Change in XXXHOLiC’s schedule

Bad news for XXXHOLiC. CLAMP-NET.COM updated XXXHOLiC’s schedule this morning to add a break in issue 16 of Young Magazine, where Chapter 176 was formerly scheduled.

The updated schedule goes as the following:

03/09 – Young Magazine #15 – Chapter 175 (on sale).
03/16 – Young Magazine #16 – No XXXHOLiC scheduled.
03/23 – Young Magazine #17 – Chapter 176.

I’m afraid to say this was a little bit expected xD

Also, a bit late but happy International Woman’s Day to all the lovely ladies reading this ♥

17 thoughts on “Change in XXXHOLiC’s schedule

  1. I know its to be expected but I’m getting a little irritated here. They didn’t juggle around TRC’s scheduling but why are they changing HOLiC’s every other week? It almost feels as if they’re doing TRC on the fly.


  2. That’s so bad, i’m really exited about xxxholic and they make a break? >8( Not fair.
    Still, thanks for the new chibiyuuto-san!



  3. Unexpectedly expected -__-
    The slower Holic’s chapters are released, the longer TRC gets…
    From all what I’ve seen lately in the latest chapters and considering everything left untold or unresolved, I personally think we will pass the 28 volumes counts and reach the 29th.


  4. kinda expected that, but it’s okay. 🙂 at least we got tsubasa to enjoy! (i guess… ._. )

    wait a minute, i can’t remember what’s Woman’s Day… X’D i am a girl but i forgot what it’s about. whoops.

    i know this is sooooooooo late because i haven’t been keeping in touch in LJ lately, so…:


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