TRC Special Chapter

Scans can be found here (by Raw-Paradise) and translations here (by ).

Now THIS looks like a much proper ending!

So I take back part of my last week ranting (I so saw this coming xD), c’mon, you didn’t think CLAMP would do that to us, did you? (“for a second there, I kinda did” – Beatrix Kiddo, Kill Bill Vol. 1).

It’s nice to see what happens to all of them. Seems like just a couple of days have passed. I kinda hoped we would see a glimpse of the vampire twins but man, their storyline was completely left out xD I do think we will see them again in some future CLAMP work, though.

Sakura having another serious dream made me think “oh shit, it’s gonna start all over again” XD

So glad to see Nadeshiko and Fujitaka! I still need to figure out how everything went back to what it was before, I haven’t really stopped to think through yet, specially because that Sakura is the same one that fell in love for the clone, but she is now in love with the real!Syaoran. That was a little odd, but CLAMP sometimes can be very odd with love xD

I like the bit about the price, how Syaoran must keep on traveling while Watanuki must stay in one place. But again I didn’t really think too much about the logic here (Fye is giving some convincing explanation but I haven’t really thought through too much, I am guessing it will make more sense when I re-read everything at one shot).

I also like that Syaoran want to try and find a way to bring the clones’ souls (that are living inside Syaoran and Sakura) back to some kind of “life” again. It sort of leaves the door wide open for these characters, making it possible to see them again in future works.

The confession scene was LOVELY. I LOVED it XD It was so nice to have Syaoran saying instead of Sakura. She promised way back in Chapter 1 and it’s only fair to have it on the final chapter, but making Syaoran the one saying it makes it even better.

I LOVED that their true names are Tsubasa. I don’t know why I love it so much…. but I can’t see a more suitable name for them XD It’s so cute! At least we got that mystery cleared!

Here is a funny story, when Tsubasa was about to start, there was a little image in Shonen Magazine’s website showing Syaoran’s face and if you put the mouse over it, you could read “Tsubasa”. For a moment (when I still didn’t know he was Syaoran, no one knew), I kinda thought his name could be Tsubasa! LOL! I wasn’t all that wrong, then ^^;

I’m still sort of disappointed for FWR… but there is still hope in XXXHOLiC. Maybe we’ll be able to directly or indirectly find out more about him…

Overall the ending felt very “CLAMP” to me. It’s a happy ending, but a bittersweet one. The main couple is together but they are paying a heavy price in order to have that.

Before I go, I just wanted to say that I love Clow fashion xD


94 thoughts on “TRC Special Chapter

  1. The Sakura we have now is not the Sakura that fell in love with the clone, it’s the Sakura R!Syaoran met as a kid, right? The one he saved from the curse. Otherwise she wouldn’t say that place was special for the other “them” when they were kids.

    I really liked the ending, and I do think it’ll be over in Holic.


    • Isn’t the C!Sakura supposed to be a part of the R!Sakura as well in a way? This is what i have had deciphered from the semi-final chapter. But yeah, that one is the one RSyao met as a kid. {the one i refer as R!Sakura, do not ask me why, makes things easier, lol}


    • +1 to Inma
      She’s the real Sakura in the timeline A (the one from the Tsubasa-kun -real Syao- xD), the cursed one.
      In fact, she’s “back at home” with her real parents, Nadeshiko and Fujitaka ^^

      I have enjoyed A LOT this ending ^_^ it’s not the “perfect and epic” ending we hope for TRC but a great bittersweet finale with explains many things.

      This ends Tsubasa ~RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE~ after 6 amazing years but I’m sure CLAMP will tell us the real Tsubasa-HOLiC “grand finale” eventually, maybe in xxxHOLiC·Rou, maybe in a common new manga joining both stories O_o


      • I’m glad you are happy about it! I’m very happy with it too! Wouldn’t mind a bit more answers, but we have XXXHOLiC yet =)

        And I do think it’s very likely that we might find out some of the unanswered questions in CLAMP’s future works =)


    • Hummm I hope you are right! But from the translation I read, she said that she used to come there with the other “you” (referring to Syaoran).

      Maybe it was just a mistake =)

      I really liked the ending, and I do think it’ll be over in Holic.

      Me too! That old geezer with the bats must have something to do with FWR!


      • But she has her clone’s memories, so I think she said that “she” used to come there with the other “you”. In the confusion of the last chapters I think it was implied that she also could see everything that happened with her clone when she was frozen in time, just like Jr could see what happened with his clone when he was imprisoned.

