ALL ABOUT CLAMP cover, Kobato. press conference video has the front and back cover of the ALL ABOUT CLAMP book:

This is the book version of the CLAMP Newtype [PLATINUM] and [PASTEL] special magazines originally published in 2006, it carries information about all CLAMP works and also X 18.5.

This will be released on October 26.

What a disappointment. Not only the illustrations aren’t new, but the typography is also hideous xD

Changing to Kobato. now, NHK has a video from the Kobato. TV Anime press conference that was held earlier this month. Check it out here.

Kana Hanazawa is so adorable it hurts!


21 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT CLAMP cover, Kobato. press conference video

  1. Puke, glad I sprang for the magazine the first time around.

    But hey, X 18.5 in print for real! I will take this as a hopeful sign that the manga will return. Hope springs eternal, after all.


  2. I agree about the typography, looks so cheap. I hope it’s just the colors of the scan or sth because the print of the images’ colors look fugly too. If I didn’t see this item on your blog, I’d think it was an unofficial/fake item or sth.


    • Man, even I could do a better job, and I’m a programmer! XD

      I wouldn’t doubt that, seriously! Your blog’s design is very good =)

      Just watched Kobato btw, loved it!

      Really? That’s awesome!


  3. The font used on the book reminds me of a circus… -_-” It looks like some kind of bad joke. (And dear God it’s like they used photoshop to make everything brightly vivid! 0_o) Im not usually so critical but it just annoys me that a good job of this could’ve been done quite easily with a good font and a less stupid designer ^^”


  4. I am with you on the horrible design of this book >_<

    I mean, I'm sure everyone here agrees that the illustrations are great, but X and Kobato put together like that….it just doesn't work. There should at least be some division between the two, or one image doesn't take up the whole cover or something.

    And yes…the typography….(o_O) (and why did they pick those colors???)

    Well, it'll be interesting to see what the inside of the book looks like lol


  5. i love clamp to death but i cant possibly think that clamp themselves decided on the cover.

    1) Both pictures are over used
    2) kobato AND X? what were they thinking? atleast make it x and RG VEDA, they look good together (with the classic manga)
    3) they title is pathetic. the colors clearly are akward and dont go with the cover colors. plus the font is weird.

    very dissapointed. i was looking for atleast a cover with all of clamp’s characters 😦


  6. the only thing that makes me feel better is the X picture. the typography ruins the gorgeous picture of Kobato! ;_;

    omg i love Kana Hanazawa’s normal voice! it’s too adorable. X’D she’s still cute as always. see? what did i tell ya? cute, ain’t she? *nudges*


  7. Uhmmm I don’t mind the lack of new illustrations but…. the typography is really ugly @_@

    Uhmmm do I need some kind of special program to watch the video??

    Thanks for Sharing!!


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