New CLAMP SDs, more

There are new CLAMP SDs on CLAMP-PLA.NET !

First, from the main page:

And these are from each member’s private board:

Cute, aren’t they? xD

Takuya Matsushita, who works at the rights departments at Kodansha and is directly responsible for the Tsubasa & XXXHOLiC OADs project, has updated his column and he reveals that the after-recording (dubbing) sessions of XXXHOLiC Shunmuki #1 has been completed. The first public screening will happen on January 25 at Tokyo Disney’s Cinema Ikspiari.

Also, several online stores are stating that the release date of CLAMP IN AMERICA guidebook has been pushed to October 20.

Quite bad, we’ll have to wait a bit more to read it, but that’s okay if that means time for improvements.

18 thoughts on “New CLAMP SDs, more

  1. Nekoi’s chibis (of herself) never fail to amuse me. She always seems to have more fun than the others. xD

    Darn, I was hoping CLAMP in America wasn’t going to get pushed back. I want!!



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