Picture from CARDLAND Talk Show

While surfing on CLAMP in CARDLAND’s official website I came upon this tiny picture of CLAMP’s Talk Show from the Tokyo event:

From left to right, we have: Mokona, Tsubaki Nekoi (sporting her new, shorter haircut), Satsuki Igarashi and Nanase Ohkawa (with a very p!nk dress xD). In this picture they are talking about a card of Fye and Primera.

I have the impression this picture was there for some days now, but I only found it now xDD At least we have a picture! ♥

There are other pictures from the Osaka convention here, but so far no pictures of CLAMP’s Talk Show from that day.

The winners had their favorite cards signed by the CLAMP members, like this one:

19 thoughts on “Picture from CARDLAND Talk Show

  1. O-omg that card, I want that card. And that giant card in the background O.O

    Ahhh I wish people would make icons out of CLAMP faces… as in, the memebers.

    CLAMP is stylish as always 🙂 not that I can really see them properly XD
    not exactly relevent but the dude sitting closest to the camera has his tag out


    • I did once a “LOL” icon with Ohkawa laughing XD I had to replace it though =/ But I agree, there should be more XD

      >not exactly relevent but the dude sitting closest to the camera has his tag out

      LOL! At first I thought you were right, but looking closely, it’s actually his shirt’s pattern ^^


  2. O.O I soooo want that card….”signed by CLAMP-san ne…” *_* I really wish they would go an event where I could possibly see them, even from VERY far away…but I live in the UK. They’d probably go to the U.S. T.T (What’s ‘CLAMP in America’ in the updates section? Are they going there in the summer?!)


  3. Walla

    Man!, hei alex, are you thinking to go there(america) is a good chance you know! you a big clamp fan! save your money and walla you will reach your dreams! Oh Man alex gonna see clamp in America I’m so jealous dude!

    Maybe you get faint when see them four ^^’


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