TRC 212 !

Scans available at ladydarkmoon and at The Room of Requirement too.

Even though I saw this chapter earlier today, I only noticed now that Sakura is crying in the splash page =/

So OMG Tokyo? I mean, what do you mean? O____o

Fei Wang said that the logic/principle of the world is starting to crumble thanks to the events that Syaoran and the others went through in each world. And more, they are affecting not only the present (or in Shurano’s case, the future) but also the past!

Wait a minute, does that mean Clow is the past of Tokyo? O____________o That’s the impression I got… Fei Wang is making a lot of comparisons like both countries being deserts with a precious water reservoir underneath a pair of towers. So, something that they did in Tokyo affected its past, that is Clow?

I got it all wrong xDDD With the help of my readers I realized that it’s actually the other way around: Tokyo is Clow’s past! Makes sense because Sakura dropped a feather there and now there is a feather in Clow!

Or was it because the world’s logic is starting to crumble that Clow became Tokyo’s past?

That’s very crazy… but if the first scenario is the right one, then Tokyo has been Clow’s future all along? Oh my god, think about this twist. Remember the egg? It came from Tokyo, hummmmmm.

But remember when Yuuko said that in Tokyo there were no kinds of magic? However, in Clow we do have the priest’s magics, so I’m very confused here.

Once again I’m lost, I don’t know what’s happening, and I thought things would be clearer from now on =_= But I’m loving Tokyo’s importance to the plot XD And isn’t it a perfect timing to finish the vampire sub-plot? Oh wait a minute, haven’t the twins left Tokyo?

16 pages, CLAMP? This volume is totally going to have 10 chapters again xD

71 thoughts on “TRC 212 !

  1. Lol, I actually think Tokyo is the past version of Clow country. You see, there wasn’t a feather in Clow when the group began their journey, but once they arrived in Tokyo, Sakura left one there, thus changing the “past” (Tokyo) and the “future” (Clow) by consequence – which is where they are now. This is CLAMP, though, so of course I could be wrong. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


    • Hummm.. I never thought through that point of view, you could be very right. I guess I was influenced by Tokyo having buildings and being more advanced (in technology, I mean) than Clow, so I immediately concluded that Tokyo came after Clow (because it does look like a primitive country!).

      But it’s definitely a possibility!


  2. Actually, is the other way around ^^ Acid Tokyo is the past of Clow Country
    and here’s my little explanation I made [in the forum] of what I believe FWR’s monologue mean:

    With the world/logic crumbling and such [*note* is possible that the origin of Clow Ruin is changed due to this time/space distortion]:

    The creation of Clow Ruin is due to C|Sakura’s left over feather. And Yuuko must have something to do with that feather because Yuuko gave Fuuma that “special” container, so that the feather cannot be sense and that C|Sakura’s decision to leave that feather behind for Acid Tokyo is no coincidence but hitsuzen.

    In which, as time goes on, Acid Tokyo Tower with the help of the feather, both the water and the “building” are safely protected and wouldn’t be affected by all the surrounded acid rain. And after years and years later, acid Tokyo no longer have acid rain… in which that’s how it slowly developed into what is now called “Clow Country”.

    But I agree… Making “time/space distorted” Clow Country = Acid Tokyo’s future is DEEFINITELY not expected at all :O


    • Hummm, yeah, it could totally be! Sakura left there in the past, so in the future the feather would appear there as well! But the container is still a mystery since like you said, Mokona wasn’t able to sense the feather. So what happened to the container now?


  3. I agree that Acid Tokyo is Clow Country’s past.

    And I was gobsmacked when I read the chapter this morning. I literally just stared at the screen with my mouth hanging open going ‘Wow, just…wow…brava, CLAMP!’.

    They seriously surprised me with that plot twist. I think it beats anything else they’ve done in the manga-even the clones.


    • Some people are saying that it’s actually the other way around. Tokyo is Clow’s past. Which makes a lot of sense too! More than Clow being Tokyo’s past. I’m starting to change my mind xD


  4. I was shocked about Tokyo, too. And like the first commenter and others said, I heard that Tokyo is Clow’s past or something. Hehe… I noticed right away that Sakura has tear in the cover!


