Tsubasa #26 regular edition cover (updated)

Although yet very small, here’s the cover of the regular edition of Tsubasa #26:

This will be out next week, on the 17th, along with the first OAD.

Very nice cover, new art is always nice xD

Much thanks to shaoran_x for letting me know about this!

Update: Bigger version added, and Amazon.co.jp has a bigger version of the Deluxe edition.

22 thoughts on “Tsubasa #26 regular edition cover (updated)

  1. Thanks for the info ^^

    As usual, it’s a super little preview ^^;;
    But it gives us a pretty good idea of how the cover looks like 🙂
    And of course, Syao^2 color pics are always very welcome, especially since I’m afraid this might be the last: Clone|Syaoran is dead already after all and TRC is coming to an end…


  2. Pretty….. 😛

    Oh wait, hedn’t we already had a clones cover? It would be better if it had included Watanuki, the Syaoran’s Trio of Doom XDDDDD


  3. WOW! This tankōbon 26 cover reminds me of the first color page of tankōbon 27 : both Shaoran’s. And, although this preview is small, they look a little bit like friends to me. What do you think?


  4. kyaaa~ how awesome!!!our two epic heroes~

    LOL watanuki…its like the three stand in a line facing the front.
    “now, whats wrong with this???”
    XD jk, luv ya wata!!!


  5. Thanks for the cover!^^

    I like it, but I wanted to see a group-cover, with Kurogane, Fye, Sakura and Mokona together (but I suppose they won’t fit, will they? XD), I hope my wish will be granted in vol.27’s cover.^^


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