Personal report: meeting CLAMP (Updated)

Here is the report of my 4th and final meeting with CLAMP in Paris, and it was a very special one.

My favorite meetings with them were the first and last ones. The first was at the opening of their art expo. It was special because it was the first time I saw them and there weren’t so many people there, so I got to see them from very very close and I even exchanged greetings with Nekoi and Mokona (surreal).

Japan Expo was great and everything but it was much more distant since I didn’t win a ticket for any of the sign sessions.

My last meeting with CLAMP was very special because there were even less people than the party, I could talk to them, give them presents and much more.

The meeting was arranged by my friend, Anne. She works at an important place in Paris in which people can schedule visits. Basically, she invited CLAMP to visit her workplace.

Anne then invited me and other two of her friends (who are also CLAMP fans) to join the visit. The visit was scheduled for Sunday morning on July 5.

We arrived at the place at the scheduled time and they came immediately after.

A middle-aged man entered the reception room where we were at and my stomach sank as I heard him spoke the word “manga” (it was one of the few words that I could understand of his french). He was telling the receptionist that he had a scheduled visit with a team of manga artists. He was the president of Pika, the publisher of CLAMP’s mangas in France.

Almost as soon as he finished talking, Nanase Ohkawa entered in the reception room (with all her glory xD). OMG. She was wearing a purple short dress with a white scarf and her hair was tied up like she’s being using lately. I was very nervous but happy and couldn’t believe myself. It was a weird mix of feelings.

Soon the other CLAMP members entered one by one, I don’t remember the order but when I realized all of them were there.

Apart from CLAMP, there were 5 members of their staff, the woman translator that was in Japan Expo and Pika’s president.

The visit lasted nearly an hour and it was totally incredible since not only the place was beautiful but also CLAMP was there!

Mokona was visibly the most enthusiastic one. As you know, she really likes antiques and the building we were at was over 200 years old. During the entire tour, she was always the last one because she couldn’t stop taking pictures ^^ She kept taking pictures with her cellphone and her camera, and she took pictures with her Gundam figure too. That was very funny XD

There was a moment when I turned around and I saw Mokona aiming with her camera somewhere above my head. I dodged away because I thought I was getting in her way to take the picture, she saw it and seeing my reaction she told me “daijoubu! daijoubu!” (it’s okay! it’s okay!). And I smiled back, embarrassed xD

At one point, someone from CLAMP’s staff was going to take a picture of the 4 CLAMP members, but Ohkawa called everyone to be part of a group picture, and so we (happily) did. The staffer took two pictures with her camera. My friend Anne got to be in the same row as the CLAMP members and Satsuki put her arm over her =)

When the visit was done, I ran with Anne back to the reception room because both of us had left some presents for CLAMP in there. By the time we got back, they were signing stuff for the two friends of Anne.

I wrote my name on a paper and gave it to one of their managers, then I handed him the limited Shikishi that I bought at Japan Expo for them to sign on it. I heard their manager spelling my name to Ohkawa as she wrote it: “a, eru, e, ekkusu” xD

I was dying of joy. Here are the autographs:

Next thing I saw, Anne was giving them her presents. She gave them “La Maison du Chocolat” chocolates (which she knew they liked) and a bottle of champagne. Ohkawa’s reaction was a mix of surprise, happiness and “oh, but you didn’t have to!” xD

Then it was my turn.

I had studied how to talk to them in japanese in case there was an opportunity like this one, and I was trying very very hard not to mess up xD

Chibi Yuuto: CLAMP-sensei, hajimemashite *soft bow* (CLAMP-sensei, nice to meet you!)
CLAMP: hajimemashite *soft bow* (Nice to meet you!)
Chibi Yuuto: Eto… Boku wa CLAMP-sensei no tame ni dake Burajiru kara kita. (I came from Brazil just because of CLAMP)
Chibi Yuuto: Douzo! *gives package* (Here!)

Ohkawa took the package, inside the package there was a pack of Brazilian beer. They were all “Biru! Biru!” and I added “Burajiru no biru!” (Brazilian beer).

I had another package in my hands and Satsuki turned around to take it. She took it and extended her hand to shake hands. I shook hands with her but I also went for a hug xD She hugged me back~!

