CLAMP’s New Year

First post of 2009! What an honor! xD 2009 is already among us, let’s hope for the best!

And on this first day of the new year, I bring CLAMP new year’s messages taken from their private boards.

New Year…

Happy New Year.

This year CLAMP’s life as creators reaches its 20th anniversary at last.

My best regards this year too.

This year we welcomed the new year at Ohkawa’s place. I had taken a short nap, but I woke up just in time to see the new year’s arrival (laughs).

Thank you everybody for sending e-mails with new year’s greetings. We will answer later.

PS: She had written that this year she would become 40 years old, but she edited the entry later xD








2009 arrived.

This year marks our 20th debut anniversary, working as creators.

To those who are close to us,
And those who we have not seen in a while,
All of our meetings have been treasures.

We will try our hardest this year as well,
so everyone, please take care of us.

To everyone, I hope that 2009 will be the utterly most happiest year ever.






2009 begins

Happy New Year!

Sorry for saying something so ordinary.

A new year is starting.
I think we all have our own kind of year, but I hope this one will be good for everyone.

Let’s treat each other well.






New Year

Happy New Year!!

And so I spent the last day of the month, and the year, with food at *Nanako-boss’ house.

It looks like it’ll be a good year.

I hope everyone has a good year!

* That’s how she refers to Ohkawa, sometimes xD





Big thanks to usomitai‘s kind help with the translations!

Too bad they broke the tradition this year by not doing any drawings with the chinese year animal (this is the ox year in the chinese horoscope).

romanchan let me know about a couple of things I would like to share.

The first is a review of MUTUALITY: CLAMP works in CODE GEASS artbook. I haven’t seen anywhere where you can download the full artbook (if you have, please let me know!_ but in this review there are a few pages in huge resolution (just download the 320 MB zip file).

The other thing is a trailer of Card Captor Sakura Blu-ray box that was shown in Comiket last year, the quality is not the best since it was cam-recorded.

The Clow arc will be released in March and Sakura arc in June.

19 thoughts on “CLAMP’s New Year

  1. Best wishes to CLAMP-sama~!! Happy 20th anniversary! (that’s a very cute mokona pic! >///< kyaa!)

    It's an honor to see that you made your first post in 2009! XD again, Happy 2009! may the rest of the year become a busy, no, fun adventure! XD


  2. So cute their messages, especially Mokona’s. Nanako-Boss hahahaha so kawaii.
    It’s pitty that They didn’t draw an Ox drawing, it’s my chinese zodiac sign and I would like to have seen an ilustration of Doumeki with Ox’s Hornes, or Kuro-sama.


  3. Wow happy new year!!! for you chibiyuuto fr Clamp sama and hers 20th anniversary and 40 b-day this year

    well i will be there soon too ;___________; at least in 3 years i will be in good company !!


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