  5. I don’t really get it…

    I think Clow is Tokyo’s future now XDD who knows? He said something about names but I don’t really get that part XDD.

    I don’t really care as long as Kamui and them shows up again~!!!


      • Actually, I saw someone make the comment on maybe they mean names. As in the naming themes are similar, which made sense to me.

        My mind is kinda broken, but I got it. Stared in shock in the screen for ten minutes, but XD What I don’t understand is the people who were saying it’s X/1999!Tokyo. Just… um, no. It seems pretty clear they meant Acid. Though yes, waaaay too many Japan-ish worlds floating around. Or at least enough to confuse the fans XD On the other hand the number of clamp series stuffed in the main Tokyo makes my head hurt. Is holic/LD/CCS in that main chunk too…? Someone needs to do a chart @_@


  6. Yeah, I have to agree with everyone else, that Tokyo is Clow country’s past; it would make a lot of sense as to why there’s now a feather in Clow country. Oh man Clamp.


  7. When I first read the chapter I was really lost, but now it starts to make sense. Now that I think of it, if Acid Tokyo is Clow Country’s past, that would explain why when C/Shaoran met Seishirou as a child in Clow, Seishirou wanted an ancient book about vampires. Probably the book said something about what happened in Acid Tokyo.
    This chapter sort of reminded me of Planet of the Apes.


  8. WTH.

    *brain cracks*

    Well I think Clow country is actually the future of Acid Tokyo.

    It does makes sense if you put it that way…

    The desert country is what’s left of the polluted past.

    The sacred water reservoir is being treasured and protected by the people was their ancestors’ believe being passed down.

    The country’s language – Nihongo, was still being use, means that their ancestors speak Nihongo!! (I’m a genius!! I’ve been wondering why are they’re using Japanese NAMES!! (Sakura, Nadeshiko, Fujitaka and etc)I can understand their conversation’s in Japanese coz it’s a manga, but names?? lol And keigo!! That’s a special term in Japanese!)

    The wing-pillars, they represent the Tokyo-something-something-building!! Someone built it to protect the precious water reservoir and the feather.

    The sand-storm that keeps preventing the archeologist team to explore deeper into the building. Someone must have done that to protect the feather!

    Like Touya once said, the sand-storm seems to be protecting something from being discovered.

    The feather must have saved those people and they have never been able to return it to Sakura. So they kept it deep in the water reservoir as a token of appreciation and to protect it from being misused!!

    And the clean water, someone/something (the feather?) must have purified them!! And that’s why they have the tradition of purification like the one Sakura went through (dunnoe how to put it in words)and have the priestess to have the ability of purifying water!!

    So, now the feather’s roles turn up again instead of being just the reason Syaoran had to travel through dimensions to collect it. And Kamui and Subaru aren’t just sub-plot!!!

    Gah. Never thought of making these connections…

    Sorry for my ramblings…

    *finds glue to mend brain*


  9. OMG, it’s so funny. Yesterday before I read the chapter, I was rewatching the OVAs and I saw the end when they left the feather in Tokyo. I was wondering what was going to happen with that feather now that they weren’t collecting them and stuff. Then I read the ch. and I couldn’t get it, but thanks to all your comments, it’s finally making some sense. Tokyo being Clow’s past makes more sense than the other way around.


  10. But what about other Tokyos?

    Seeing as this hasn’t been brought up yet, what about other versions of Tokyo (like the one Syaoran comes from). It seems to me that we’re just going to have to wait it out for Clamp to finally come clean… again. We should be used to it now though, n’est-ce pas?


    • Re: But what about other Tokyos?

      that was my initial response to it to, but to follow along with the still pending endings it seems more likely that we’re going back to X’s characters and the Vampire Twins for a bit. All meetings, no matter how short they may seem are a part of hitsuzen, as Yuuko would say. We could all be wrong about our speculations though.


