Kobato. 2010 Calendar cover, Mokona marrying Fuuma?

Amazon.co.jp has a preview from the cover of the Kobato. 2010 Calendar:

I don’t think I’ve seen so many different kind of flowers in a CLAMP illustration XD

Thanks clamp_now for the heads up!

Also, slightly off, but I found out today that on December 4, Mika Kikuchi (Mokona’s seiyuu in Tsubasa) is marrying Yuuji Kishi, who played Fuuma in the Tsubasa OADs. Apparently their relationship started during the Tsubasa after-recording sessions =) Check out CLAMP’s messages for the couple.

They are all saying “Mokona is marrying Fuuma!” and as if that wasn’t enough, Nekoi made this lovely drawing:

Congratulations to the couple! XD


33 thoughts on “Kobato. 2010 Calendar cover, Mokona marrying Fuuma?

  1. Kobato looks super beautiful on the calendar @A@ I love the dress, I wish we could see it better ♥ *White dresses are pure love*

    OH GOD *Dies in laughter* T- that pic…
    Congratulations to both of them!


  2. The calendar cover is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen from CLAMP (except for Usagi and Ioryogi’s being there XD).

    Also, that’s so sweet! The illustration is hilarious.


  3. The Kobato picture is gorgeous. I kind of want the calendar now. So many pretty flowers.

    And AWWWWWW. I hope those two have a happy marriage. It’s nice that their work got them together.


  4. Sorry to hijack the FumaxMokona glee thread, but there are early scans for Tsubasa’s epilogue over at Raw Paradise.


  5. ** VAChE **

    LOL!! xD congratulations to them…hope they have a wonderful life together :]

    Nekoi made it?…wow! Fuuma looks a lot like Mokona’s style! I loved it! also loved Kobato.’s picture…maybe a few less flowers would have been awesome…but it’s beautiful anyway.

    Thanks for the news chibi Yuuto ^^


    • I also think that Fuuma looks a lot like Mokona’s style! Maybe she drew just Fuuma and Nekoi did the rest and the coloring.

      But the image was posted in Nekoi’s board so I assumed it was hers ^^


  6. the cover is so pwetty! kobato looks so mature and angelic. 😀

    UNEXPECTED NEWS RIGHT THERE! THAT’S GONNA BE IN MY “WTF LIST” FROM NOW ONE. XD oh congrats “Moko”-chan and “Fuuma”-kun! now Larg (and Kamui? o.o) is gonna get mad. jkjkjkjk XP just teasing! *runs*


  7. At first I thought it was Mokona the artist getting married to Fuuma the character… Anyway, congratulations! The pic is just too cute with Moknoa running (jumping?) into Fuuma’s arms.


  8. Kobato *O* and Marriage *O*

    First, congratulations to “Mokona and Fumma”!!! *O* XDDD I wish you to be very happy!!

    And Kobato… The new illustration is so wonderful! *O*

    Bye ~


  9. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FuumaXMokona is our new OTP!!! XDDDDD
    Congratulations to the happy couple!! (hehehe I Love seiyuu’s marriages xD)

    The Kobato illustration is Gorgeous!!!

    Thanks for Sharing!!!


  10. Wow! Amazing!
    No doubt that Kobato’s calendar will be gorgeous! She’s one of my fav CLAMP characters!
    Congrats to Mokona and Fuuma! They will be the most cute, happy and strange couple in CLAMP realm!


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