XXXHOLiC 175 !

It’s out at ladydarkmoon‘s resident and at The Room of Requirement as well =D

I have no idea where CLAMP is trying to drag is to with this arc, but that thing finally appeared again and Watanuki’s eyes look weird on page 5 xD

34 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC 175 !

  1. > Watanuki’s eyes look weird on page 5 xD
    eeebil eyes… XD

    yah, at least IT finally appear, which means that there might be something bad gonna happen that it might come in handy… *suddenly imagining Doumeki throwing it to something* not that method! XD whoops! my brain is frying now… (it’s really cold here, where i live.:( )


  2. I finally was able to finish reading xxxHolic from start to finish, so even though I’m still very confused, I feel like I better understand how this storyline and Tsubasa’s connects. But I have a quick question about something I didn’t understand. Which is “Watanuki’s” true name? I know one of his names was given to him to protect him from Fei Wong, but I don’t understand if it was “Watanuki” or “Kimihiro”. Which was the name that Sakura and Syaoran actually gave their child? If someone could tell me, I’d really appreciate it! 😉


    • I must say that the only thing that amazed me was the fact that Himawari baked the cookies herself, and what she said to Watanuki.
      Did she ever do that before? I don’t remember her having done it!!! xD
      That might be important, dunno why still ~~



      • I think it shows how all the characters have changed after meeting each other. Before, when Watanuki got all crazy because she cooked something, Himawari would said that she just bought it. Then he would go all crazy again and say “but warmed it up” or something of the sort and she would said that it was actually her mother who did that.


        • Thanks for the news!
          God, this chapter was really EMBROMATIOM >XD
          And I think too that the only important thing was Himawari saying she cooked that o_O I wonder if Watanuki is going to give the cookies to the client… and if she’s gonna eat… and if she’s gonna DIE
          Anyways, I think Doumeki/Watanuki fanservice was pretty important too *cof cof*


          • that could happen, but for some reason i don’t think so…
            i believe that she must eat Watanukis riceball because they have something simillar…
            moreover, i think that the important thing is when Himawari said that the feeling Watanuki wanted to transmit would eventually reach the lady… the cookies might be only meaning that Himawari thanks Watanuki-kun for what he’s done for her, it’s her way to show her feeling maybe?
            Dunno, my brain is hurting now xD


      • True, they drew Watanuki’s eyes like the girl’s eyes of the manga – in the first page, then they started drawing thin pupils, for the men and Yuuko. Himawari, Sakura and the other girls have eyes like Watanuki’s in the first chapter, that’s the way CLAMP draws the manga girl’s eyes.

        A lot of english mistakes I bet xD


        • Maybe… Watanuki became more boyish? xD Although his Volume 1 eyes looked like Syaoran’s. Perhaps this change means either he has become an individual being (i.e does not depend on Syaoran and is able to choose a future for himself) or Clamp decided to change his looks. Still, I love his cat-like eyes.

          Don’t worry about the mistakes. My native language is Spanish and I tend to make lots of mistakes as well.


  3. Clow Reed

    I was reading TRC 215 again and something crossed my mind….when Yuko says “You must put an end to that which you have begun, Fei Wong and Clow.”….so I thought (I know Clow had already tried bring someone back to life) that maybe Clow is the person who Fei wants to revive, though this isn´t something Fei wants but what Clow wants…..So our adorable and dear Clow Reed is the BIG VILAN….don´t you guys think that……….ah by the way, so the english….I´m a brazilian student……..


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