  11. I think it’s highly possible that Acid Tokyo is the past of Clow Country. Syaoran said that there couldn’t have been a feather “back then” because there really wasn’t, but by going to Acid Tokyo, the “past” of Clow country, Sakura left behind a feather to continue to protect the Tocho-building. It’s possible that the people could have built the current ruins as we see in Clow Country over the Tocho-building to resemble wings (because of the feather). And over the years Tokyo has become a desert land. Hmm… makes me wonder if Acid Tokyo Tower just corroded into nothing since the feather from there was brought over to the other building. Maybe the Clow Country’s palace is built over where it used to be xD


      • Eheh, don’t worry, when I first read it I thought it was the opposite too, since Clow Country seems so… regressed/not-as-modernized compared to Acid Tokyo. But then thinking about the state that Acid Tokyo was left in, it could have became whatever Clow Country is now—haha, kinda like Final Fantasy X where the past high-tech-Zanarkand got reduced into a pile of debris in the present.

        Mmmm as for the non-magic vs magic thing, it still confuses me of what couod have made it occure; like Sakura dropping the feather in Acid Tokyo led to the presence of a feather in Clow; but then Clow Country’s always had magic so maybe over hundreds or thousands of years those with magical abilities are born? Lol all this dimensional traveling resulting in crumbling of time confuses me so much.


        • > since Clow Country seems so… regressed/not-as-modernized compared to Acid Tokyo. But then thinking about the state that Acid Tokyo was left in, it could have became whatever Clow Country is now—haha, kinda like Final Fantasy X where the past high-tech-Zanarkand got reduced into a pile of debris in the present.

          Exactly! ^_~


  12. To agree with everyone else, and to add to everything….

    Thousands of years had to go by in order for Tokyo to become Clow Country, but now that i just went back and read one of the Acid Tokyo chapters I realized that we really didn’t know what two futures Yuuko was talking about in chapter 135. Now, thinking about it with all we know, it could be the future existence of Clow Country, and Watanuki. Had Sakura not made the choice to drop the feather into the water (leading to people careing for that thing which a girl would eventually return to retreave, which would lead to a possible shrine later in history) and had the others not chosen to go with her Clow Country would possibly not exist. Everything is tied together if we’re all right about Tokyo -> Clow Country

    Whatever clamp does now it’ll lead to something interesting in X and it’s fanbase, because this tokyo we see could be the after effects of the ending of that story, we don’t know how time has elapsed or how that really ends…but since it’s ClAMP all twists are possible.


    • That’s a very complicated issue, when we deal with time.

      We don’t know if Clow country wouldn’t exist had Sakura not dropped the feather in that reservoir. Technically, on Chapter 1 they haven’t been in Tokyo yet, and yet Clow exists. But you could always say that that had already happened in the past. It’s a very delicate matter when we deal with time.


      • Back to the Future is a good example of what we are experiencing

        it already happened, because them of the future already went to the past. actually Harry Potter 3 is an example of this to.

        Time is tricky for Holic to. My theory still stands that Watanuki is living with Yuuko during the events of cloesly after the events of CCS. Before Sakura/Shaoran had Jr. Why? Because

        We saw that Watanuki towards the begining of the seires in like book 3 went to the Green Drugstore from Legal Drug, and we later saw Kobato visit Granny (who now has Kohane in xxxholic) and later visit the Green Drugstore where Touya was doing a part time job >.< (Yes, clamp likes linking EVERYTHING) I figured, that the time laps is different. Like maybe they are in the same world, just not the same frequency of time. The house Kobato visited of Granny's is the house Yuuko eventually finds when they are looking for the fortune teller, Granny didn't have Kohane around yet, because when Kobato passes by Granny asks for help moving a plan into the house.

        Touya is probably still in high school during this clip, but the guys from Legal Drug are in the store, so I'm assuming that Watanuki's stay with Yuuko actually puts Watanuki's existance in the world a bit earlier than Shaoran being born. When Yuuko removed him from the picture even though he was supposed to fill the Shaoran void, he was there to fit into the spaces Shaoran left even in Yuuko's existence. We have the initial meeting between Yuuko and either boy, and then Shaoran's wish to return to the first moment along with Watanuki's recovery from falling out the window. Same person, different age, because the timing is off.

        It's very likely that the feathers compleatly threw off time for a lot of worlds. It slightly puts my OTP in jepordy, but still.