        Or I’ve just misunderstood everything, LOL


      • Mmm, what she says is a bit ambiguous. She says “the other you and me,” but that could mean “me and the other you” or “ther other you and the other me.” I think she referes to the second, because C!Sakura’s dad was Clow, not Fujitaka, right? But in this Clow country, Tsubasa!Sakura’s parents are Fujitaka and Nadeshiko, just like when Tsubasa!Syaoran met her as a kid.


  2. I’m still really disappointed in the ending even after reading it in its entirety. It felt a bit like CLAMP was trying to finish it up as fast as possible to focus all their energies on answering as many relevant unanswered questions in xxxHOLiC. I really do think that Fei Wong is going to be explained in xxxHOLiC; CLAMP never did explain why that old man had the bat symbols plastered everywhere on his furniture.

    I have to give CLAMP some props for thinking ahead by giving Syaoran and co. Larg’s earring. I wondered when they were going to show that moment in xxxHOLiC, then I checked the xxxHOLiC Rou chapters and noticed that Larg never had his earring in the first place. I’m sure someone else has already noticed this, I just never did until today.

    I still want to see Watanuki’s lost memories in Larg’s earring.

    I’m confused about the implications of Syaoran always traveling and Watanuki remaining in the shop. Is it something they have to do forever to ensure that the multiverse doesn’t collapse on itself? Or is Syaoran somehow going to be freed when Watanuki is freed from the shop?


    • CLAMP never did explain why that old man had the bat symbols plastered everywhere on his furniture.

      That is exactly where my (and probably everyone else’s) hope is lying at xD

      then I checked the xxxHOLiC Rou chapters and noticed that Larg never had his earring in the first place

      Yes! But if you notice, Soel doesn’t have its earring anymore either… I wonder why…

      Is it something they have to do forever to ensure that the multiverse doesn’t collapse on itself? Or is Syaoran somehow going to be freed when Watanuki is freed from the shop?

      I never thought about the second possibility, it could be! For now, I would say it’s forever…


      • But if you notice, Soel doesn’t have its earring anymore either… I wonder why…

        a-ano…I know it’s pretty hard to remember with everything that happened, but I’m quite sure Soel’s earring was used in Celes. Due to Fai’s curse he was about to be trapped in the collapsing world of Celes but then the earring was used to break a small hole through so Kurogane could get him….erm, I know I didn’t explain that right. XP But do you remember?


  3. Yeah, I feel better about this, too.

    The ending was sweet and gentle-with a touch of sadness. But also a lot of hope. They got away with a happier ending than most CLAMP couples!

    I love how open the ending is, too. CLAMP has left themselves plenty of room to revisit the Tsubasa gang-be it in oneshots, omakes or, maybe, a continuation later on.

    I like the ‘Tsubasa’ thing but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to call them that. It’s like Fay (and Kurogane). A person’s name is that which they are known by and that which they think of themselves as. Even if their ‘true name’ is different, the name they use is whatever is familiar.


  4. I don’t know why I’m charmed by the fact they’re both named “Tsubasa”. Probably because they both end up together but have to separate to make it happen (don’t worry, I gave up logic a long time ago myself), so any cheesiness is canceled out by the gravity of the situation. And it explains the title so well and gives Tsubasa an ending I can somewhat defend (oh, xxxholic, don’t fail me now..).


    • I think it’s more suitable than other name. Actually I would rather not have too many “fake names” as we already had in Tsubasa (basically EVERYONE had a fake name). BUT, since they had fake names, at least their true names are suitable =)


  5. Lol Alex, you and your Kill Bill quotes, lol. /epic reference though, i shall give you that

    And yeah, the confession scene could not great any better. Actually, the whole closure concept was delivered in the best way i could think of.


  6. Well, its difficult to say goodbye to tsubasa. Definetly.
    Im happy with the ending personally, I liked that the group will remain together, and sakura will wait for syaoran… and finally syaoran sayd: “i love you” XD i almost died when i read that. XDDDD

    and you’re right chibiyuuto-san CLOW FASHION RULES!