After this the other members of CLAMP came one by one to thank me for the presents and we hugged too xD It was a very awkward moment because when they would give me their hands I would hug them and when they would hug me I would give them my hand LOL Also this moment was filled with “arigatou”s xD They looked slightly shy because of the presents but also very happy so it was a cute mix of feelings X3

The other package which Satsuki took had a bottle of Brazilian sugar cane alcoholic drink known as “cachaça”. I also gave them a flyer with a recipe in japanese on how to make the Brazilian drink “Caipirinha”, which uses lemon and cachaça as main ingredients:

I saw Nekoi checking out the flyer that I made myself and my stomach sank once again (OMG Tsubaki Nekoi of CLAMP is checking that thing that I once did on Photoshop!).

I saw their translator saying something about the Caipirinha, it seemed like she knew about it because of the expression on her face (the expression of someone who has drank it xD) and also because the way she said it was perfect, no accent at all.

After this, Anne ran out to call the taxis that would take them back to their hotel but upon seeing that she was going away, Ohkawa called her back and they all thanked her and hugged her for her presents. I think this was extremely nice of them because Anne was a little shy when she gave her presents, so CLAMP didn’t thank her properly back then.

Each one of the CLAMP members also thanked the other two fans (friends of Anne) who were there, which was very nice of them.

When they were about to leave, waiting for the taxis to arrive, we took another group picture.

As we were putting ourselves into place for the picture, Ohkawa was sort of telling everyone where they should be (you couldn’t expect less from Ohkawa, the leader xD) and I was PRAYING, I was HOPING that she would call me, and HELL SHE DID! *-*

She looked at me, said something in japanese and TOUCHED MY ARM as in “come here”.




I died at that moment and went straight to heaven LOL But then I reborn to realize that it was so extremely kind of her to put me beside her in the picture because I was a fan. It was definitely a dream come true.

When we were saying goodbye, they were extremely lovable and kind. They bowed to us and we bowed back to them at least 10 times saying more “arigatou”s and a few “merci”s xDDD It was one moment of politeness overload, so cute xD

That was definitely one of the best days of my life.

Apart from being the professional and talented artists that they are, they are also extremely kind with their fans, I can say it as I was fortunate enough to experience that myself ^__^

I’m very, very thankful to Anne and everyone who has made this meeting a reality.

Edit: Here is a very cute drawing made by Fabrissou (who was there) which illustrates that day very well xD


50 thoughts on “Personal report: meeting CLAMP (Updated)

  1. What an awesome day it must have been! You’re so lucky, and I’m glad this happened to you. You’re the person who always tries his best to give all kinds of information regarding CLAMP to all CLAMP fans in LJ, so you deserved that moment more than anyone else.

    Thank you very much for sharing it in detail with us, just by reading it it felt a bit like being there ♥


    • Thank you very much Inma for your kind words! I felt very very lucky, and normally I tend to think that I have lack of luck xD I was just very happy that my time came (and I hope that there will be more to come ^^)

      I’ve said this once but I’ll say it again, it was nice meeting you, Atzur told me how you are doing professional manga, I’m very happy, good luck in your career!

      just by reading it it felt a bit like being there ♥

      Oh really? Thanks! I tried to remember all the details, and this is a great memoir to keep it forever in case I ever want to remember this day again, I’ll read it xD


  2. I-I think I’m about to cry, no kidding! XDDDDDD

    Seriously, I just remembered what I felt when I gave them a present, when I couldn’t stop saying “arigatô!” and they couldn’t stop thanking us back, and shaking our hands, and hugging a friend… they’re so human, so kind, and I’m glad both you, and me, and could enjoy this wonderful experience. See? I’m stupid and I’m crying now XDDDDDD (I think this is because I didn’t cry at that moment XD).


    • Hahahaha for real? Omg don’t cry XDDD

      What did you give them? Did you guys make a report about your meeting? I wanna read it ^^

      I agree that they are so human and so kind X3


      • We gave each one of them a hand-made brooch with their chibi-faces with animal ears :3 They found that very cute *^^*

        We just updated Crossed Destinies with our huge and enormous report, be warned, it’s the longest essay we’ve ever written! XDD


  3. Thank you very much for the report! You’re such a lucky man, I’m so envioussss. Oh, and the caipirinha flyer is very well done~

    It was nice of you to give those presents. I’m glad to hear CLAMP ladies are really as kind as I’ve always expected them to be.

    Oh, and I’d love to see those group pictures of you and CLAMP, but I guess you can’t share them with us 😦


    • Thank you! Usually I don’t consider myself a lucky person, but this time I was feeling extremely lucky and blessed!

