Follow-up to CLAMP’s sickness follow-up

A week ago I made a post supposedly revealing which member of CLAMP was sick. By then we thought it was Tsubaki Nekoi but a reader has approached me to inform that there was a mistake in the translation.

I asked the original translator to take a look at the translation and indeed there was a mistake.

Around the same time, Nanase Ohkawa made a post in her Private Board clearly revealing that she was the one who got sick.

Just to clarify the “CLAMP’s sickness” subject once and for all, we apologize for any inconvenience =)

You can read the post where she talks about her illness after the cut.


I rested quite a bit.

Though I was stumbling for a while with bad health,
I somehow managed to recover.

Please continue to look after me.

There really are so many people who are catching cold.
There may be the influenza,
But everyone, please take care of your health.

Of course, though you can avoid germs and viruses, you can’t escape them, right. (laughs)







Thanks usomitai for the translation!

Also, while I was away during these last few days, the official website of the Tsubasa and XXXHOLiC OADs was updated with screencaps of both, make sure to check them out!

Honestly I thought the caps of XXXHOLiC look much, much better than Tsubasa’s, a real disappointment to me because I expected all 4 episodes to have equal animation quality.

A few updates about the OADs production now. The latest entry of the production diary informs that the storyboard of XXXHOLiC Shunmuki Part 2 is being done, they received Ohkawa’s final script in the end of the previous year.

On the other than, Takuya Matsushita of Kodansha wrote in his latest column at CLAMP-PLA.NET that the after-recording sessions of Tsubasa Shunraiki Part 1 has ended safely in the past week.

The first OAD, XXXHOLiC Shunmuki Part 1, comes out next week on February 17.

29 thoughts on “Follow-up to CLAMP’s sickness follow-up

  1. I honestly don’t get this: how come the animation is worst in Tsubasa than in xxxHolic if it’s by the same studio? God…I’m so tired of Tsubasa always being the one with the worst animation, no matter which studio. Not enough that they skipped Infinity and Celes (both having CRUCIAL moments in the story)…now this. It’s just depressing…orz


    • Well, Tsubasa isn’t always the one with the bad animation, there were some horrible XXXHOLiC anime episodes too, LOL.

      It’s really sad, but if it makes you feel better (to me it just doesn’t, though), I think part 2 will have better animation.

      People are f*cking financing the production of these OADs, they should have more respect with the audience.


  2. Shame U_U

    Are they trying to save cost?! or what? halo please make the animation good quality! who wants to see horrible animation. Why I’m feel so shame because my favorite anime is rated 100% worst.. hope the tsubasa fan don’t black list tsubasa.


  3. I think the difference in quality is probably cuz HOLiC is easier to animate. It’s Seinen, and the colors are softer and ‘creepier’. Tsubasa’s a shonen, so they have to go for an action-y color scheme and work in a lot more lights and tones.


  4. I thought Tsubasa’s screencaps look fine. Not as good as xxxHOLiC, and certainly some shots were awkward, but still fine.

    I guess it’s really the monotony of the background in the pics. It seems so empty and dull, and of course, some characters look kinda awkward.

    Well, at least xxxHOLiC has nice animation! 😀 That’s the only one I’m looking for actually. (Well I’m looking forward to Tsubasa, but not as much as HOLiC)


  5. i agree that TRC’s caps look worse than Holic. unfortunately, TRC’s caps don’t have the brilliance that the first OVA had. it’s really noticeable in their faces xD

    also, i still haven’t gotten used to TRC!Seishirou’s appearance. x_x;


  6. oh so that makes much more sense. :O hopefully nanase ohkawa-san gets well soon…

    > Honestly I thought the caps of XXXHOLiC look much, much better than Tsubasa’s, a real disappointment to me because I expected all 4 episodes to have equal animation quality.

    WORD! =/ i thought so too… i mean, look at Seishirou!


  7. You’re right that Holic looks so much better than Tsubasa always. I don’t know why, but it seems that they always make Holic better. Could it be the fighting sequences and all that?

    Now it’s strange that it was Ohkawa the one sick, considering she writes both stories and yet Tsubasa was released as usual. And Mokona not appearing for several chapters seemed to indicate it was Nekoi the one who was sick. I read the other post and about the translation, but it’s still a mystery how can that be. Anyway, I hope none of them will get sick again.


  8. …i just realized, while the website is loading on The Tsubasa said Fai shows up first then Kurogane and then Sakura and Cloney….

    Kurogane has two arms. Even though it’s the same pose we see him in when they are all thinking about Sakura’s death and having flashbacks, Kurogane’s left hand is there…people are gonna be mad…



      I am REALLY hoping that was just an “oopsie” on the part of the person who did the website design and NOT an indication that they edited out Kurogane’s recent amputee status.


      • yea…as i said, there will be mad people if that isn’t an incorrect image.
        It’s a big part of their relationship for Kuro to chop his arm of to save Fai. And that is also why gives up his magic to! COME ON it’s important T-T


        • In the screencap on the site Kuro’s yukata is sliding off of one shoulder like it would if he didn’t have his arm, and also on the site he’s standing kind of like he did in the manga…so I’ve got my fingers crossed. I was sad enough that we were going to get the Celes arc (I really, really wanted to see the scene where Kurogane chopped his arm off animated).


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