  7. Tsubasa and Sakura are my favorite names! I’m really gonna name my children with those (someday later maybe) xD

    I’m gonna miss Shaoran-kun so much BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


  8. Yup, it wasn’t as bad as one could fear last week! We didn’t got much answers, but evrything was quite cute and peaceful… Reminds me of the very beginning of the story ^^
    I’m still a bit disappointed that Sakura doesn’t go with the boys and Mokona…
    I thought she ought to…

    And I agree with you : Clow outfits are reaaaally cool!


      • Super!Clone!Sakura would have went with them anyway!

        But yeah, now if they have nothing better to do, they can always do some sequel… Not that we would be against that, right?

        On another subject… are there any news about Mangettes? It was supposed to come out in August and, well, the CLAMP are quite late in their schedule as of late but…


        • No news on Gate 7 yet =/ But I am thinking that NOW is a good timing for the news to start popping out ^_~

          Or maybe they will wait until XXXHOLiC is over. But don’t worry, I’m doing my homework, always searching for news xD


    (so much I forgot about the tons of unanswered questions still. XD)

    Aaah, this chapter made me so happy for some reason. I am so content and feel like floating.

    The confession scene was beautiful!
    “Tsubasa” was a very nice touch!
    AND THE NEW CLOW FASHIONS TOTALLY ROCK! I want to see cosplay of that soon. >.>



  10. I’m going to agree with almost everyone and say I’m quite pleased with this epilogue too. Bittersweet, giving us enough closure but still open enough that CLAMP can play with them later and it still lets us play in their sandbox. 😉

    I LOVED seeing Nadeshiko and Fujitaka again. I was a bit worried they would disappear too, but I’m happy the whole family is united again, in a way they never were in CCS.

    I’m also pleased with the name reveal. Having them both being Tsubasa is really cute. X3


        • Loved your comment! I think you’re somehow new around here? Welcome! Hope to see you around more often =)

          Yeah, they definitely left a lot of open possibilities for starving fanfiction writers and also, why not, CLAMP themselves revisit that universe someday =)

          Que legal q vc é brasileira! O LJ precisa de mais brasileiros (eu sempre digo isso xD) ♥♥♥ pra vc tb!


          • Yup, new to your LJ and super happy I found you.

            I also enjoyed the ending because it kind altered the future of the Kurofai writers. People seemed already conformed with the idea that Fay went to Nihon with Kurogane and they lived happily ever after Clamp style. Now writers can explore their creativity again. 😉

            E agora posso perguntar a um fã brasileiro: pq o nome do Fay foi traduzido como Phi em português? Vc sabe? Não entendi essa…


            • pq o nome do Fay foi traduzido como Phi em português? Vc sabe? Não entendi essa…

              Pq segundo eles o nome vem de uma letra grega, q se escreve “Phi” e se lê “Fai” ^^”’


  11. LOve the end, love CLOW’s fashion, so cool, love the real names, love the confession scene…. love this epilog…. AND I think we are going to see the travelers in xxxHolic.

    Thanks CLAMP and we still have xxxHolic to resolve all the misteries in TRC and xxxHolic.


  12. YEA!!!!!! crossed fashion!!!!!!! TRC/Code Geass….. (we have to see the clothes of Lelouch, C.C. and os Sakura, Nadeshiko, fujitaka, Touya and Yukito……. maybe, but just maybe are similar….)


  13. When I read the spoilers about them sharing a name I thought I would lol so much at this moment. But actually, it was done in such a bittersweet and beautiful way that I fell in love with the idea… 🙂
    I can hardly believe it’s over! But I’m certain, like Sakura, that we’ll all meet again someday(in xxxHOLiC and probably in many other CLAMP works to come, in which our questions will be answered, I’m sure).
    Aaaaand they FINALLY gave us some sweet Kurofai! Just like old times, except they’ve both changed so much along the journey – that undertone of maturity is really nice.

    I wish Tsubasa!Sakura could go with them, but I think it was the right thing for CLAMP to do to have her wait for them. It gives Tsubasa!Syaoran a different kind of goal.
    I love the names, but they’ll still be Sakura and Syaoran to us, huh? It’s not like how we had plenty of chapters to get used to Yuui!Fai and Youou!Kurogane.



  14. It’s finally over! XDD

    I really hope that Fei’s story is explained in Holic… I think that he had much more connection in there than we thought.

    Thank you for all the comments (I love your chapter comments!), and for the RoR – if hadn’t found it, I would not find you LJ, clamp_now, and I think I would still be stuck with the JBC version, LOL


    • It’s finally over!

