XXXHOLiC delay due to CLAMP illness

Young Magazine posted today an announcement stating that the reason for the recent postponement of XXXHOLiC’s serialization is due to a sudden illness amongst CLAMP (it’s not said which one of them).

According to the note, XXXHOLiC will resume publication next week (although CLAMP-NET.COM says differently).

Here’s hoping for a quick recovery to CLAMP.

41 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC delay due to CLAMP illness

  1. I just find it a little weird that it’s not said which of the CLAMP girls is sick. It almost gives off the impression it’s something more serious than, say, just a cold or something. De qualquer forma, a Ohkawa eu sei que não foi. Aquela ali não é humana. >___>

    Let’s hope they’ll get better soon. =/


  2. It’s interesting the power that CLAMP has in the manga world. Unless an author is seriously ill, they often have to work through it and still get their chapters out. Examples of this are Akira Toriyama during Dragonball and Masato Kishimoto during Naruto (he hurt his back and had to draw while lying down). The only manga artist I can really think of that takes time off is Ai Yazawa, but that’s because she’s rumoured not to have any assistants and works by herself. She takes two months off a year and the months she doesn’t draw Nana, she works on the tankoubon cover and extra pages.

    Most old-school artists hardly take breaks, but that’s not to judge CLAMP’s work ethics, just how much respect Kodansha has for them.


    • The mangaka of D. Grey-man is taking time off right now because of a wrist injury, I think. (And I’m pretty sure there was another incident a while back when they took a break)


    • Just off the top of my head- I think Detective Conan takes breaks here and there… Skip Beat! which is biweekly takes a 2-week break every few months or so… Though you do have a point, a lot of artists continue their work even if they are ill. I think this kind of attitude is particularly true for Japanese society because people work really hard and for really long hours in Japan… mangakas included!

      CLAMP also does a lot of projects other than Holic if you consider their oneshots and involvement in anime like Code Geass and their own, so it’s no wonder they’re normally so busy, as it is not only manga that they concentrate on…

      I hope none of the CLAMP members are seriously ill, and they’ll all get better soon.


  3. I really hope that it’s not Mokona that’s sick =/ They can’t have breaks in Tsubasa because it has officially reached its “peak time” (aka massive battle scenes that is time consuming to draw). It’ll be hard on her to be sick and draw at the same time. Then again, it could be Nekoi since HOLiC is the one that’s being held.

    I just hope they get better D:

    I’m sorry >.


  4. I hope the one who’s got illness will get better soon.

    Just a curiosity, if one of the CLAMP member is got illness, then why Tsubasa has normal schedule of coming out and not xxxHOLiC? Might be because it’s different publishers, but… Or they finished Tsubasa early? (Sorry for not making sense)


  5. Is it really only XXXHolic that is delayed? Because I did not see spoilers for the upcoming chapter at two different livejournals which usually post them… It’s even stranger considering there are color pages scheduled for chapter 211…


  6. OMG ! O.o It must be INFLUENZA … It has spread out terribly around Japan recently, and it’s in all the news after three people died because of it last week. I hope they take all the rest they need and get well soon -.-


  7. *SMASHES*

    I know people get sick sometimes. But maybe they just needed a break and made that up.

    They could also be having problems with the editor to publish a certain part of the story (like X´s case). X started just like that, with people “getting sick”, until they stopped publshing.

    Well, I should take into consideration that they confirmed health problems in many interviews, and maybe they´re just sick, and in that case let´s wish for their best.

    Let´s wish for their best in both cases, and all cases.

    See ya, Yuuto-san!

    *LONG TIME NO SMASH YOU* – almost forgot what it´s like.


  8. Hi!

    I’m Angie and I discovered your LJ when I wan searching xxxHolic images on Google. I really like your journal and (if you don’t mind) i will add you to my friend-list. Recently, I became a fan of anime and manga especially of the work of CLAMP (my favorites are Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles and xxxHolic).

    Saludos desde Perú 🙂


    • Hi there! Very nice to meet you! Thank you for liking my journal, that makes me very glad !

      And I would be very flattered if you add me to your friend list, please feel free! ^_~



  9. chibiyuuto

    since we are talking about work on hiatus by CLAMP i miss Shin Shunkaden/Legend of Chun Hyang the most.

    i really miss shin shunkaden,i hope they resume shin shunkaden in nakayoshi(kodansha) or LALA(hakusensha,where hanakimi and ouran were serialised),so they can do shin shunkaden but that may require restarting the series altogether.


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