC 211 !

Scans available in and The Room of Requirement

The color page is utterly cute! But I think XXXHOLiC wasn’t the only affected by CLAMP’s sickness… who knows if they didn’t make a color spread because of their sickness.

Congratulations to everyone who guessed the magic would go back to Fye! I thought he would remain a vampire “forever”. And seems like the magic is in one piece given that the clone used it a lot and made it even more powerful. Now Fye has blue eyes again β™₯


Totally unexpected! XDDDDDDDDD Of course, you didn’t think it would be that easy, did you? But I never ever thought that could be Kyle in disguise, LOL!

I love how Xing Huo’s purpose was to “be the one who will send real!Syaoran to Yuuko” and how Kyle’s purpose was to “be the one to die in FWR’s place”. And then, once their purpose has been fulfilled, Ohkawa just discards them xD Because I really don’t think FWR will “die”…

I still want to know (and hope it’ll be told) what kind of experiments were Kyle and Xing Huo, they seem to be different than the others.

I love the scene with Kyle’s death, both the way he dies (his shocking expression and the glasses breaking apart) and how he bends backwards and reveals FWR’s figure. Very nice.

Face to face with the devil, now it’s for real, end this shit already Syaoran!

68 thoughts on “TRC 211 !

  1. Mmmmh… I wouldn’t be surprised if, in chapter 212, we were to discover that Kyle isn’t dead yet, and somehow tries to “take revenge” on FWR. Of course that wouldn’t spare him the title of “most failtastic sidekick in all history of CLAMP manga”, ‘cos he has already earned it, by the way XDDD


    • Really? I think he’s really dead. If Syaoran’s stab wasn’t enough to kill him, Kurogane’s cut certainly was. Besides, that way his story has come to an end, short and quick ^^;

      I would love to see Kyle showing up on a future CLAMP work, and hopeful we’ll be able to see more of him ^^


  2. The colour page is… quite sad ;_;

    When I first read the chapter, I thought that Kyle was the one behind it all along since the very start, and FWR wasn’t a real person, but just a disguise Kyle wore to fool everyone XD Now THAT would’ve been a twist and a half!

    Now beat the crap out of FWR, Syaoran!


  3. I dont know if it just me, but I think the colored page of this chapter was drawn using Kabuto’s art style. I mean, Syaorans’ eyes looked different than the previous Tsubasa arts.


  4. Yo, Chibi-Yuuto!!

    Nice short commentary report about this latest TRC chapter!! First of all, nice splash page featuring the two Syaoran~!! ^o^ OH!! I was so shocked, surprise, and pissed off that Fei Wong Reed use Kyle-sensei as a decoy. Yes, it seemed that it was way too easy… *nods*

    I love how Xing Huo’s purpose was to “be the one who will send real!Syaoran to Yuuko” and how Kyle’s purpose was to “be the one to die in FWR’s place”.

    That is so definitely true, dude!! Definitely agree with you on that one, ne!

    Oh man, I hope that Syaoran will definitely bring down this jerkweed once and for all!! Damn him! >.< He's got rage in his eyes!
    KICK ASS, SYAORAN!!! *pumps fist*

    Ja ne, Chibi-Yuuto!
    Nyanko-san ^__^


  5. *caugh-caugh*
    It’s me? Or the CLAMP are solving all the mess quick and easily??
    The eye: without doubt Fai got it again, but: when he gave the power left in his eye to Yuuko, his eye remained, but now, he get his power AND his eye, wow! o_0
    Kyle: the character that always appeared to dash the group now dies without even a explanation to his existence.
    Clon: Well, i imagine i just acepted it…

    I wonder if they will solve the rest in the same way:
    Sakura: The clon of the clon body and the real frozen, isn`t it?

    In art terms: the chapter was just perfect! There some pages brilliant (evem that one with FWR after Kyle death when you really feel the necesity to kil him there and now it’s a good page). As you said the kyle scene is great…also the solemne look of the first pages.
    I thought too that ’cause of the illness they couldnt make the two colors pages. I hope she gets better^^

    Oh, really, we can say that the fact FWR was dying so easily wasnt possible but, the fact that it was kyle, definitively kills me.
    I envy the way you took the course of the events.

    Wow, with CLAMP you really understant what love and hate at the same time is…


    • >It’s me? Or the CLAMP are solving all the mess quick and easily??

      It’s not you. They are like that! xD They already solved Kyle’s case. All that’s left in his case is to mention what sort of clone he was.

