CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 Report (Updated)

The two-day event CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 took place in Ikebukuro (Tokyo) this weekend, on the second day, the XXXHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD had its first screening and a CLAMP Talk Show was held. There are several reports spread around the internet from the people who managed to go.

Here is a summary of the highlights of both days (mild XXXHOLiC manga and OAD spoilers alert).

– Looks like a Yuuko Blythe doll was announced (not sure if it’ll be released in the future);
– Apart from original color art and manuscript, GATE 7 character settings were exposed;
– GATE 7 color illustrations are a mix of analog and digital drawing techniques. CG is used for final touches (as I thought);
– XXXHOLiC Rou Adayume OAD’s length is 20 minutes (Update: this source says 30 minutes or more).
– Looks like the OAD ends in a cliffhanger…

CLAMP Talk Show:

– The final chapter of XXXHOLiC manga readers will feel either “surprised” or “relieved”;
– XXXHOLiC artbook announcement;
– The editors of Jump SQ joined as guests to talk about GATE 7;
– CLAMP are not used to draw GATE 7 yet (because it’s a new work);
– The most difficult one seems to be Chikahito. Hana is the easiest;
Code Geass talk. CLAMP’s original concepts for Boukoku no Akito were shown.


Here are some pictures taken from various sources around the web and twitter (click to enlarge them):

In the pictures above, you can see flowers sent by Sunrise (Code Geass animation studio) and Bandai Visual (the distributor of the majority of CLAMPs anime works).

Nice to have the XXXHOLiC artbook finally announcement!

CLAMP-NET.COM just announced that an official report of CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 will be posted on the website soon!


55 thoughts on “CLAMP@MOBiLE Fes! 2011 Report (Updated)

  1. Now I have really fear…..T__T

    And what means this line? Surprised OR relieved, or means it surprised AND relieved or means it no one of both? Because in my dictionary “either..or..” has different meanings. Q__Q


  2. Maybe Watanuki is really in a dreamworld….but then the legal drug boys have to be in a dream too, and I don´t believe that.xD

    But on the other side, xxxHolic is about THE DREAM OF THE BUTTERFLY. That the dream of the butterfly will be fullfilled etc….hmm…


  3. The final chapter of XXXHOLiC manga readers will feel either “surprised” or “relieved.”

    That’s weird — I feel neither surprised nor relieved by this announcement!

    Here’s hoping someone posts the character settings for Gate 7 soon, since it would be interesting to see if CLAMP included the changes in Hana’s character design. It’s funny that Hana is easier for them to draw than Chikahito, since Mokona has always seemed to have a preference for drawing girls (or girl-like beings). XD


  4. I think CLAMP means both of them, only from another position/standpoint according as what every reader´s especting. Means, some readers will be surprised, but some readers will be not surprised by the ending but relieved that their hopeful theories work out.

    That´s why I think there will be a good ending. 🙂


  5. Surprised or relieved huh well as I have said before he cant end up with yuuko as she is dead and long before Watanuki was even born I think that dream Watanuki is seeing is one she had along time ago the one Haruka san talks about any way all the goods look great thanks for the links.


    • Sorry I am wrong about Yuuko and Watanuki not ending up together this is Clamp it isn’t over until the end but for me no matter what it will be DoumekixWatanuki to me forever.


      • I understand you, it’s the same for me XD But being a DouWata fan or not, it DOES seem rather silly for the story to end with Watanukis death


  6. Ahhh, the suspense is killing me worse then waiting for Tsubasa to end. The hell?!?! Ohkawa-sama better have the most bamf ending ever for Holic! I want to be mind-screwed by Holic, since it hasn’t done that to me at all (while I was repeatedly raped by Tsubasa…) And I want ALL the artwork. Expecially with the Tsubasa gang in all white. NEEEEEED!


  7. Anyway to get these chocolates?

    I’m very interested in the poster and the chocolates….
    Is there anyway to get them? Or is it exclusive to the event?


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