CLAMP in Paris: Pictures and Videos (Updated)

This post in an attempt to gather the pictures and videos that I have made while I was in Paris and also the material that appeared on the internet. There are some contributions too from some kind people that I met there who shared their pictures and videos with me.

If you have pictures and videos and would like to share, I would love to have them so please feel free to do it ^^

I tried to make the post as organized as possible, but it might look a bit confusing xD I have separated the material by dates and one for the local press. Furthermore, I’ve separated each of them in picture galleries and videos.

The videos are in several formats: AVI, MPG, MOV and FLV. You might need a special player or codec to play them correctly.

• July 2, Opening of CLAMP: Les Reines du Manga à Paris

>> Image Galery:
Chibi Yuuto & Benoit Gilbert

>> Videos:

These videos are the same from my July 3 post, but these are the original files in High Quality. Plus, there are 3 new videos.

To download the videos, right click on the image -> Save target as…

All videos recorded by Chibi Yuuto, except videos 02 and 04 recorded by Benoit Gilbert.

• July 3, Signing sessions and CLAMP Cosplay Contest at Japan Expo

>> Image Galeries:
Chibi Yuuto

>> Videos:

The first video is from their first signing session and the second video is the moment where CLAMP announced the contest’s extra winners (the ones to whom they gave their Ioryogi plush toy). The second video is too big so I had to upload it on MegaUpload.

To download the videos, right click on the image -> Save target as… (except for the Cosplay one which is hosted in MegaUpload).

All videos recorded by Chibi Yuuto.

+ Videos:
CLAMP signing session:
CLAMP’s introduction in the cosplay contest:

• July 4, Signing sessions and CLAMP Public Conference at Japan Expo

>> Image Galery:
Chibi Yuuto

>> Videos:
CLAMP drawing the XXXHOLiC illustration at the Public Conference:

• Press

This interview was made by the french press agency AFP in the backstage of Japan Expo. There is one version in french and one in english. The french version has more footage than the english one.

I’ve ripped the videos and uploaded them to my server (in case anyone would like to keep them forever ^^).

To download the videos, right click on the image -> Save target as…

You can watch the same videos on stream in the following links:

English ->
French ->

EDIT: Updated to add three new pictures of the opening ceremony of the CLAMP Exposition provided by CLAMP-NET.COM, showing the CLAMP members shaking hands with the Culture Secretary of Paris, Christophe Girard, and the Libarian in charge of the Paris Bibliothèques, Danielle Pourtaud.


27 thoughts on “CLAMP in Paris: Pictures and Videos (Updated)

  1. Wow! I can’t believe this =0! thank you so much for the videos and the photos, of course I’ll keep them with me as a good memory of what I couldn’t see because I was not there but at least you recorded so many things.. I guess it’s close to what you must have felt there in person, again, thank you so much =)!


  2. Thank you for sharing ;O;
    I love Mokona, she seems very kind and adorable *3*
    These videos are amust for every CLAMP fan, it’s not like they’re always on TV
    And definately one of my fav is when you say “hajimemashite” to Mokona °¬°


  3. So great !

    Hi Alex, this is Benoit, writing from Cambodia !

    So cool to see that my vids were good enough for you to use them ^^
    It still gives me the chills everytime I re-re-re-re-watch them, those were really special moments I’ll always remember !

    Keep up the good work !


    • Re: So great !

      Hello Benoit!!! Are you guys having a good time there? I’m sure you are! Say hi to Emelie! =D

      Your videos are amazing (so big!), the pictures too! I haven’t seen other pictures from the “inside” with Ohkawa’s speech, so I’m very grateful for that!

      It gives the chills too everytime I watch them. Thanks again for poking me on that day about CLAMP’s whereabouts, I’ll be forever grateful!

      Have a good time in Cambodia !


      • Re: So great !

        We’re going back to Thailand tomorrow, I can’t wait to see the beaches !

        Those pictures from the speech are soooo bad, but well… I also have a small vid of the speech (I think) but it’s really dark so I didn’t put it online. But I guess it could be of any interest to some people ^^ I’ll upload it when I’m back in France !


        • Re: So great !

          I would like to have it!!! Even if it’s dark, I don’t mind ^^

          Have a good time in Thailand xD Let me know you guys if you ever come to Brazil, we have nice beaches too LOL


  4. :3 With so many pictures and videos and descriptions. I felt like i was there at the expo, but nothing beats the feeling of being there and actually being a few feet away from them. XDXD But watching the videos fullscreen is a second best. 😀 Thanks for the videos and pictures!!!!!!!
    *starts downloading* ^.^ So happy~


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