      I hope so too, I can’t believe CLAMP would do that to us =(

      Thank you for all the comments (I love your chapter comments!), and for the RoR – if hadn’t found it, I would not find you LJ, clamp_now, and I think I would still be stuck with the JBC version, LOL

      LOL! Aw that was a nice comment! I’m glad you found my LJ too! And we have GOT to meet one day, sensei! =D


  15. Ah, it was great. I was smiling the whole way through…which was a long time.

    I was so freaking glad that Fujitaka and Nadeshiko survived. And they are together. They have been sweet and tragic since CCS and at least in TRC they are together and alive.

    I thought the prices made sense, though if both of them are destabilizing to spacetime, is that going to have an even more destabilizing effect when they’re reunited? Because I’m betting very much that Watanuki and Tsubasa will meet again in HOLiC.

    Rather than having the vampire twins plotline resolved, though, I’d like the actual end to X/1999.

    Ah, it was great. And the art was so pretty! It stands out even in a notably beautiful manga.


  16. THANK YOU SO MUCH~! *huggles*

    L-O-V-E LOVELY TSUBASA! ♥ (goin a lil otaku here XD)

    YAAYYYY THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for all the things you had done for us in past years!! i should’ve typed this earlier, but i want to say thanks for those who took their time to provide us news and updates bout tsubasa. how long was it? ah 6 years, huh? you guys took a long road to follow. 🙂 now it’s done, you guys can take a break for a while. 😀

    > It sort of leaves the door wide open for these characters, making it possible to see them again in future works.
    just like Miyuki-chan? XD

    again, thanks for the wonderful news. this story warms my heart ever since. the link doesn’t work for me, but i’ll wait later for online readings. next world: Mangettes 7.


  17. LOVE IT!!!!!

    After this last chapter, I totally forgot all the feelings I have from last weeks chapter. I was just to happy that I just scream like a crazy girl, after receiving her first kiss. I’m going to miss them all, along with the vampire twins . CLAMP should make a story of them, just my opinion. After this six years I’m totally satisfied and happy ^_^
    Thank you so much for everything Chibi Yuuto!!!!!!!


  18. when i first read the spoilers for the epilogue, i thought it was going to be really horrible. but after reading the actual thing, it had a nice sense of closure to it, yet it was still pretty ambiguous. :] can’t say i’m totally happy with how it ended, there’s still a lot of confusing aspects and random sub-plots that were tossed aside, but i’m satisfied, haha.


    • I read the spoilers AFTER the chapter and I know what you mean. The spoilers look pretty weak compared to the real chapter.

      Not reading the spoilers had a good effect on me =)


  19. I loooved so much this epilogue adn the series. When I read the last chapte I thought “CLAMP have just disappointed me”, but now i think that they tottally rock!!! I LOVE TSUBASA!!!

    I hope to see one day the whole (enormous and giagantic) arc of Clow country (with all the flashbacks) in an Ova, or why not a movie XDDD

    I’m really looking forward for xxxHOLIC’s end and that other questions could be answered. 😀

    Thanks chibiyuuto for all the posts you’ve during all these years related with Tsubasa. 🙂


      • Yeah! I’ll definetely be visiting your livejournal!!! ;D

        I take advantage of this message to say another two new things… XD

        I think that the first ending of Tsubasa, “Loop” from maaya sakamoto fits with the series a lot. Maybe she knew how things were going to end since the beginning! XD Maybe she is a secret member of CLAMP O.O!!! XD

        The other thing is that I started to reread Tsubasa, and a part of the phrase of chapter 3 was maybe a clue of how things ended “Time, since that day, has remained still.” XDDDD


  20. I Think CLAMP is going to make kind of a TRC-2
    so many unanswered questions that Holic can’t explain, about the vampire twins, about FWR, about Clow Read in Clow country, about the “clones” new bodies,

    and it’s kind of an open door saying the earing with the memories contained in black mokona earing will lead the syaoran’s crew to people

    as far as we know, inside this earing we have
    -watanuki’s memory (i’m sure he’s got a huge part to play to have pay for syaoran’s safety)
    -cloned-sakura memory (kind of related to FWR so…)
    -kohane-chan’s exorcism power
    -and maybve some other

    so what should we expect for the future


  21. Overall I did like the epilogue (Kuro-tan interupting the confession scene was hilarious… *sigh* seems like we’ll never ever see a Syaoran X Sakura kiss in canon though…)

    Mixed feelings about the fact that they’re going to continue to journey but from the sounds of it, it seems they will be able to meet up often (and there will be lots of visits to Watanuki’s shop from the sounds of it so we’ll get to see them again in xxxholic rou). I guess you do gotta pay some kinda price for screwing with time-space, and it could have been a lot worse than it turned out.

