XXXHOLiC delay due to CLAMP illness

The official website of Young Magazine posted a note today stating that the reason that XXXHOLiC is taking a break this week is due to a sudden illness amongst CLAMP (it’s not said which one of them).

You might remember that on late January a similar note was posted in Young Magazine’s official website regarding a last-minute change in XXXHOLiC’s publishing schedule.

The next XXXHOLiC chapter will be published in the next Young Magazine issue.

My best regards to the sick CLAMP member(s) and I hope for a safe recovery.

10 thoughts on “XXXHOLiC delay due to CLAMP illness

  1. Narcolico

    I hope whomever it is, she recovers completely.

    It could be something serious if she’s got to stay in bed twice in two months XD.


  2. Oh that’s worrisome, I hope it’s nothing too serious, just overwork. Poor CLAMP, manga-kas are already worked to the death, I have no idea how three of them manage to pull off three mangas at once…


  3. Again? Boy, Japan should stop killing all the bacterias with chemicals so much. Their immune systems are horrible.

    I remember my elementary school would close down for 2 days if 5 people were sick at once. (I was so happy then. XD skip school~)


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