      >when he gave the power left in his eye to Yuuko, his eye remained, but now, he get his power AND his eye, wow! o_0

      Indeed! XDDD But he didn’t give his eye to Yuuko, just the magic. The left eye was was eaten by the clone. Technically it shouldn’t be back O_o But maybe it is so strong that it has returned? xD


  6. the chapter was amazing!, for a moment i thought they have killed FWR, but again is too easy!, but C!syaoran and C!sakura have been killed that easy, so maybe…then again, the next page proved me wrong!
    omg is was KYLE! *le gasp*, i couldn’t believe it! the way he dies ,the blood, it was sooo awesome 8D ,haha that kinda sounds sick XD

    could syaoran finished? he rly seems pissed off :S, but isn’t FWR running away? or he stayed there in front of them @_@


    • I loved all the blood in Kyle’s death too xD

      I think as much as Syaoran is pissed like that (because HE IS), FWR has a plan, and it won’t be easy to finish him off. But maybe if he, Fye and Kurogane unit forces…


  7. About the color pages, the thought came to me that it was because of the whole illness thing but still, I personally believe they reserved those color pages for a further chapter, in which a scene would be really worth showing in color (CCS|SxS intro? *let me dream!*:P).
    FWR seems pretty fine and all happy and smiling, he certainly do not seems like someone cornered or in death danger…anyway, we already now what happens: in a way or another, we get to the infamous ‘tube scene’ and I’m not expecting FWR to die for the moment.


    • If we got only 1 color page here, that means we’ll probably get one more in the middle of this volume =D

      And yeah, the color pages of volume 28 sounds promissing!

      >FWR seems pretty fine and all happy and smiling, he certainly do not seems like someone cornered or in death danger

      *nods* when are going to find out he’s not evil at all? For some reason I don’t think he’ll die.


      • >> If we got only 1 color page here, that means we’ll probably get one more in the middle of this volume =D

        Actually it does ^___^ though the english translation didn’t translate the splash completely but in the Chinese scanlation it does… those red text right above the Tsubasa Logo:

        “The ending for Clow Country Arc is? A must-see color pages within the volume!”
        Well, at least the JPN text is “must read center color” in literal translation. And since there are NO “center” color pages for this chapter, is most probably mean “center” of the volume, right? ^.~


  8. >Face to face with the devil, now it’s for real, end this shit already Syaoran!
    YAH!! 8D haha XD

    i nearly cried at the beginning of the chapter when i saw the splash page. so on, so on, it became predictable…

    thanks for the scans. πŸ˜€ i really enjoyed it today~!… *cries in the corner*


  9. well at least we know Kyle is dead this time for sure (yes i’m happy he’s dead XD)
    and Fye got his eye back πŸ˜€ this was just like the ‘prelude’ for the ‘prelude’ for the end, everyone ready to defeat the bad guy and save the princess XD

    Thank you!


  10. I must say I’m not pleased at all with these change of events, especcially not the one regarding CSyaoran and CSakura! I’m very upset, both sad and angry… I mean why clamp? Are the Sakura and Syaoran we have been following all this time no longer important? It seems to me like they want to practically replace them with the originals and they think that’s okay? Don’t think I don’t like the originals, but the truth is that we don’t know them as well as the other two.
    Why do clamp have to ruin the main plot completly and complicate things so much, I’m so sad right now I can’t write anymore…… T________T Please die quickly Fei Wong…


    • An regarding the front page, yes it was cute but not during these circumstances, not together with this chapter – it was just sad, and well irrtating acctually – like clpam want to tease us…


    • I think it’s not really CLAMP’s fault (I know how weird this may sound).

      But we have a plot and the characters act according to their feelings based on what happens in this plot.

      Sakura had no choice but to protect Syaoran so she threw herself in front of the clone and died in his place. She didn’t want clone to kill Syaoran.

      That’s just one example, of course ^^”


      • Well it clamp who wrote the hole plot though. Anyway I’m just upset that they have killed two of the main characters, that’s alright to sad about isn’t it? And everything bad that has happened is Fei Wong’s fault, urgh I really hate that man ^^; I hope clamp will at least get rid of him somehow…


  11. Eldar

    “I love the scene with Kyle’s death, both the way he dies (his shocking expression and the glasses breaking apart) and how he bends backwards and reveals FWR’s figure. Very nice.”

    Geez, no kidding. At the risk of sounding creepy, it was really cool, beautiful to an extent. I have to admit, though, I NEVER saw that coming. I was getting irritated that it was apparently so easy to kill old butt-chin because it kind of made me feel like Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane and Sakura all suffered needlessly, but that little twist with Kyle was AWESOME. Way to go, CLAMP! *standing ovation*

    Now that Fai has his eye and magic back (YAY!


