Kobato. TV Anime #01 RAW (Updated)

Online streaming here. Tip: click on the “comment” option (written in katakana) beside the length counter to disable the comments (they can be annoying sometimes xD).

Thanks clamp_now community for the link!

Further torrent links will be added in this post!

Update 1: 1280×720 MP4 Torrent.

Update 2: Subbed version by [gg]: Part 1, Part 2.

I watched it and I simply LOVED every bit of it. The beginning and the part where she gets the bottle are SO much better than the manga version (in the manga, Ioryogi pulls the bottle out of his back-pocket, WTF? Not very climatic), the anime version is so much more epic, LOL! And the beginning it’s like she comes down to Earth like an angel, very cool!

Loved all the voices, Kobato’s one is so adorable (not as desperate as shown in the PV xD But I like her desperate voice anyway). Every now and then Ioryogi’s voice would annoyingly remind me of Kurogane, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

GREAT animation, the colors are so vivid. That is why MADHOUSE OWNS the spot of best animation studio for CLAMP in my ranking. I loved the SDs parts, the comedy is just as the right level (the “DOBATO” and “DABADA” at the end? Awesome). Soundtrack sounds very nice too.

What else? The OP is lovely, although I have to agree with my friend Sakura84-chan, it’s rather simple. The ED is even simpler, with the bottle just spinning around, but the 3D looks neat.

I loved the bottle too! Although sometimes it looked like it was much smaller than in the manga xD

I approve the script changes (*cough* written by Ohkawa *cough*), giving her the bottle right at the end of the episode is a good way to hook whoever is only watching the anime and hasn’t been following the manga. Much better than 9 episodes of Exams.

I was surprised the grandma wasn’t really XXXHOLiC’s grandma! Haha! I do hope we will get to see the rest of the crossovers from the Exams. though (Asou and Hinata, Misaki, Tamayo, XXXHOLiC grandma herself, maybe she will be in the New Year’s episode, etc).

I simply LOVED it! You feel so great when you’re watching it, it’s so calm and easy-going just like reading the manga. This looks so promissing!


What about you? Share your thoughts please!


66 thoughts on “Kobato. TV Anime #01 RAW (Updated)

  1. Yeah, I loved it too. ^^
    When I first saw the opening, I thought it was going to suck because it just looked awkward (especially the first few seconds). I’m glad I was wrong. xD
    I found part of the first half rather boring, but the second definitely made up for it.
    And the bottle was just SHINY and PRETTY. xD


    • No Wish characters in the opening was a tad disappointing =/ But I’m not complaining, the anime is great! XD

      I loved the nabe part, so funny to see her adding all those crazy ingredients XD

      And the bottle was just SHINY and PRETTY. xD



  2. I really really loved it- I thought it captured the story perfectly.

    (No Wish characters in the OP, but Ioryogi -did- mention Kohaku when Kobato started singing. I wonder what exactly they’re going to do with the Wish connection.)


  3. I hate her dress (TAT) When she appeared in the opening wearing the other dresses for 3 seconds she was a lot prettier.

    I think the episode was pretty cute in general, especially the first half.

    Things I didn’t like:
    -Kobato’s dress.
    -Kobato’s hair (spiky?!)
    -Kobato looked too tall at some points.
    -Fujimoto not bending down a bit to look at Kobato on the floor (don’t mind my Fujibatoness)

    Things I liked:
    -Kobato’s voice was very pretty!
    -The scene with the ravens was super funny.
    -The 3D bottle looks awesome and shiny and… wait, small ;;; But still shiny and lovely.

    To me the manga is much much better, but I think I will enjoy this a lot every week, since we have to wait 1 month for new manga chapters.


    • I didn’t like the dress they chose for the OP either. It would be much better to have that CIW dress or any other non-green xD But it didn’t annoy me to no end.

      -Fujimoto not bending down a bit to look at Kobato on the floor (don’t mind my Fujibatoness)

      HAHA that would have been nice to see! Blame Ohkawa, she should have put that in the script: Fujimoto BENDS down to check on Kobato.

      I thought the bottle looked small too XD Well, easier for anime!Kobato. Filling that bottle will be much easier xD


    • Yep, Kobato’s hair was probably what bothered me most. :<
      Although I think there were other things wrong with the animation as well. Sometimes it just looked kind of off model.
      And I liked Fujimoto's introduction better in the manga too. ^^; It was not only cuter, but also a lot funnier. I suppose you can't make inappropriate jokes on NHK. xD
      I like Kobato's dress though.


      • I’m happy with Kobato’s hair. CLAMP’s hair is definitely prettier but one thing is to draw an static illustration and another is to make an animation xD Sometimes it reminded me of Chii’s hair xD Her hair is hard to animate, but I’m satisfied with what I saw (Sakura’s hair wasn’t exactly like the manga either).

        I suppose you can’t make inappropriate jokes on NHK. xD

        I blame that too.


    • -Kobato’s hair (spiky?!)

      That bugs me, too 8| It doesn’t look spiky in the manga, it’s all straight and flowy and pretty. In the anime it looks like she’s just woken up half the time.


  4. I’ve already watched it and i LIKE IT! Ho-ho-ho, i was so afraid for voices, but they sound much better than in promo. Ioryogi is the best ^___^
    So they cut down the volume with exams, hmm~ That means the cross with Wish will be bigger than in manga, just to fill in the plot for all 24 series. Interesting!


