Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #03 cover feat. XXXHOLiC

Here is the cover of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine March issue featuring XXXHOLiC and another BSM series, Loveplus:

Click to enlarge it.

Source: Bessatsu Shonen Magazine official blog.

The magazine goes on sale February 9 and features XXXHOLiC’s last chapter.

Update: has a bigger version of Jump SQ #03 cover, featuring GATE7:

Click to enlarge it.


17 thoughts on “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine #03 cover feat. XXXHOLiC

  1. jump square #3 out in some areas

    Jump Square #3 was already at the newstands this evening in Osaka city. Fans might want to check it out their local newstand or convenience store just in case they’re in stock.


  2. I have just read the scans of the chapter 213 and I am disappointed, no answers, Watanuki have Clow Reed’s magic circle, no words about the egg and no Himawari.


  3. Last chapter of xxxHolic, eh? What is that stupid looking slut doing, stealing half the cover, it should be a full tribute to Watanuki! XP

    The Jump Square cover looks half out of Shin – Shunkaden, half out Rg Veda. I suddenly remember why I just loved Clamp’s art!


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