    I had wished they would tell us about Fei Wong in TRC though, after all, he was the main villain and showed up the most in TRC rather than in holic but if they do end up explaining his motivations in holic than that’s better than no explanation at all. Methinks CLAMP is hiding something more about him, perhaps?

    I like the fact that they were both called Tsubasa too, after all, wings do come in pairs 😀


  22. 1. Yes, I have to admit my comment leaned more negatively, but I’m definitely happier with this ending. It does tie up most loose ends. We’ll probably see the TRC group at the shop in xxxHOLiC, since it was hinted that they have strong “ties” (the memories) to Clow Country (where Sakura is) and to the Shop (where Watanuki is).

    2. It closes things for TRC, definitely. As for a ‘conclusive’ ending, I don’t really think you can put an ending that will really “end” the journey. In one way, CLAMP having an ending that closes one story will open for another, which isn’t so bad. CCS and MKR was done with similar ending; that “story” is done, but the characters’ journey still continues.

    3. I had not made any predictions about their “real” names, but it seems really obvious in hindsight.

    4. At first, I really was focusing on xxxHOLiC, since the occult folk stories appealed to me more so than a bunch of people wondering around multiple dimensions. Also, HOLiC was episodic enough for me to pause for a few months at a time, than waiting for the next chapter that influences the overall plot a step at a time. I only started reading TRC some point after Watanuki started questioning his existence (although it could have been earlier when he met Kohane); I think it was close to the point after the Tokyo/Vampire Twins arc and towards Celes.

    5. Still open enough for KuroFai introspection. No complaints here.

    6. I reek at artwork these days. Good Luck to those do post artwork.

    7. Nope. Congrats to CLAMP for their 6-year run and thanks to the scanlation groups (RAWs, Translators, Cleaners, the works) for providing TRC to us non-Japanese readers.

    NOTE: I’ve posted this on the Clamp Now LJ community as well.


  23. Love the confession scene. Love the fact that they share the same name.

    I’ve been thinking, R/syaoran’s name was given by his parents, aka the clones. Could they have given the name “tsubasa” because of their journey?


    so sad that it’s over 😦
    Gonna miss coming here to see if new chapters have been uploaded :c
    But the ending really makes it worth the end 😉

    I’d also like to say thank you too for all the Tsubasa coverage you’ve done 🙂 Thank you!!
    I always get to understand the chapters more thanks to you 🙂
    So thank you so, sooooo much 😀


  25. *Sighs* I can’t believe Tsubasa’s over. Oh, how I’ve loved this series! I’m quite pleased with the epilogue. I had wanted them to settle down at home, partly for closure and mostly because seeing Fai staying Kurogane would have made me very happy, but I love that the journey hasn’t ended. I wonder if we’ll ever see more of these guys other than as cameos in Holic and other series.

    The confession scene was sweet X3 Though, I don’t really understand the name thing. Yuui and whatever Kuro-pon’s name was made sense, but why did the originals pretend they had the same name as the clones?

    Overall I’m pretty happy. Such an open ending suits this series and leaves the fandom a lot to pay around with. Thank you CLAMP ♥ And thank you for all your hard work in bringing us news and comments san!


  26. I am just brain dead over the whole thing. And tremendously pissed about the vampire story. Oh Clamp, what were you doing for the last 4 volumes?

    Now eyeing Gate 4 and ending of xxxholic.


  27. I-I-I love it! *0*
    this was what we’ve been waiting for, the conclusion to Tsubasa! (well, for me at least) I’m so glad that CLAMP made an epilogue, just last week, I was fuming about how chapitre 232 was not an ending to Tsubasa ^^;;

    When Syaoran and Sakura revealed their true names to be ‘Tsubasa’, i was suprised(and very happy) and 5 seconds later it dawned upon me why the title of the manga is Tsubasa Chronicles -> it’s a chronicle/tale of their, Syaoran and Sakura (as well as Fai & Kurogane), journey across dimensions. Now it all makes sense \O/ (I thought that ‘tsubasa’ had to do with Sakura’s feathers but I guess that there’s more to it)