  5. Such a charming, beautiful first episode. It truly is just the manga in motion, and i love it for that. It’s everything i wanted. Ioryogi is about 10 times more hilarious then he was in the manga. Being voiced by Inada Tetsu is the perfect fit. :3

    Was nice how they added in Fujimoto, and because of that the future plot was hinted at in this episode. Nicely done.

    @chibiyuuto – Will you be posting the streaming link each week?


  6. I LOVED IT!
    i was so exited when i watched, justthe way she arrives i thought of an angel, and the Kobato&Ioryogi moments were awesome, and very funny, i didin’t expect to see fujimoto so soon, butim sooo haaappy to see him! *_____*! my fujubato’s heart was chilling out XD
    But the moment i definitly LOVED was kobato’s song. She sang like an angel and fujmoto was a little touched when he heared it.(i want that mp3 NOW XDDD!)

    the animation, was great, that’s why my OTP always&forever is CLAMP/MADHOUSE!

    and of course, thanks chibiyuuto-san!


  7. they just took care of all the exam contents in one episode. ^^; what the hell are they going to do with the rest of the episodes!? fillers!?

    well, love it so far, donno about the future though.


  8. ** VAChE **


    I loved it…seriously…I LOLed and I felt an awesome peaceful while watching the entire episode…the song was lovely!! it was so f****** beautifuly animated *-* The music is not what I expected…I loved it and the voices were great…I was afraid of Fujimoto’s one…but I really liked it…I think it fits him a 100%

    MADHOUSE x CLAMP is PURE LOVE…they know how to kick asses…definitely.

    Thank you very much chibi Yuuto! ^^


  9. The animation is gorgeous! As are the voices.
    I understood next to nothing, but the atmosphere was lovely.

    But the bunnies in the middle scared me. They were equally funny and disturbing. O.o



    The only problem is that they coloured Kobato’s ‘beer’ dress blue and I’ve just made a pink one for cosplay. Now I’m annoyed!

    But, yeah, the animation was gorgeous and the voices great (although I wish the song Kobato sang wasn’t quite so high in places…her seiyuu didn’t hit those high notes too well).


  11. The ep made me laugh when she was making the dish, LOL and I was also getting annoyed with Ioryogi’s voice cause it so reminded me of Kuro, but it fine. I love the animation of it, it’s so well done.


  12. LOL. Oh, Kobato. I forgot about the nabefail, and how Fujimoto thought she was doing compensated dating…

    I still think it’s weird that their hair is pink. But the fact that she came from the sky and that Ioryogi keeps telling her that she’s living in the human world as a human now seems to indicate that she’s not human…could she be from the isekai/otherworld? Or is she an angel after all?

    Oh, so cute.


  13. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. My favorite CLAMP anime. All of your points on voices and animation I agree with. This is nice after Tsubasa’s ending, a good way to keep their fans interested.


  14. CLAMP x Madhouse—made me feel nostalgic over CCS. The animation was really beautiful, especially the part when Kobato starts singing, and when Ioryogi presents the bottle to her xDD

    I kinda wished Kobato’s hair looked more like what it was from Clamp in Wonderland 2, but that’s really about the one thing that bothered me. Oh and they didn’t show Chitose or her daughters in the OP either =/ but it was nice that Ushagi-san was in the eyecatch xDD


  15. Really, really cute.

    I liked Fujimoto’s intro in the manga better, but it was done well enough here. Can’t wait until they meet again and Kobato gets mad at him for that comment XD

    Her song is really pretty. I liked the way they tweaked the exams, it flowed nicely. But then when will they introduce the xxxHOLiC grandma, and how? The grandma here looked enough like her but the voice was a bit different, and she doesn’t have a grandchild (or does she???)

    YAY! The bottle-earning moment was awesome! That’s one thing the anime definitely improved. I loved the OP and ED, too, simple but sweet.

    The Ushagi eye-catch was cute. Perfect, since Ushagi is an important enough creature in both the Kobato and Wish mangas. I can’t wait to see Kohaku animated!

    The animation style was amazing, although everyone’s hair was a clumpier than the manga. Still, the eyes make up for it ^u^

    Can’t wait until the subs!


      • ** VAChE **

        and I agree with you both…beautiful song…some people say it’s too high and it didn’t sound THAT good…but I loved it :] now we have to wait for Kobato. to sing along with Kohaku…that would be really nice :]


  16. I loved this like I haven’t loved an anime adaptation of a CLAMP work in a LONG time. MADHOUSE is the unchallenged champion of animating CLAMP, without a doubt♥

    I don’t think I saw anyone post this link in earlier comments, but there’s a sub torrent released now on gg if anyone’s interested.


  17. Hisashiburiiii desu ne Chibiyuuto-kun!
    About the episode: I LOVED IT !:D
    It reminds me a lot of CCS old good days XD. The seiyuus are so perfect! (Ioryogi’s voice= Kurgonage reincarnated as a dog ROFL)I’m so glad, I had so many expectations!! Thank you so much for sharing the torrent!:)


  18. I really enjoyed, once again MADHOUSE proves that they’re the studio to pick if animating CLAMP is involved.

    Probably characters from other series might appear or night, TV rights depending, but I’m looking forward to the next episode.


  19. I thought it was one of the most adorable things i have seen in a while. It’s SO bright and colorful. maybe I got stuck on xxxholic with it’s lots of black and white and dark colors that this seems bright to me. Still this is a series I’m really gonna look forward to each week.

    My one complaint was that it did sound like Kurogane from time to time, but otherwise it’s good.


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