New CLAMP SDs, Ohkawa talks Holitsuba

CLAMP-NET.COM has new SDs drawings of the CLAMP members! And I didn’t notice it!!!

Check their PROFILE section for the bigger versions.

We can see Nekoi cut her hair short and on the other hand, Ohkawa has long hair again! *loves her long hair* The new SDs are so squishy XDDDDD

xD Very cool.

Also, today Nanase Ohkawa made a post in her Private Board where she briefly mentions the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC OADs and the Holitsuba Drama CD.



It’s the article from the press conference of XXXHOLiC Shunmuki.
Wah-! Wah-!



There’s also one for Tsubasa Shunraiki.


Wah-! Wah-! Wah-!

I didn’t notice at all.
I deeply apologize for that.

However, everyone from staff and cast seem so energetic.

Well then, let’s not forget about writing the script for the privilege Holitsuba Drama CD as well.
I wonder what story I shall do.

…the amount of twins is becoming embarrassing (laughs).











As you can see, Ohkawa still didn’t start writing the script of Holitsuba. And something tells me we’ll be having another twin in this episode xD


43 thoughts on “New CLAMP SDs, Ohkawa talks Holitsuba

  1. …the amount of twins is becoming embarrassing (laughs).

    NO! SORRY! It is becoming RICULOUS!!!! What will she make now? Sakura twin appearing at the school?


  2. \o/ I hope it’ll be Sakura~ Heh, I was calling her Sayuri because it sounds a bit same and is the name of a flower. But then again they had a Sayuri in one of the Holic Drama CDs so I wonder if they’d use the same name again. Somebody would start thinking it means something. Unless it DOES mean something.

    Yay for the new Horitsuba and the new pictures! /o/


  3. Thanks for the news chibiyuuto *O*
    They SD’s look so cute, altought that rabbit? look a little weird 😛

    More twins!!, maybe we’ll have a mokona twin, XD lol


  4. LOL
    That’s weird, when I try to access, the page is not there… Probably I’ll try again later, for now I will be content looking at your uploaded picture. :p

    Twin? Did she say ‘twin’?? *evil laugh* I love twin! Hehehe…. Holitsuba really should have another Sakura twin else the other syaoran will be lonely. *evil smile*


  5. those pics ARE squishy~! :3 Kawaii desu~! XD

    oh boy… if it’s Sakura twin, then why didn’t Sakura tell Syaoran that…? CLAMP-sama, i wonder how you girls can tell the next story… maybe it’s not bout Sakura twins… maybe Mokona-tachi? Doumeki & Watanuki? Yuuko-san? oh well, one for each Syaoran! haha XD

    Oh gawd, they better NOT call the second one “saKOOra”! D: just… PLEASE!! DX


  6. new sd is so nice!!

    Syaoran Syaoron, Mokona Mokona, Fay Yuuy… next is… maybe Sakura Sakura?? (lol) Anyway, I cannot wait for new Horitsuba.


  7. もっと前に「ツバサ・春雷記」の記事もあるっ。
    There’s also an article for Tsubasa Shunraiki before that! (I think you didn’t translate “もっと前に”)


  8. Well good for Ohkawa for admitting that she has too many twin characters! But just because she owns up to it, doens’t mean that she’s going to stop! X3 I’m also betting on there being a Sakura twin appearance.
    Either way, I’m SO happy that there’s going to be another Horitsuba!


  9. Maybe the “twin” is Haruka? After all, he looks jsut like Doumeki. And it would be kind of hilarious to see Watanuki confronted with two Doumekis but only getting along with one of them .

    Then again I could be wrong. It might be another Sakura. Dunno what her name would be though.


  10. Finally! I hope Clamp wont repeat the mistake they did in Tsubasa and xxxHolic at first it appeared as good idea, both series have been a great fanservice with a lot of crossover, however they couldn’t control the plot the series went downhill when they overused the “clone” as deus ex machina, the last volumes really drag I couldnt even differentiate who is who.

    I used to love Clamp fanatically, but after reading tsubasa’s ending, it vaporized like never existed -.-.


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  12. Wishing CLAMP members for health. Hope they would be more healthier when they are able to return to work full time.


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