Holitsuba Gakuen in Magazine Dragon

The raw scans of the much anticipated Holitsuba Gakuen short comic can be found at MangaHelpers!

The magazine goes officially on sale tomorrow.

Fye in a woman’s kimono is LOL! And is it just me or the drawing style looks very shoujo? =D

Thanks clamp_now community for the tip!

EDIT: Scanlations here thanks to !

39 thoughts on “Holitsuba Gakuen in Magazine Dragon

  1. EPIC SPEECHLESSNESS XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD MY GOD, I WANT A FULL TRANSLATION NOW!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I tried to figure out the most of it but my japanese still sucks XD even so, it kills xD It’ obviously pointed at Kuro’s heart XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


  2. Unfortunately, I don’t get japanese.
    But Kurogane’s faces were enought for me to laugh (even though I don’t get what are they talking about)
    Can u explain it to me, if u don’t mind, till I can really watch the traslation?


    • my guess is that they are talking about who gave him this kimono to wear XD I’m not sure but Yuuko is obviously denying i’t not her although she lend that kimono.
      Kurogane is highly concerned over Fai’s (obviously drunk) outfit XDDDD Jealous? Charmed? Caring boyfriend XDDDD LOL.
      Fay is asking on a previous panel do they like it and does it suit him (hell yes! XDDDD)


  3. OH FAY.

    I like Yuui’s comforting pat to Kurogane. It could be interpreted in so many ways, like – “I feel your pain.” or “Hang in there.” Or, or! “Welcome to the family!”


  4. Me again.

    page 1 is mostly about food.
    page 2 is some sort of argument (“why from 1.04 ….”). Yuuko suggest they have a nice time (i have no bloody idea what those 4 kanji mean together).
    page 3 is mostly about how beautiful the kimonos are (duh!). Sakura flirts with Shaoran saying he looks very good. Shao answers it’s his brother who made him wear that outfit. Yuui adds it was his brother too. Sakura is wondering where btw is Fay, when the mentioned jams in in the most perfect wear EVER XD
    page 4 panel 3 is (IF I understood correctly) Fay saying that because he stopped wearing maid costume for Kuropii-sensei (WTF? XD I’m not sure about ι˜»ζ­’γ•γ‚Œγ‚‹), this time he took more careful steps (I really don’t know ^^”)
    Gaaah, give it to someone with more skills XDDD
    page 5 is Shaoron saying HE gave it to Fay.
    Later, I really don’t know, although I should XD


    • Hahahahaha Thank You for the translation!!!! xDDDD
      So… Fai is wearing that Kimono for Kuro-Sensei uh? interesting…. Very interesting.

      Hahaha Shaoron Rules!! I’m such a Fangirl of him! *____*


      • Shaoron Rules!!
        YES XD

        this is the most kurofaish horitsuba up till now (except maybe kuro singing in the bath XD) I mean why would Kuro be so concerned over “that idiot’s” behaviour? XD

        I think he is wearing woman’s kimono so he would not annoy Kuro by wearing maid costume, but he epic-failed xD He MUST be drunk (or madly in love thus blind and deaf).

        I do hope I understood correctly ^^’


  5. asdfgh;;; HORITSUBA *A* Thank you for linking us asdfgh the omake was awesome ;_; I hope someone makes kimono!Fai icons.

    Mokona would’ve had fun drawing all the kimono’s XD


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