CLAMP draws “Happy Ko” (again)

A new illustration drawn by CLAMP of the “Happy Ko” character was broadcast today in NHK’s kids show, Ten TV-kun MAX (or whatever it’s called xD):

The illustration above was taken from the show’s official website. There’s also a message from CLAMP, they said that this time the clothes are matching the arrival of the Autumn.

“Happy Ko” is a character played by one of the show’s young hostesses, Fujii Chiho, she presents the Girl’s Communication corner of the show.

So cute! I’m glad it was a new drawing after all =)

The Kobato. anime starts today and has already aired in Japan! Who else is excited? \o/\o/\o/


12 thoughts on “CLAMP draws “Happy Ko” (again)

  1. Happy Ko and Kobato *O*

    Happy Ko is so cute!! *O* I want them to do more drawings for her! *O*
    Now, about Kobato… *O* \o/ *O* Kobato finally began!!! *O* I want to watch Kobato!!! *O*

    Bye ~


  2. I like Kobato. OP, but not ED for some reason. Anime is making the exam into 30 min. that I felt she passed the exam faster than I expected, too fast.


  3. I just love that drawing! ^^ Everything looks great. I especially love the style of the dress. The top part, the sleeves and the boots all look amazing! 😀 (I’m very happy to have some new artwork from CLAMP, even if it’s small)


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