    • Re: Eldar

      I didn’t think FWR would be defeated that easily, no way, but I never imagined it could be Kyle ^^”

      >that little twist with Kyle was AWESOME. Way to go, CLAMP! *standing ovation*

      *stands along!*

      >I wonder if that means his vampire abilities are completely gone or if he still has both.

      When he was becoming a vampire, Yuuko told him that should he get his eye back, he would stop being a vampire ^_~

      And Mokona is really missing for some good chapters! Lots of people noticed its absence. But I’m sure Mokona’s fine ^^


  12. Wow!That was a surprise!Kyle??!I didn’t expect that at all! His death scene was sooo awesome!8DDDDD
    Hey, maybe it`s just me but….Syaoran looks sooo grown up in the splash page!!O.O He’s been through a lot in this manga, he’s not a kid anymore….otona ni natta!!T.T
    Thank you so much for the scans!! That was great!!! πŸ™‚


  13. WTF?

    That’s not fei wong reed but that fuck doctor!, syaoran and the gang was stab wrong enemy and get fool by fei wong reed, what a bastard old man trying to make syaoran mad and anger!! Maybe stab scene will show up again.. you stab me i stab you huahuahua^^’ that scene totally expensive to me!


  14. I kind of figured it wasn’t really FWR just because Kyle hadn’t shown up yet… as for who he is, I thought he was another Syaoran clone since he looks kinda like Watanuki XD I don’t know whose clone Xing Huo was supposed to be- she looks more like Yuuko but I think it was just Sakuras he was trying to clone- then again, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he were trying to clone Clow Reed or Yuuko…


  15. because everyone has already mentioned everything else I’d say I”m just thinking that perhaps Mokona is hidden in someone’s sleeve like in Celes and he’s dreaming with the other Mokona about new orders from Yuuko. Maybe? She doesn’t just disappear and nothing. No commentary on Mokona about cloney’s death and we know she would have been on the same page as Fai about what he did.



  16. I LOVE THE COLORED COVER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

    Yeah, I didn’t realize that it was Kyle in disguise.

    I kind of don’t get Syaoran’s 3x screaming to “Fei Wong”. My guess that he was angry at the whole clone thing? or it was Kyle who the group killed and not FWR??


  17. *faints*

    The SPLASH page!!!! OMG!!!!!!

    Two Syaorans RAWKS!!!! They look so happy!!! Make them brothers CLAMP!!

    *sequels for brother-love relationship*

    This chapter really makes me happy…

    The Fay-mama saying,

    ‘You coming home, would have been much more better.’

    was so touching…

    And now Syaoran is using Hien!!!

    I love his angry and frustrated face!!!

    Just one thing, where’s MOKONA!!????!!??!

    Gotta dash, I’m gonna be late for my next class…



  18. At first, I was going to give up reading TRC after Clone Syaoran’s death. I didn’t realize that I love the clone couple more than the real one probably because I will never see them again and they are the main characters before the truth was revealed.

    And this chapter really took me by suprise! I never thought that Kyle was a scapegoat for FWR. :O

    Good job, CLAMP. You made me to continue to read TRC till the end. XD


  19. This chapter was really pretty.. and I’m glad Kyle is dead, but I would’ve liked more of a backstory on him, like most people are saying XD And wow, FWR looks like a creepy pervert back there with Sakura in his lap o.O Creeeeeepy.

    Slightly off topic from this chapter, it relates more to the last one.. but after reading the comments, I’m kind of shocked that everyone seems to think that we’ll never see the clones again. When CSakura died she went to the tube, didn’t she? I’m assuming that CSyaoran will somehow get sent to the tube as well, since obviously he DID form his own soul at some point, so even though his body may be gone his soul can still get sent to the tube. And I doubt that the tube scene would happen with CSakura and RSyaoran, that just wouldn’t work. I firmly believe that CSyaoran is going to be in that tube with CSakura. That’s my prediction XD


  20. Well, just because Kyle is dead doesn’t mean we will not see his backstory. I think it will be a part of Fei Wong’s backstory. And maybe Kyle was not a clone, he could have been a follower of FWR : remember the guy in Jade’s country saying that Kyle was defeated (what was he already ? An innkeeper i think). Ah, the sweet old time, when the big bad guy was a mysterious man with interdimensional minions, rather than a Clow-relative and the world’s biggest clone producer…

    Anyway, Chibiyuuto, unlike you I think FWR will die. Certainly, we will learn he had a decent reason who made him fall into madness, but all the things he did cannot be forgiven. He killed too many persons. The best for him would be to repent and seal himself alone in a dimension, but no happy ending for him.