    CLAMP gave us an open-ended conclusion which really gives them many chances to go back and do more with the gang 😀 I usually don’t like open-endings but given the fact that the ending was very CLAMP-like and had a bittersweet (and lovely) confession, *I’m satisfied* 🙂

    I’ve only known Tsubasa for 3 years so I miss it already but with all the twists that CLAMP gave us, I’m sure that I’ll miss it even more in the future. When the long winter holiday comes, I’m definitely going to read Tsubasa all the way from the beginning to the end XD


  28. Maybe we were a bit too harsh on clamp after reading last week’s chapter, there are still sooo many things you’d want to find out about, but since xxxHolic still remains – there’s hope. I liked this chapter, it was so beautiful, bittersweet and “open” – which I think is a good thing. I’m not as disappointed anymore, right now – I’m pretty happy about it, but sad as well…It’ll take some time to realize that the series is over.


  29. TRC Special Chapter

    Thanks for much for the years of translation work. The ending left me satisfied, and I’m excited to see what will happen now in Xxxholic.

    I wonder if the visitors Watanuki was told about in Xxxholic’s last chapter are our favorite group?


  30. depression and happinesss with another ending

    another great clamp story has ended (in a way)thank you chibiyuto for all you’ve done 🙂 true i think that the crew will make an appearance in holic but since they will still travel maybe (again in starting with my own fantasy) the crew will appear in the unfinished works (x, clover,legal drug) i was actually hoping this would happen throughout the series (perhaps we will see the x ending in holic since subaru was mentioned in the first book of holic)
    now i just have to wait for holic and gates 🙂


  31. Thanks for much for the years of translation work. The ending left me satisfied, and I’m excited to see what will happen now in Xxxholic. Although, I am kinda sad to hear that Watanuki may have to stay in the shop forever! I hope that will be solved.

    I wonder if the visitors Watanuki was told about in Xxxholic’s last chapter are our favorite group?


  32. OH CLAMP….. You made me cry…. Yet again…

    God I’m so happy!! I loved the ending!!! ;___; – Aside from the fact that we never heard from the vampire twins again – I think it was Perfect!!! Yes… the fact that Shaoran and Sakura won’t be seeing eachother for some time Is kind of sad… but yet… I’m so So happy that Shaoran (well.. Tsubasa) won’t accept his parents “disappearance” and that he will try to bring them back…

    What makes me even more happy is that Mokona said that he will be able to visit the shop quite often!!!! That means he will see Watanuki!!! I demand some Brother or…. other self bonding there!!! (Watanuki needs it ;__;)

    The confession scene was just…. ADORABLE!! ;___;

    And the fact that they are both named Tsubasa… just made me cry even harder…

    It is true that they never told us the truth about FWR…. but I belive that probably Holic will provide answers when it comes to that matter….

    The only thing that kind of bothers me… is that I kind of consider that Fai (Yuui) never actually mourned over is brother…but.. oh well…

    Overall I think it was an Amazing ending… and Clamp just proved me Once Again!… THAT THEY OWN MY SOUL….


  33. Now that is the epilogue I wanted to see. ^^

    … as an afterthought, I have a weird suspicion that chapter 33 incident where Touya and Yukito were looking at the ruins in a sandstorm was actually happening exactly at the same time as the final chapters. So, it’s like the moment after Syaoran and Sakura left, they were there again, the whole time for Yukito and Touya. O_o But no more speculating! The story is over… for now.

    I LOVED that their true names are Tsubasa. I don’t know why I love it so much…. but I can’t see a more suitable name for them XD It’s so cute! At least we got that mystery cleared!

    >I actually think that’s interesting. They have the same name and you need two wings to fly…

    Ooh, but lovely ending. Appropriately happy and bittersweet.


  34. I should’ve seen that scene coming. Everything always ends up coming full circle. I should’ve seen it coming but I didn’t. Especially when it hit the, “My real name is…” That should be when the light bulb goes off. This is CLAMP for crying out loud. There are multiple meanings everywhere. They make things complex and in this particular series, at some points, unnecessarily so but this is more in execution and explanation.

    I really wish CLAMP would do a better job with the ending in this series. As much as the epilogue offers closure, it’s the unfinished plot points that leaves me a bit disappointed and there are some things that I wished they fleshed out more.

    Overall, it was a good run wasn’t it? CLAMP, please don’t pull something you did with xxxHolic and maybe start working on Legal Drug again?


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