GATE 7 Chapter 1 (Updated)

Scans from GATE7 Chapter 1 have leaked here. Source: Raw-Bunko.

Update: Translations here by starlady38.

Chikahito’s clothes are so cooooooooool XD I want his wardrobe LOL

So the events from this chapter takes place after the oneshot, I couldn’t really figure out the number of this chapter in the title page. What’s that kanji? o.o

I wonder if CLAMP is using the computer for finishing touches at the color illustrations? Those overlayed plants look like were made using computer. They were at the color illustration from the oneshot and are here again in the magazine cover art and color spread. I don’t think those are colored screentones…

The art is so gorgeous! Mokona is at her best! It looks totally different from Tsubasa even though it’s was her previous work. It looks like a mix of X and Chobits. I love the realistic scenary (definitely pictures taken from all those location hunts done by CLAMP last year), those also remind me of X.

Hana is adorable. Just adorable, without doing much she is adorable X3 Tachibana is cool, he has this CLOVER look in him.

Are they going to keep fighting evil monsters every chapter? I expected something different for this chapter. We’ve had our take in fights in the oneshot, give us some plot now!

Can’t say much without reading the translations, I can only comment about the art and first impressions.

Did I mention that I loved the realistic shots? Yes? Okay.

DISCLAIMER: If you enjoyed reading this story, please support CLAMP by buying the original or licensed material available in your country. A list of countries where GATE 7 is published is available here.


66 thoughts on “GATE 7 Chapter 1 (Updated)

    • As mentioned, the “壱 – ichi” is a more complex way of writing one (you’ll probably see the alternate versions of two 弐 and three 参 for the next two chapters). From my past history lessons, the reason why it was created was to prevent fraud, since a simple line addition to the normal “一” could make it ten “十” or worse.  Kinda makes sense to use these kanjis since we’re in the old capital.

      This chapter was definitely a cultural lesson about Kyoto. I stayed there for a summer long ago, but never visited the Yasui Konpiragu Jinja from the story. Kinda creepy about the ema… I’m actually excited about where this story is going (compared to xxxHolic and Kobato’s slow pace).


      • you’ll probably see the alternate versions of two 弐 and three 参 for the next two chapters

        Definitely! haha!

        Thanks for the insight, as always =)

        I can’t understand much of what you said about the chapter =( but I will after I read the translations!


  1. The color art is very much like xxxholic, but I don’t agree with you about it being completely different from TRC, it’s the contrary in my opinion: the fighting scenes, the focus on faces/eyes, the swirls of magic coming from their hands and Hana’s double page with some sort of fire incantation screamed Tsubasa from miles away~

    Getting a 44pages chapter is really awesome >///< I hope it will go on like this or, at worst, I hope they won't go down past the 35pages count in case they lower it later.

    I can't say anything more without translation from this point ^^;


    • I was more talking about the trace. I mean, it’s no longer loooong and thick as Tsubasa. It’s thinner and more gracious and shorter (LOL).

      The battle scenes look like Tsubasa indeed, but I think that’s CLAMP style, they always focus on eyes/faces and there are always swirls of magic in their fight scenes =)

      Getting a 44pages chapter is really awesome >///.< (the mangettes project). I hope they won't get shorter than 35 pages either =/ Less than 35 is pure torture xD


      • We indeed graduated from the ‘long’ design of characters of both xxxholic and TRC 😉 We are back to a cuter style ^^

        I actually forgot it was supposed to be 80 pages ;_; And here I am crossing my fingers so that it won’t go anymore down than this!


  2. The art is so gorgeous hnnggghhh ♥ ♥ ♥

    The chapter wasn’t overly eventful, but still very nice. There are some explanations about how the monster-fighting works and why Hana kissed Chikahito in the last chapter (it was a spell, of course~ :)) And Hana eats twice as much as a normal human, that’s so cute. ♥


  3. The cover illustration and the art in general is awesome! Very beautiful! You’re right, ChibiYuuto, Mokona’s in great shape.

    without doing much she is adorable X3
    True enough, Hana’s very cute. :3 But she looks very Ashura-ish on that cover (those red eyes, the black hair…). And the guy in black seems to me like a clone of older!Subaru lost in Clover’s world.

    Concordo com você: eu quero saber da trama, a trama!! A história parece interessante, estou curiosa. 🙂 Mas espero não ver nenhum clone nessa história, e se mais alguém vier falando de realizar desejos (depois de X e Holic)…

    …(nah, eu não vou fazer nada, só continuar lendo)


      • Pois é, acho que a tendência é que o tema dos desejos apareça uma hora ou outra – afinal, é Clamp, desejos são a especialidade delas! 🙂

        Com a quantidade de clones que tivemos em Tsubasa, acho que não veremos mais nada clonado por algum tempo. X) Mas me parece que o tema das dimensões paralelas (com os eventuais crossovers que são consequência dele) vem ganhando força nos trabalhos mais recentes, acho que é possível que vejamos muito disso em Gate 7. Embora – bom, teoricamente a gangue da Hana viaja para dentro dos sonhos, certo?

        *cruzando os dedos por qualquer mínima possibilidade de ver a turma de Gouhou Drug de novo, mesmo que seja no meio da multidão no estilo “Kobato”*


  4. So torn in wanting to look at the leak and wait… XD

    Though I am confused, I thought Mangettes was originally Mangettes: Gate 7 and was going to be published simultaneously through Dark Horse in Japan, Korea and North America???


    • The leak is actually the full chapter, just so you know =) But it’s up to you of course to read it =)

      Well, we haven’t heard anything else about the Mangettes project. Personally I think it went to the drawer. It was supposed to be GATE 7.