    And with Fye getting his eye back, the “Who’s gonna have a bad end?” question comes back. Unless it was C!Shaolan, but his end was sad rather than bad…


  21. Am I the only one to think that, more than Kyle’s past, it’s the “vampires and hunters” backstory that won’t be told if we are in the final arc?
    Else, we will need a TRC spin-off to clear that… “Tsubasa Reservoir Bonuses”?


  22. Ha! I knew that FWR wouldn’t die that easily, he’s such a coward for hiding in his dimensional hole. A coward like him wouldn’t let himself die just like that, he would definitely find a scapegoat, just like all cowardly villains I’ve seen.

    If I remembered it correctly, FWR had a motive in doing all his wicked, unforgivable acts. What is it? This is the part where I’ve been thinking for a looooooong time.

    Could it be that he wanted to resurrect someone? Maybe it’s Clow Reed!!! Hehehe, it’s just me and my imagination…

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    I really need some advice on writing a good story!!!


  23. The splash page!! *_* Daisuki desu! CLAMP are teasing us, showing us “what could have been” if things were different (i.e. if Syaoran was still alive and FWR was dead…) Fingers crossed for a second colour page later on! πŸ˜€

    omg I so didn’t expect that to be Kyle (I’d forgotten about him lol) but I was worried while reading the majority of the chapter that they were hurting FWR too easily…At first, I thought “damn, so Syaoran died in vain!” because he thought he could at least go knowing he’d harmed FWR. But he also saved RSyaoran’s life so he didn’t die for nothing.

    Fai’s comment “You coming home would have been much, much better.” really got to me T_T And RSyaoran has Hien now! Go kill that s.o.b!! Once again I’m infuriated that FWR has Sakura’s body anywhere near him! And this means he has a hostage!

    I loved the page where all 3 of them are going to FWR and Kurogane says “Draw’em out”.


  24. well,

    kobato is neither shojo or shounen,because it was aimed for the general audience(CARDCAPTOR SAKURA was originally aimed for girls but is also popular on males as well especially on geeks,because of a bit of fanservice) not just one crowd or gender but was put as shounen category because it was once publshed in shonen sunday gx,and it was reserialized in a magaine that both genders read,but this will never happen if Kobato was restarted in Asuka

    The misconception is false that Angelic Layer was their first shounen manga CLAMP started as a shounen mangaka with derayd,but CLAMP does not acknowledge Derayd as their work.


  25. I have a question about the return of Fai’s magic. When Fai first became a vampire, Yuko said “If Fai can get back his stolen left eye, his magic will return. With it he can reject the vampire blood within him.” I assume this means he needs all his magic to be able to reject the vampire blood. But then he gave away the other half of his magic to get Kurogane’s new arm. So when the magic that CSyaoran had was returned, he still wouldn’t have been at full.

    Unless by Fai’s line “So that I could return to normal, you kept using the magic” he is referring to the fact that when CSyaoran used the magic it seemed to increase, as opposed to when Fai was using his remaining magic, it was decreasing. So according to this logic, even though Fai gave Yuko half his magic, what he got back was equal to what he had before, so he was able to reject the vampire blood. Is this how it worked, or am I misremembering things?

    And do you think that the vampire blood was automatically rejected when he got his magic back, and he is now no longer a vampire? Or is it something he will actually have to voluntarily use his magic to do, so at the moment he is still a vampire until he chooses to reject the blood? If it was automatic, it was an awfully smooth transition compared to becoming a vampire. I am inclined to believe he will actually have to use the magic at some point to reject the vampire blood.

    Fai’s line about CSyaoran using the magic purposely to increase it enough for Fai to be able to use it to reject the vampire blood implies that CSyaoran knew that Fai had become a vampire, and that the return of his full magic could reverse that, and he must have been working toward that goal for some time, meaning that he was still concerned about his companions and had intended to help them for awhile now. Am I reading too much into this?

    Oh Clamp, why do you confuse me so?!


  26. I sorta forgot about Kyle… he seemed too lackeyish to be very important, but I guess the general rule with Clamp would probably be to pay attention to detail.

    I really love how Fai has turned out. Kurogane and Syaoran’s developments have been very transparent, but Fai has always been much harder to understand. He’s come a much longer way than Kurogane, I think, especially now that he’s much more open about his feelings.


  27. CRAAAA – ZY…


    Is a showdown between Syaoran and that FWR!!!
    I always waited them to fight!

    And FWR must die!!!!!


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