“It wasn’t just a dream, just a dream… cause it was real to me”

Yesterday at this hour I was enjoying this amazing gig by one of my favorite bands. It’s the second time they come to Brazil, and also the second time I see them live =)

I just love going to concerts 8D

More videos filmed by me on my YouTube channel (I’m still uploading them all xD).

26 thoughts on ““It wasn’t just a dream, just a dream… cause it was real to me”

  1. Glad you had fun chibiyuuto 😀
    i listened to perfect simetry like 1 month ago XD
    it was a great album :D, oh and i saw a pic on twitter
    where they hold the brazilian flag like alanis, so sweet :3


    • Yeah, we latin americans are all warm-hearted, and it was so nice of him to interact to the audience in Portuguese and sing with the flag like that.

      Alanis wrapping herself in our flag was also so nice, I wish she had done that in my concert ^^


  2. That’s awesome! Glad you could see them again. I’d love to see their new tour, but I’m graduating college this May and need to save what little money I have. D:


  3. Aaaaaaaaah que inveja xD
    morar em sp deve ser outra coisa..
    ninguém vem pra Brasília, até as bandas que são daqui mesmo..
    A Alanis veio pra cá, mas eu nem sou tão fã dela assim e o ingresso tava muito caro..

    Que bom que vc se divertiu tanto novamente 🙂
    é muito legal ver essas coisas relacionadas aqui no blog também.


    • Eu ia falar da Alanis, minha cantora favorita! Ela jah foi 2 vezes a Brasilia, e eu queria ter ido tb xDDDDD Eu só fui em SP.

      Acho que aos poucos (e acho que a Alanis está contribuindo p/ isso) as bandas internacionais vao incluir Brasilia nos roteiros de turne ^^


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