Tsubasa #26 regular edition cover (updated)

Although yet very small, here’s the cover of the regular edition of Tsubasa #26:

This will be out next week, on the 17th, along with the first OAD.

Very nice cover, new art is always nice xD

Much thanks to shaoran_x for letting me know about this!

Update: Bigger version added, and Amazon.co.jp has a bigger version of the Deluxe edition.

22 thoughts on “Tsubasa #26 regular edition cover (updated)

  1. Thanks for the info ^^

    As usual, it’s a super little preview ^^;;
    But it gives us a pretty good idea of how the cover looks like ๐Ÿ™‚
    And of course, Syao^2 color pics are always very welcome, especially since I’m afraid this might be the last: Clone|Syaoran is dead already after all and TRC is coming to an end…


  2. Pretty….. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Oh wait, hedn’t we already had a clones cover? It would be better if it had included Watanuki, the Syaoran’s Trio of Doom XDDDDD


  3. WOW! This tankลbon 26 cover reminds me of the first color page of tankลbon 27 : both Shaoran’s. And, although this preview is small, they look a little bit like friends to me. What do you think?


  4. kyaaa~ how awesome!!!our two epic heroes~

    LOL watanuki…its like the three stand in a line facing the front.
    “now, whats wrong with this???”
    XD jk, luv ya wata!!!


  5. Thanks for the cover!^^

    I like it, but I wanted to see a group-cover, with Kurogane, Fye, Sakura and Mokona together (but I suppose they won’t fit, will they? XD), I hope my wish will be granted in vol.27’s cover.^^


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