From Ohkawa’s Private Board

This post has no news appeal, it is the latest entry Ohkawa wrote in her Private Board that I found very amusing and funny.

It’s not foreshadowing or revealing (who knows?) but I thought it was interesting to post xD

Dream Talk

Today I had a very weird dream.

I was in the middle of a Tokyo Babylon live action adaptation, I was making an original setting without any scripts.

Seishirou-san had retired from being an assassin to become a comedy actor (laughs).

Then, seeing this, I was criticized by my own mother on why on Earth I didn’t write a script (why that?)

Anyway, I’m glad it wasn’t the first dream of the year (laughs).







Special thanks to Sakura84-chan, for the translation!

Funny, isn’t it? XDDD

Her willingness to write a live action script gets mixed in her own dreams xD Let’s hope you eventually get to write it for real, the live action adaptation that you want so much, Ohkawa ♥

EDIT: Just a reminding, there is a (very rare) Tokyo Babylon live action adaptation released in the early 90s written by Ohkawa herself, but she always wanted to write the script for a movie or a TV Drama (live action adaptation in general) and she recently expressed that desire again in the last episode of CLAMP’s radio show.

30 thoughts on “From Ohkawa’s Private Board

  1. Seishirou-san had retired from being an assassin to become a comedy actor

    LOLOLOL XD Though I was under the impressin there was a live action adaption of Tokyo Babylon. What’s up with that? =O

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. huh… a comedy actor? well, i thought he got a fresh start of that in the manga already! (he always make me laugh XD)

    yah i heard of that live action movie but i watched it RAW. ;_; have you ever seen the subbed version of it?


  3. Hoe~~ would be very interesting if we actually have the live action XDDD Go go CLAMP! Make the dream come true!
    Or at least part of the dream come true. ^^;; I wouldn’t want Seishirou turned into comedy actor. ROF LOL


    • >Or at least part of the dream come true. ^^;; I wouldn’t want Seishirou turned into comedy actor. ROF LOL

      Word on that! XD Part of the dream!
      Although we already had TB adaptation, I would like to see something new ^^


  4. what a funny and curious dream! thanks for sharing it with us! xD I always enjoy when you post their interesting posts in their private boards, thank you very much for having been sharing with us all this time! *infinitely grateful* sometimes I disappear and leave no comments cuz schools leaves me with no time, but I always keep on reading your journal : ) I always get a good read here, thank you so much chibiyuuto-san!!


    • Wahhh you’re welcome! I can’t post all of their entries because I can’t afford so many translations, but I always post the most interesting ones (although that’s relative, I post what I think it’s interesting ^^;)

      Thank you for always following my journal, even when you’re busy! Means a lot to me!!

      Good luck with your studies, do your best!!


  5. Sei-chan as a comedy actor is actually possible! He already makes everything hilarious xD

    The thing to consider here is why in her dream she didn’t make the script this time? And her mother is complaining as well! Perhaps some regret from the odd live action in the 90’s.

    Thanks for posting the dream! It’s worth it ^^


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