      In fact I still don’t have the group pictures, but you guessed it right, even after I get them, I won’t be able to share them, I’m sorry =/


    • Thank you so much, that was nice of you *hugs back*

      Hahahaha Satsuki blew a kiss back to you! That’s so cool XDDDDD They are very polite, if you call them, they will look at you, if you wave to them, they will wave you back, they never ignore you ^^


  4. Haha, sounds like a blast. Oh well, karma was fair to you, if there is one person that deserved the most {from what i know}, what you just lived that is you. So, i am glad you got to live that one. 😀


    • You know, I am now scared because they say if you have too much good luck, something bad will happen to you just to make things “even”.

      I hope nothing bad happens to me XD


  5. That is so intense and emotive that you brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy for you, you deserved that moment of joyful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* So the press pass was for this event? I thought it was for the expo ^_^


    • Whoa! I’m happy my report was able to provoque emotions XD

      I didn’t cry or anything, I’m not a cry person. If even CLAMP couldn’t make me cry, nobody can. But I was OVERWHELMED during the whole thing, as you can imagine.

      And not really, this meeting had nothing to do with Japan Expo. The press pass was very useful but only in Japan Expo ^^


  6. ;O; I’m so happy for you chibiyuuto ;O;
    You finally got to meet CLAMP, but also give them presents and hugs and shake hands and ZOMG *O*

    Congrats!!! 😀 and thank you for the report


  7. Wow, I’m really happy for you! It’s just wonderful that you got that chance to meet with CLAMP and exchange a few words! And you gave them such great presents too xD It’s really too bad you can’t share the group pictures, I would’ve wanted to see you with CLAMP. Why aren’t you allowed to put them up? Was it a secret tour? x3

    I was a bit surprised you didn’t get to chat with them more (but maybe I was just thinking about Desucon and our sweet hour-and-a-half private meeting with Furuya Tooru and everything x3)… But still you got to see your idols and talk to them, it really is a dream come true! I wonder what they thought when you told them you had come from Brazil just to see them 😀

    I hope you had a lovely time in France and that you’ll get to see CLAMP again someday! (I want to meet them too~)


    • It wasn’t a secret tour but let’s just say that I was asked not to share any pictures and I would like to respect that =/

      About not talking to them, since the purpose of the visit wasn’t a “meet and greet” with their fans, I didn’t want to bother them. I mean, they were invited for a visit, not to meet fans, they were kind enough to talk to us and sign for us, though.

      Besides, I wasn’t the only fan there, and there’s also the fact that it’s so hard to say ANYTHING LOL

      You had an hour and a half alone? That’s so great! But I bet that you felt more comfortable during the last 30 minutes xD

      I saw Fujimoto, LOL

      I hop you too will meet them one day =)


      • Ah, so that’s it. Of course our situation at Desucon was very different since we were actually the ones who got Tooru there and thus were a bit privileged x3 (We had such great time with him and Ikeda-san!) And also Desucon was much smaller, so people could actually approach the guests of honor to have a few words with them. Japan Expo might have tons of guests, but as you said, the happenings are more distant there.

        Very thoughtful of you not to want to bother them on their visit :3 But I guess CLAMP must also be very happy about meeting their fans abroad, they really can see that people love their stories outside Japan as well! (Aww, you saw Fujimoto-sensei! You could’ve said hi from me! Okay, maybe he wouldn’t have remembered me that well so yeah xD)

        But it must’ve been a great experience! Be sure to always remember it :3


  8. That’s so awesome! I’m so happy for you! I would have been so nervous talking to them. I would probably faint!


  9. I officially hate you, you lucky guy!!! XD

    This encounter with Clamp was plain amazing, thanks for sharing your experience with us ^^ I really could feel from your text just how happy it made you 🙂


    • Hahahaha no please don’t hate me xDDDD Your time will come too! Believe me, I never thought it would happen to me. I mean, not NEVER but you know what I mean…. 4 months ago, taking pictures with CLAMP was the first item on my “never gonna happen with me” list, LOL

      So believe it!! But you have to chase them, I had to go all the way down to Paris, LOL


  10. That’s so unbelievable… Really wonderful… I’m so glad for you, chibiyuuto ! You really experienced something incredible… Meeting with Clamp themselves… ! Congrats !

    You must keep these memories within you… I really hope everytime you’ll remember that day, you can feel through these memories the feelings you had back then…
    Even though I didn’t meet them in person (I’ve seen them during the signing sessions, the cosplay contest & the conference), seeing that people I know around me did get a chance for an autograph, -and especially now that I know you’ve been so close to them- is really filling me with joy, again and again… That’s truly wonderful !

    I really don’t think that was a coincidence nor luck, neither about something bad happening to you next… There’s Hitsuzen, right ? You really deserved it, after all your hard work…

    Once again, congrats, for having such a wonderful time !! ^__^

    (Hey, we could have met during Japan Expo… What a shame >.