      • I think Clow Country is destinied to exist as future of Acid Tokyo, till now we just saw two diffrent versions of the Acid Tokyo future: chap 01 – before there journey there was no water under the ruins because sakura did’t dropped her feather in the reservoir.
        right now we see the future Acid Tokyo with sakuras feather in the reservoir, thus their journey changed the past and the reservoir exisists in clow.
        i guess Clow Country will allways exisist the way it does, the only difference is the water reservoir unterneath the ruins.

        think back to Shara/Shura arc. Shara remains the future of Shura – the difference between Shara 1 ans Shara 2 is more significant: due to CSyaorans and CSakuras the journey past Ashura O and Yasha O are workshiped together thus there is no war in Shara.


  13. I was incredibly tired when I read this and was like “UH?!?”

    It’s fascinating that when, at least me, thought everything was seen, they pull something out of their… hat with the Tokyo bit. Can’t wait for the next chapter.


    • I must have been completely absent-minded too because I got it all wrong, LOL

      It’s Tokyo the past of Clow, not the other-way around. The high-tech buildings must have confused me XD


  14. At first, I was like: “what did FWR means?” I even had to look at the previous pages to get his idea. But when I finally understand, I was like, “I can’t believe it!” but what is the meaning of this event? Do u(the people who commented before me) really think that Clow Country’s past is Tokyo? Coz it kinda make sense! I really can’t wait for the next chapter!!!


  15. I agree with the people above and I said so to a friend, they went to PAST, Tokyo is Clow’s past?? Or they went to another world’s past??? A part of that LOL! Clamp, you have no sense at ALL!!! I want whatever Ohkawa smokes…..


  16. >And isn’t it a perfect timing to finish the vampire sub-plot?

    Ohh please!! Let it be that way!!!8D
    I want to see my boys showing up once again before the end!!! (Kamui-Fuuma-Sei-chan-Subaru-kun please)

    Thank you so much for the scans ๐Ÿ˜€
    Oh! and I’m so glad you had such a great time in the concert!! And wow, you were so close to her!!So cool! รฑ.n


  17. Eldar

    Man, when I first read this chapter I think my brain died. I absolutely loved the twist since it caught me completely off-guard, but I’m still very confused. However, it’s great to hear everyone’s ideas, especially the possibilities that Clow is Tokyo’s past or vice versa. Now that I sit here and think about it seems like that might be the case. My imagination was so drained at this point I couldn’t think of any possibilities so… thanks to Chibi and everyone else who mentioned ideas!

    “16 pages, CLAMP?” Seriously… *beats head on desk* The Queens of angst, plot twists and cliffhangers strike again! ๐Ÿ˜›


    • Re: Eldar

      Yeah, my readers must be right ! It’s the other way around, Tokyo is the past of Clow ^_~

      I was totally caught off-guard too, never ever expected that. Ohkawa you’re a genius!


  18. Kaien*

    I’ve been waiting for a long long time when vampire twins show up,
    since TRC had started…
    That’s why I read TRC.
    I know that I’m a crazy X fan- ToT
    I can’t help it…


  19. This is very confusing, and exiting, I wonder what will happen from now on… So if your right Clow is the past/or future of Tokyo, that’s a high possibility. Either way the worlds are connected somehow.

    I still wonder how Clow Reed became Sakura and Touya’s dad instead of Fujitaka, has that been explained yet? If so I totally have missed it.


  20. “But remember when Yuuko said that in Tokyo there were no kinds of magic? However, in Clow we do have the priest’s magics, so I’m very confused here.”

    Regarding the magic stuff, I would’nt be that concerned.

    Remember! Both sides of the gangs, Kamui’s and Fuuma’s, had people that could see the future.

    What if they passed down there Dream Seeing abilities- and as the generations continued it blossomed into a royal family?


  21. Seeing the Tocho at the end of the chapter made go =O *shocked face*

    I’d agree this is a good point to try and resolve the vampire subplot… especially after such a long build up to this moment.


  22. I think you are forgetting about the egg

    When the group arrived to Tokyo there already existed a purifying protecting object (the egg). That is all that was needed for the reservoir to exist without a paradox in time (like we need more).