  5. I’m sorta surprised that the colour art is more xxxHOLIC in style; I thought they’d be more like the one water-moon-lotus one. Lovely, though it feels heavy from all the dark and solid colours.

    Hana is so cute, with the reaction to the noodles and her cat-ear hat. I love that everyone’s wearing winter coats, though I can’t fathom why…

    The art style reminds me of Kobato, Clover, or late X. I’m wondering if it’s just way Mokona’s style has evolved or if it’s more deliberate (probably both), mostly because I’m trying to imagine what the art style for X will be like when it resumes.


    • When it resumes? I wish I still had your optimism. 😦 Next year will mark 20 years since they began working on it. It’s a really old manga.

      I’ve been away from the CLAMP fandom since 2005-ish, but I came back to see what their newest creation is like. The trend that began with Chobits obviously continued; CLAMP isn’t shoujo with a touch of shounen any more, it’s the other way around. I’m not impressed with Gate 7, it just made me wonder what X would look like now, too. Mokona’s style has really changed. It just wouldn’t be the same any more if they continue it. They don’t even take the effort to do nice backgrounds any more, they just insert photographs instead… god, Gate 7 simply broke my little heart and I can’t stop rambling about it.


      • The Backgrounds like this is just fine. And CLAMP no longer draws backgrounds? I beg to differ. Kobato has nice backgrounds, Tsubasa and xxxHolic as well.

        Since the pictures are there, I really find it a nice change. Also, CLAMP took these pictures. People are going to be critical because its new, have no idea what is going on and because of that people get all butt hurt over it. I for one, am looking forward to see what Gate 7 have in store for us.

        Now for change of X 1 manga style to the process of X 18, the art changed big time if you look. From THICK lines, to THIN lines. Change happens, be it good or bad. If CLAMP picks it back up again, cool, if not, just let it be.

        So give Gate 7 a chance, because last I recall, people were butt hurt when Tsubasa had “Re-hashed” CCS Sakura and Sayoran, when in truth, they didn’t. Then BAM! People went crazy over it, crying over it, then broken and bitter over it. (I LOVED IT ALL. Why, because things, like in real like, don’t to as planned.)


        • I was so butthurt over TRC I still haven’t read any further than the first volume. 😛 xxxholic was interesting for the first couple of volumes, but I lost interest. And last I heard of Kobato, it was on a hiatus after only like four chapters.

          So yeah, I’m extremely out of loop when it comes to CLAMP works in the past half a decade. Man, bitterness sure does suck out so much fun out of life. I’ll give Gate 7 a go, though. For old times’ sake.


        • Agreed the backgrounds mean nothing as even Tokyo Babylon had a similar approach as many shots looked real, I don’t know why this so called fan is complaining, he did say he’s been out of the loop.


          • You’re right about TB! And come on, just because I no longer like everything they do doesn’t mean I deserve to be called a fake fan. Every fandom in the world has “their old stuff was better” fans.


            • “WE” Never called you a fake fan, your still a fan, just a very bitter one.

              With CLAMP their style started to change from 20 people to 4 people by half way into X. CLAMP also had to walk on ice when it came to the death in X as well, Freaked alot of people out.

              The thing with CLAMP, you take to much, expect to much, only to be let down in the end, can make it a mental pain. CLAMP works their best into it, much with thought of crack ideas, but they work with it. I mean, come on, they came up on how “males” can have babies…..eggs! LOL.


              • The thing with CLAMP, you take to much, expect to much, only to be let down in the end, can make it a mental pain.

                Exactly. I’m too emotionally invested so I blindly lose my shit. 😛


  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this manga. I also think it’s very different from the other series like TSUBASA, HOLIC and KOBATO. Even though it really reminds be of CHobits and X I see a Angelic Layer style in the chibi face of Hana!It reminds me of Misaki a lot!
    One interesting thing in this chapter was the lunar-solar thing that can teel us something about genders. Sakura being lunar definitely tells the reason behind -his- name, but also… can we expect a future shonen-ai relationship with Tachibana? That wouldn’t be a surprise, knowing CLAMP hahaha

    Thanks as always chibi-yuuto. Now we have to wait for the other great news of this month! xxxHOLIC last chapter!


  7. The title page is gorgeous, so Sakura’s hair are true white and Tachibana’s jet black. They are all so white skinned, is it geisha makeup or is it their official hue? Chikahito seem normal though. The picture itself has a Shin – Shunkaden thing, but there’s also some xxxHolic influence, and some X and some Rg Veda composition as well… Ah Clamp, I missed you so much since 2003, glad to see you all back T_T

    And these ridiculously elongated limbs are good for good, thanks goondess!

    Plus, Sakura is my man! ^_^

    > Chikahito’s clothes are so cooooooooool XD I want his wardrobe LOL

    The are Clamp Brand, so of course they are nice! ^_^

    > I couldn’t really figure out the number of this chapter in the title page. What’s that kanji? o.o

    It’s an old way to write number, something like our roman numerals. Hagunsei Senki’s chapters have this set of number too. It gives a classical look to numbers.

    > We’ve had our take in fights in the oneshot, give us some plot now!

    Well, we learned Tachibana is solar and Sakura is lunar, plus Chikahito found a house to stay at, they’ll be ready for more action next chapter.


  8. Seriously, though, love Kobato.! It lacks a proper ending, but not sure how much CLAMP is to be blamed for that…

    When was the last time ended a manga properly again? Maybe X/199- OH WAIT

    Well, it really can’t be helped… Goodbye, Kobato-chan.


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