  11. I’m happy for you, that sounds like a plain awesome moment. Not only were you in France – you were IN FRANCE WITH CLAMP. :O

    I’m amazed the world wasn’t divided by zero. XDD


  12. omg, *.*, I almost cried dude, really xD… I think you related it so nicely that’s why.. I’m really happy you could see that side of CLAMP, and man you’re so lucky!! think about all the people that would’ve like to be in your place that day.. I’m sure it was like a dream to you, so you better remember it your whole life =3! best travel to france ever xD!


  13. OMG!!! You can’t imagine how many times I squealed when I was reading your post. *nods nods* My office colleagues would have taken me as crazy now. LOL I really have no other words for it aside from O.M.G!! I thought the first vid is your closest one to CLAMP but then you were with them for an hour – with them as in walking beside them, exactly beside them with only an arm length and you can touch them!!! XDDDD *still can’t get over it* I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo envious! >___<

    And that illustration is cute! Wonderfully drawn! XDDD


  14. WOOOW!!! how awesome!!!
    haha i’m so excited just by reading it!! can’t imaging being there!! *faints*

    where are the pics??? want to see them so badly ;O;

    Thanks for sharing and for all your hard work, you rly deserved that day with them! ;___; ♥



    Haha, it sounds like an amazing day, glad you went through it and didn’t faint once! (Even being in the presence of them is awesome! xD) You’re the one that most deserves it since you always make sure to post the newest CLAMP info and etc.
    Plus, right after your trip and during your trip, you actually took time to write such a long and detailed report filled with links, photos, videos, and stuff! IF it were me, I couldn’t do it, I’ll be so tired. Dx Congratulations and awesome flyer btw. You really edit and wrote the whole thing on photoshop?! O.O Wow….
    Glad to know Clamp are such nice authors. They seem nice in their pictures, but I’ve never met them so I didn’t know, but now I do thanks to you. :3 Also, thank you for the report, I felt like I was there! You rock! xD Your friend going to send that drawing to Clamp? 😉


  16. I have been waiting for this report forever!All the details make it seem like I was watching you all and was able to partake in the happiness. ^_^ Thank you so much for sharing!
    Also thanks a bunch for your photo/video loaded report of Japan Expo. It really means a lot to me as a CLAMP fan who didn’t go to Japan Expo.

    Keep up all the great work!

    ~Priyam (your LJ stalker)


  17. That’s brilliant!

    I’m so glad that you got to meet them. What everyone else has said about this meeting being something you really deserve is so very true. Without you, so many of us would be unable to get information and other stuff about CLAMP-sensei and their works. ^_^

    It’s fantastic to hear that CLAMP-sensei are so cool like that, too.

    I hope you continue to have wonderful experiences at Japan Expo. Have fun!


  18. ** VAChE **
    Hi Chibi Yuuto!
    wow how lucky you are!!!! *O* meeting CLAMP-sensei must be one of the most wonderful experiences ever!!
    I must say honestly you REALLY deserved this…I mean you’ve done MILLION of things for Clamp fans all over the world…I ended up checking you LJ everyday because everytime I looked on the internet for Clamp news ALL websites (sites in spanish and english) at the bottom of the page said “Source: CHIBIYUUTO”
    …without you I wouldn’t know a thing about my beloved Clamp and it must be pretty hard giving news almost everyday…thank you very very very much ^^
    Thanks for the report, it was lovely!

    Pd: that flyer looks great…good job! it made wanna taste some Caipirinha xD seriously


  19. Wow,,,such a great day for you…well,,I agree with others…you really deserve it ^__^ “Boku wa CLAMP-sensei no tame ni dake Burajiru kara kita” It must be a surprise for them,,for them to know someone who has gone to another continent because of them ^0^

    I just want to say, what can a Clamp fan ask more than this kind of encounter? By the way, have you got their phone no.? XDD Joking


  20. Wow! What an awesome experience! I really love your report, it feels like I was there too! XD Thank you so much for sharing it with us. ^_^ You’re really lucky to meet them, Chibi Yuuto-kun! 😀


  21. Wow, I’m overwhelmed and happy for you (again!!)

    As many people commented, I’m deeply touched,all squealy and and almost teary by your recap, because we (in a sense) know you and know how important this is for you.

    Of course you deserve it because you’re a true fan and don’t worry, nothing wrong will happen to you! ::sends good vibes::

    And of course they’ll will love your gift! XDD

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment! :D/


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