    It could be that someone found it and raised it like Watanuki did, thus giving birth to magic in that country and making it possible to protect the water. The words that Yuuko said at the end of Tokyo arc are very interesting. She said that many things were destroyed but also many things are born from the destruction. She advised the x group to “mend the world”. Also in chapter 129 Subaru says something about Yuuko telling him about that event when he started to travel between dimensions.

    Then as time passed, someone wrote a book about vampires that Seishirou went to look for when he arrived in Clow. And as the feathers were still inside Sakura, that version of Clow country had no water reservoir, only dry ruins. But then what happened with the egg?

    CLAMP broke my brain again.

    … very interesting indeed



    • Re: I think you are forgetting about the egg

      or it could be another paradox for xxxholic?

      Doumeki places the egg at the certain place and its revealed that Yuuko’s Tokyo is the past of Acid Tokyo? =D


  23. They’re are giving so much importance to tokyo so they can have a Three way ending… Xxxholic, tsubasa and X

    ok no… just a crazy theory xD

    I don’t know how they’ll stretch the series so long (and not making it boring) so they can have the ovas and 3 volumes more o.o


  24. Oh my god! I don’t believe it! I REALLY wasn’t expecting that! It does sort of figure though, although it is a really strange twist. In that case maybe Sakura could be descended from one of the characters they met in Tokyo (like Kamui and Subaru,LOL)? If so, I’d really be interested to find out!


  25. Which Clow?

    Everyone’s right about Clow being Tokyo’s future instead of the past. That’s what was hinted in the chapter at least. But the question is, which Clow country? Has anyone noticed that we’ve known TWO different Clow countries so far?

    The one the clone lived in had ruins which were being excavated because no one knew what was in there. There was no water, nothing but strange writing in it and sandstorms that prevented people from approaching. There was no king Fujitaka and queen Nadesico, only king Clow and archaeologist called Fujitaka.

    Later on, when Jr. told his story, we met a different version of Clow country, in which the ruins were used as a sacred purification place where there was protected water, with even a waterfall that we can see! And the rulers were king Fujitaka and queen Nadesico. The ruins were visited as often as they liked, no sandstorms to prevent from entering them. Sakura went every day for purification during the ceremonies.

    Then Jr. made his “once more” wish and bang! We have another Clow country for the clone with bare ruins and protective sandstorms. So my question is, which Clow country’s past is Acid Tokyo? So far, this are the two futures I see Yuuko always talks about. I hope they are not, but that’s all I have right now.


  26. I’m gona comment on something that everyone here seems to have forgotten, though it is kinda minor compared to the Tokyo-Clow revelation. Syaoran didn’t garb her stupid hand! >.< Darn CLAMP. Build up all that stuff about how he changed everything and paid for it with the price and with torturing himself over it for years, and in the end he MISSES the chance AGAIN. T.T

    Really didn't expect the Tokyo connection. It took me a while because after reading the chapter my brain died. But I think you guys are right with the "Tokyo is Clow's past" theory. But I'm not even gona go near the discussion about X fitting into this. Way too confusing. Let's just hope this means they are hinting to us that they will finish X soon (and Legal Drug plz…)


  27. wait wait wait, but this Tokyo doesn’t look like Acid!Tokyo…it looks normal to me….isn’t Yuuko and the rest of the Holic gang in Tokyo? Is this were the two series come together?


  28. sakura’s feather!!

    well, this is just my little theroy of tsubasa..(based on the CLOW=acid toyko’s future)
    maybe the feathers that throw in the reservoir in acid tokyo and the feathers mokona sensed in Clow is’s old memory (her love) to c.syaoran? becoz the feathers in acid tokyo is really very
    strong ‘which can protect whatever is arond it’ this strong feathers must be a really important memory of!! what if yuuko take memory to syaoran from kuro mokona and change it into feather? and then put or use magic in present tokyo(since i think present tokyo future= acid tokyo) and then that feather wait until the tsubasa gang come and finally throw it to the reservoir? and now mokona sense it! maybe it’s the power that FWR want to get in the Clow’s ruin to fullfill his wish?
    sorry for the long rubbish XD i have never write anything in here but it’s a very big discovery for me! hope you enjoy it~ by ying


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